Meet Réné & Maggie

The people who bring you The Wonders

Réné Gaudette is the most gifted channeler of the 21st century. He actively channels “the highest source imaginable or possible that could ever be channeled in this world.” This source is known today as The Wonders.

Since 1993, Réné has been actively channelling The Wonders. They have made clear on several occasions that they “choose to speak only through Réné.” Thus, he continues to be the exclusive channel to the information they present. Put together, recordings of their workshops, teachings, and retreats form the largest library of any channeled source of information.

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A Short Biography

Réné Gaudette has been on a personal journey of self-awareness, enlightenment and growth since 1987.

In 1989, Réné had a near-death experience after being hit by a truck while on his snowmobile. When he awoke in the hospital, Réné realized his life was about to take a major turn as childhood memories began to resurface.

As he later recalled, his parents had taken him – at the age of three – to see a psychiatrist because he was always "talking in his sleep." At age five, he told his father "he wanted to go to sleep and get paid for it." This dream would soon become reality.

In 1990, during an ordinary meditation class, Réné began answering questions. Though asleep, the answers he provided were profound and accurate. Since that day, his answers have guided thousands of individuals to their own self-empowerment. His clients include business leaders, artists, doctors, politicians, and others who have found his counsel enlightening.

Today, Réné and his wife Maggie – whom he describes as “the love of my life, the life of my love, and the yin to my yang” – reside in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Réné in his own words

“Yesterday, I completed a workshop with The Wonders entitled, 'Exploring The Incarnation Process' and it brought to mind the history of my choices to start channeling.

Let me start at the beginning - well, at least at a mid point. I was 36 years old and I had achieved a great deal in my life. I had the typical family, wife, two wonderful children, two cars, owned my home, but I was still missing something in my life. After meditating on the subject (yes, I was meditating at that age) I realized that my dissatisfaction was directly related to the choices I had made in my life to be someone I was not.

As a child, I almost died at three months of age of pneumonia and as long as I can remember, I had insights - some would call it clairvoyance or psychic abilities - into the energies of the world. Now my insights were often times unsettling because I ‘saw’ things that I didn’t understand and had no way of expressing with clarity to any one else, let alone my parents. So something happened at that age that to this day I’m very thankful for yet I denied it as part of myself for most of my life.

At the age of about two, I started to ‘speak’ in a fashion that would be understood by people around me. Now this only happened when I was focused on other things like watching my sisters play, or when my mother would read books to me. I would literally zone out and come back looking at my mother who had a scared and puzzled look on her face. I didn’t remember anything other than what had been happening before I ‘zoned out’. This so scarred my parents that they decided to take me to a psychiatrist and have him evaluate me.

Now you can understand the fear within me when this happened. Here I was, almost three years old, seeing a stranger who was going to decide ‘what to do with me’, as my parents put it. During the interview with the psychiatrist, I tried to tell him about my ‘feelings,’ my ‘insights’ and about not really remembering anything after I ‘zoned out’ and I was told that I was in control of my life and that it was up to me not to scare my parents, and to get into the real world. He told my parents that what I was doing was really only talking to imaginary friends and not to be worried. They should not in any way actively encourage me, and should use discipline to help me realize that this was all just my imagination. For most of the rest of my life when I was living with my parents they kept insisting that ‘it’s all in your imagination.’ I quickly learned not to express my insights, and in fact, spent a lot of time trying to stop them because, to me, it meant I would forever be different, and would never be able to fit into my family. As it was, my sisters always said I was weird.

However, I was also stubborn enough to keep thinking that this was not all that bad so at age five, I asked my father if I could ever get paid to go to sleep. He laughed it off and eventually I learned not to express myself to anyone. Instead, I learned rather well how to ‘fit in,’ how to be the dutiful son, the good brother, and eventually, the good husband and father. So I played a game of hide and seek with myself in which I denied a major part of myself to be a part of the real world.

Then, when I was 36, I couldn’t do it anymore. But by that time I didn’t know who I was. So I consciously decided to completely change my life. To me, that involved leaving a marriage that I wasn't completely happy in. I thought this would bring me the happiness I wanted. But that was just the start. Then, when I was 37, a friend of mine introduced me to some channeled material and insisted that I visit the channeler since I was in a crisis mode with no end in sight.

When I listened to the channeled material, I realized that I actually ‘knew all of this stuff’ and I wondered why I wasn’t conscious of all of this material. So I made it my goal to seek out within myself the answer to this burning question. I followed my friend’s advice and had a session with this channeler. As soon as he laid down in his chair, a ‘light bulb’ went on and I realized in a rush of memory flashes that I too could do that very thing, that this is what I had always wanted to do with my life, that I too was a psychic and a channeler. But how would I ever do this? I needed guidance, direction, a plan, a method, anything that would let me do this ‘channeling.’ I really had no clue on how to go about it. After the session was over, I made the choice to reconnect back to myself and ‘become all that I was.’

Over the next two years, I spent every waking moment that I could focused on becoming a channeler. At the time, I had a lucrative accounting practice that would have continued to meet my needs for the rest of my life. All I had to do was forget all this channeling stuff. But I couldn’t. So I kept going back and forth between being an accountant and becoming a channeler. And then it happened.

I was out snowmobiling in the wonderful winter snow of Quebec, Canada, when I was hit by a truck while crossing a highway. At the time, I didn’t think I would be hurt. I actually thought I would simply fly off the snowmobile and would land softly in the snow. Instead, I landed on hard pavement, broke every bone in my left leg - actually, shattered them would be a better description - broke ten ribs and punctured my spleen.

When the doctors saw me in the hospital they didn’t give me much of a chance to live. In fact, they were ready to call in the local priest to perform the last rights (not that I was by any means religious at that time, but they were) when I remember saying to them to ,get on with it, I’m not going to die.’ Little did I know that I would actually ‘die’ twice on the operating table and be revived both times (whew, just lucky I guess or I wouldn’t be typing this).

When I came back to consciousness I realized that something major had changed within me. I no longer wanted to waste my time on distractions that would take me away from my soul’s purpose, that I only had a fixed amount of time left and that I had better use it wisely. That said, I can assure all of you that I didn’t really start to channel until later, so having a major accident still didn’t give me the incentive to change in the moment. But I did start, from that day onward, being single-mindedly focused on becoming a source where others could get answers that I knew they wanted, but that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

About a year later, I started to channel in a meditation group that I had joined in an effort to ‘find myself.’ At first I channeled a number of different entities, but as I was doing this I realized that, though I had the ability to channel anything I wanted, what I really wanted to channel was the highest source imaginable or possible that could ever be channeled in the world.

When I made that conscious choice, this amazing energy came through that was so high in vibration that the concepts being presented were beyond anyone’s immediate comprehension. So I asked the energy to not only identify itself, but to also adjust itself to our vibrations so that we could appreciate its concepts. With that, the source adjusted their vibration and suggested that the person who was helping me at the time to channel (my 2nd wife) and myself had a name for them. We immediately called them ‘The Wonders’ because we wondered who they were and also we thought they were wonderful.

From there, the journey to put out the words, the knowledge, the love of The Wonders to the world has been a sometimes bumpy one, but I can assure you it has always been a self-rewarding one.

My life had taken a turn when my 2nd wife didn’t want to participate in putting out the words of The Wonders, and, in fact, didn’t want to stay married. So we parted lovingly, each of us realizing that we were on different paths, and I kept looking for that one person that I had dreamed of when I was a child who would be the one to help me in this journey. Then Maggie, my current wife, life partner, and best support person came into my life about seven years ago and we have since then put out the words and love of The Wonders to a growing public to the extent we are financially able to do so. Yes, it does take some financing to present this amazing source of love and guidance to the world, and though The Wonders do guide us on our journey, we are also responsible for our own choices and must choose the opportunities ourselves.

Since Maggie and I have been together, we have recorded for the public over 96* series of six one hour sessions of channeled knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment, and over 100 other single sessions. We have helped over 2 thousand people with private sessions, and we have started our own publishing company to help us disseminate the information from The Wonders. We have appeared on television, numerous radio shows and been written about in a number of magazines across North America.

Though the journey is still not complete and more people must meet The Wonders, the greatest satisfaction that I get is when I can lie down, go into my trance state, and let the love, the source that I call The Wonders, guide people to their own self empowerment. The Wonders have specifically stated that they are here to help mankind empower itself, and though that may not sound glamorous or fanciful, though that won’t titillate your sense of distraction, though that won’t be all that entertaining, they have always helped people, including myself and my lovely wife, Maggie, to uncover that inner core part that speaks to the reason for being here on this Earth, the reason to feel sufficient in everything that is chosen.”

Written in 2004 by Réné Gaudette, deep trance channeler of The Wonders, a collective consciousness that has chosen to share its awareness with mankind to help us empower ourselves.

* Today, Réné, Maggie, and The Wonders have completed over 3,500 recordings, have helped over 6,000 people with private sessions, have recorded 'The Wonders Hour' podcast, and have published 3 books. They also regularly hold monthly study groups, workshops, and an annual retreat.