Meet The Wonders

The World's Best Channeled Source

Whether you’re familiar with channeling or psychics or whether you’re sitting there wondering what “channeled” actually means, we can assure you a conversation with The Wonders will be different than any you've had before. Amongst channelers and psychics, The Wonders are the deepest and broadest channeled source you can interact with today. They have been known in ancient and recent times by many names. They choose to speak today in order to guide individuals towards their own empowerment.

Who Are The Wonders?

The Wonders are a collective consciousness, a oneness, that envelops and encompasses everything. They include everything: every listener, tree, part of the planet earth, every human being and virtually every entity that is on every other planet within the solar systems within the known and the unknown universe, all are a part of the collective consciousness known as The Wonders. In encompassing everything, they also include you.

You are part of them.

A conversation with The Wonders offers you a perspective different than that which you have in everyday life. Their perspective includes neither judgment nor limitations. And in being from that perspective then, when they have a conversation with you, they can provide you with ideas, possibilities and options you had not previously considered. In a session, Maggie provides The Wonders with a point of reference of time and space that allows them to say, “Oh, this is who we’re having a conversation with.” And while they’re having this conversation with you, they are actually having multiple conversations with other entities throughout the known universe.

The Wonders in their own words:

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Why Are They Speaking Today?

“If all of humankind were to change ever so slightly and stop looking at themselves as something to be afraid, something to reduce, something to limit, something to control, and instead look at themselves and say, “Hm. I am brilliant. I am amazing. I am the creator of my own existence. All that I am I command. All that I am is love.” If they were to say that to themselves and truly come to the awareness that they are brilliant, that they are amazing, just imagine what would happen to the choices of your existence.

Your society would no longer be the same. You wouldn’t have people trying to be one better than the other - one-upmanship. There wouldn’t be wars because there wouldn’t be a necessity to create push-pulls. You could allow each other to exist in an existence of allowance where there would be consequences for choices, yes, but there would be such an allowance that you wouldn’t feel such a reduction in yourselves. And the resultant is, you would so empower yourselves that your existence would be a choice then – an absolute, complete choice in consciousness, in awareness, that would reflect your brilliance. Yours individually and yours collectively, as Humanity.

And if humanity as a whole was truly empowered to that perspective, imagine the impact it would have on the rest of the known universe.

As you begin exploring different worlds, different solar systems, different planetary systems, you will encounter many who are, to a degree, more judgmental than you. You’ll encounter some that are long past judgment, but if you have fear of either, that which is expanded or that which is contracted in relation to yourself, then you’ll create wars in other planetary systems, in other solar systems, as you do presently on your own planet. So the key, the reason we’re coming through is to help you become the brilliance that you are: that you can extend this to every interaction you have, every choice you make.

As a result therefore, the universe will gain, every dimension of reality will gain, and we ourselves will gain from this. And, most of all, you will gain for you will allow yourselves to choose brilliantly.”

- The Wonders