Why Life Just Seems to Pass You By

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“Every aspect of existence is known to the self, to you. However, most of you choose to walk through life basically from the perspective of incongruity: you look, you see, and you do not observe or notice.

And as a result, therefore, life seems to move around you. Often times, you interact with it at certain moments, but most times, life just seems to exist.

Yet each and every one of you has all the talents and all the abilities necessary to explore existence completely. Not just simply limited to your perspective of existence, not just simply limited to your job, to your relationship, to your family, to your acquisitions of cars, and television sets, and houses, but far beyond that.

You have the ability to alter and shift not just your reality but the reality in which you exist. All of these talents and abilities exist within you.

But what stops you from using all of these talents and abilities? What stops you from being the orator, the great singer, the great politician, the great activist, the great mother, the great father, the great child? What stops you? What stops you, dear friends, is fear. The fear, mostly, that if you were to manifest yourself in the extent of your own brilliance that then you would have to deal with other people’s lack of brilliance.”

– The Wonders


Fear is An Amazing Thing

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“Fear is an amazing thing. Fear is something that can lead you, move you, allow you to grow, allow you to expand, allow you to explore aspects of your existence that previously you had never thought possible to explore. Fear will allow you to create.


Fear can become a tool, an aspect of existence that, if you choose, you can use it, or, if you choose, you can move beyond it. The choice is yours.”

– The Wonders


What Does It Mean to Choose?

“You wonder why things haven’t happened. You say to yourself ‘I’ve chosen’ because you said in your mind ‘I’ve chosen’, and then you find yourselves wondering why it’s not happening.

And, of course, you question and ponder and try to figure out and puzzle out why it’s not so easy.

In actual fact, dear friends, choosing is very easy. It’s the justification to get to the point of choosing that’s not so easy.

Even though you would say to yourselves ‘I choose’, it’s a mental mind verbiage that you’re using. In other words, you’re flapping your lips and uttering the words ‘I choose’, and so you think to yourselves ‘I’ve chosen. I’ve flapped my lips. I’ve said I choose.’

But in the meantime, nothing happens.

To choose is to really choose from every part of yourselves, no one part can be left behind. So your physical, your mental, your emotional, and your manifested spiritual has to be part of the choice.

So when you’re saying ‘I choose’ with all of those four aspects within yourselves choosing, you’ll feel the force of the choice. You’ll feel that force and you’ll say to yourselves, ‘Ah, this is choice’.

But up until then, uttering the words ‘I choose’ really has no meaning other than convince your mind that you’re really trying to choose.

When you realize in your lives that you’ve actually chosen, you’ll realize the difference. The difference is as obvious as night and day. It isn’t a question of having a mental concept, something in your mind, but it is a question of every part of you will know you’re moving in that direction.

There will be no doubt. There will be no uncertainty. There will be no vacillation on your part. There will be literally just choice.

And when you move in that direction, dear friends, you’ll find yourselves truly understanding what it is to choose. But you must do so.”

– The Wonders


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What Does Oneness Mean?

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“If you look at the ocean, it’s one body of water isn’t it? Now, within that body of water is a variety – in fact, a limitless amount – of drops of water, isn’t there?

Each drop knows itself to be a drop, yet is complete within the body. So oneness basically the equivalent of you, the drop, being within the ocean, the universe.

When you know yourself to be the ocean, then you’ll know yourself to be a oneness.”

– The Wonders