Using control to accomplish

Excerpt from Control Vs Command

“Most individuals moving through their particular existence using control aspects as a methodology of existence, as a paradigm of existence, find themselves in effect wondering why it is that in effect they do not accomplish that which they set out to accomplish to the degree that they had anticipated that they would.

Control to a degree provides them with an opportunity to accomplish, to do. However, they find themselves never quite moving to that degree of variableness within themselves that they are aware of.”

– The Wonders


Remove your fears to expand the world

Comment from Fear Is The Illusion That Creates.

“Dear friends, if you could but recognize that by eliminating fear as a filter of your existence that the choices you make would expand every other person’s choice such that the world, the universe, existence itself would alter and shift, then, dear friends, if you could see the resultant of this, the majority of you would say, ‘yes, let’s choose this methodology’.

But because of fear, you are unwilling to even allow yourselves to perceive this of yourselves and as a result, your reality is created.”

– The Wonders


What lies beyond the how-to?

Excerpt from How To Move Beyond The How To?

“If you observe your society, if you observe humanity today, you will observe that how-to is the keystone of your society. Everything is based on how-to.

Your governments are based on how-to. How to do this, how to do that, how to fix this, how to fix that. How to file your tax returns, how to be good citizens, how to be good, supportive countrymen, how to be supportive of your next door neighbor.

Your religions are based on how-tos. How to be a good Christian, how to be a good Muslim, how to be a good Jew, how to be a good Hindu.

And there are rules and regulations, each one designed to create a methodology that if followed, will bring you to a point of success, the success being viewed as a point of accomplishment, a point of achievement.

In other words, the how-to will bring you to a point of achievement…”

– The Wonders


The subconscious link

Comment from He Thinks This Way, I Do That. Why?

“The subconscious of yourself is linked to every other subconscious of every other individual that exists.

Notice we said that exists, not that exists on this planet, but that exists.

As a result, therefore, it could be said that your subconscious is linked to all aspects of existence regardless of how that particular aspect of existence is perceived.

Whether it be perceived as third dimensional reality existence, or whether it be perceived as 28th dimensional reality existence, or 32nd dimensional reality existence or in between, all consciousness through the subconscious is linked.”

– The Wonders


On Parent-Child Relationships

Comment from Series 798: Choosing To Expand Parent/Child Relationships

“Most parents maintain that parent-child relationship with their children, and most children maintain the parent-child relationship with their parents through the whole life, until such time as one dies. And it is only death that seems to break the cycle.

And the resultant is people find themselves reacting, acting to this dynamic, constantly trying to push-pull: parents trying to protect their children, no matter what the age, children wanting to be protected, no matter what the age.

And the resultant is limitation upon limitation upon limitation is encouraged, picked up, reinforced, and the resultant is you find yourselves, once again, contracted and limited. That’s the present psychology.”

– The Wonders