Carpe Diem

Every year, we invite a small group of people to explore and learn with The Wonders live and in person.

These annual retreats came as a result of the vision we had when we first began putting out The Wonders’ teachings over 20 years ago – a group coming together to learn and grow with The Wonders.

Today we opened registration to our 2018 retreat, Healing The Rift Between The Mind And The Soul. This 7-day event is an opportunity to change your view of life and reaffirm to the self that regardless of your experience, life is beautiful and joyful.

You can live with an intensity that allows you to relish each moment, yet most of us don’t. The mind views life as an experience of misery, struggle, failure, and difficulty with the odd moment of pleasure and joy. Yet the self knows life is an experience of intense joy and beauty. The difficulties, struggles, miseries and failures are just an opportunity to create something new.

This event is only open to a small group and is not for everyone. But if you’ve come across The Wonders on your journey, perhaps this is the year you’ll join us. “Carpe Diem” or “Seize The Day” is a saying that reminds us of what we have and what we are able to have. With that we say Carpe Diem and attend this retreat to reconnect yourself to this wondrous awareness and start living each day with joyful intensity.

For those interested, you can find the event details here. Maggie and I hope to see you in February.


Your business is an extension of you

“You’re not trying to sell somebody. You’re simply saying you are truly the best at what you do. And being the best at what you do, then of course they’ll come to you. But if you don’t believe that, then they won’t.

If you have doubt in yourself, they will have doubt in you. If you have doubt in your abilities, the people you’ll go after will have doubt in your abilities. So the key here is, it always comes back to you.”

– The Wonders


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Finding peace in life

“Most individuals spend their life like a gerbil on a wheel. They run, they run, they run, they never get anywhere, and they think to themselves that that’s what life is.

Life is what you create it. Life is an extension of yourself.

If you yourself cannot recognize that the peace you’re looking for is the peace and tranquility of acceptance of yourself, then you’ll never find peace.”

– The Wonders


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Fulfillment, joy, contentment

“What is the benefit of us presenting ourselves to you? The benefit is, quite simply, we provide you with an opportunity to view yourselves differently, and, in doing so, living a life of fulfillment, joy, and contentment.

It is a choice that can be chosen which up until now in the world that you’ve lived in has eluded the consciousness of individuals within humanity. To a degree, all individuals within humanity have known that this was possible. But to do so, to choose [living a life of fulfillment, joy, and contentment], has eluded individuals mostly. So though the odd one did so, most did not.

So what we’ve done is we’ve provided you with a body of work. A body of knowledge and awareness that would assist all individuals within humanity to gain that which they choose to gain to give themselves the opportunity to live such a life.

Is it necessary? No. Is it beneficial? Of course.”

– The Wonders


Comment from latest workshop, The Interrelationship Of Humanity To The Universe.


You can’t always get what you want

“The universe will give you everything you possibly want. Of course, it won’t do it on the time agenda that your mind has.

And that’s the difficulty all of you have. All of you want things to happen when you want them to happen. Not before and not after. But, you see, the universe has its own perspective.

Time isn’t really constrained to the universe the way it is to you. So, the resultant is, the universe brings you opportunity, you say no today but tomorrow you want it, but tomorrow it’s not available anymore. Do you see?

So the key is here to observe the flow towards you and away from you so that you can choose when to interact with it and when not to. And of course, that all requires empowerment, doesn’t it?”

– The Wonders


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