A comment on Joe Biden

“If you have, for example, a radical Republican candidate who is narcissistic, misogynistic, who has no real benefit that individuals would see [except] that he would consistently make trade and commerce the main objective, that’s how he got elected.

Is it enough if Joe Biden says ‘I’m different than Donald Trump’? Not really.

He must have a trade and commerce agenda as well and he must certainly use his experience in trade and commerce to emphasize this, that his experience has greater value because what Donald Trump has done is disrupted trade and commerce to make it more favorable for the United States and what Joe Biden must present as an alternative is to reestablish trade and commerce benefits with all countries in order to have greater benefits for the country.”

— The Wonders


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The next global empire

Because of the position the United States faces, [has] placed itself in, because as a country you have basically made a choice to put into power as your president a disruptor, what you’ve done is you’ve created the opportunity for China to step into the void that is taking place, that is beginning to take place because of the death of the American empire.

Now that’s not to say this is going to happen overnight, that’s not to say that it’s going to happen in the next 5 or 10 years. But it is to say that the American empire is waning and the Chinese empire builders are beginning to exercise their abilities which implies that eventually the next empire will probably be, high degree of probability that it’ll be the Chinese empire…”

— The Wonders


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For those who do not want to vote

“If you yourself do not exercise your ability to vote because, what, it’s just my one vote [and] there’s millions more that are required? Because I don’t like the person I’m not going to vote for anybody? Because I don’t see anybody worthy of my vote, etc? There’s all kinds of justifications.

Then, at that point dear friends, are you not saying that whatever others choose will be acceptable to you? Are you not then giving your power away to other people?

We have been speaking to you, to all of you for years about self-empowerment? Well, self-empowerment means exercising it at all times. Not just when it suits you, not just when your mind is not afraid, not just when all the stars are aligned properly and the moon is in Aquarius. That’s not what it’s about.

You must exercise your ability to choose, your self-empowerment at all times.

Does it matter that in doing so you cannot force the world into a certain direction? Of course not. It matters that you made a choice. That’s what matters.

And all of you, as ego-centered, self-centered, narcissistic individuals are using the excuse that well, I can’t affect the outcome, I won’t get what I want, I don’t like anybody there, etc., so why should I vote?

And you’re using that as an excuse to not empower yourself. And it’s just another excuse, one of a long list of many that you use all the time to disempower yourself to reflect your own insufficiency. Do you see?”

— The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 1250: The Death Of An Empire


Will war be used to continue trade and commerce?

“Will trade and commerce continue to recover sufficiently [so] that war is not necessary or will war be necessary in order to stimulate trade and commerce? And that’s the question that people are asking themselves.

Participant: The politicians are, you mean?

Of course. And people. Individuals that have wealth.

Participant: So they’re consciously thinking, do I need a war to continue trade and commerce?

Yes. Don’t be naive, these concepts that we’re discussing with you are very much front and center in the minds of powerful people. And powerful people we mean those with a lot of money.”

— The Wonders


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Capitalism and the American Empire Explained

“[The United States] have created an empire based on trade and commerce in which pretty well every country attempts to trade to some degree or another with the United States of America, regardless of their ideology.

For example, you’ll find Nike shoes in socialistic, communistic countries, and you’ll even find them in North Korea that prides itself on being an isolated country.


Because the products that the US offers follows the psychology of need that the rest of the world has been convinced exists.

In other words — ‘we are a country that is producing this massive amount of products and services, and you, the rest of the world, need to use this.’

And so what they do is combine their trade and commerce abilities and perspectives and tied it to the political system in which they interact with other countries.

For example, as part of NATO and as part of the whole perspective of protecting Europe from the aggression of Russia, they have tied trade and commerce with Europe as a consequence with their ability to protect Europe through NATO.

Now, Donald Trump in his recent [comments of the] last few years has pulled away from NATO in effect saying that we have the trade and commerce, there’s nothing else we can get, so why are we supporting ensuring this trade and commerce through the positioning of our troops and forces against Russia when really Russia is not that big of a threat anymore.

It’s a very short sighted perspective but that’s the perspective he’s using.

In other words, trade and commerce will continue regardless. Unfortunately, that’s not the case because if Russia were to overtake Europe and all their countries what would happen is the trade and commerce would immediately stop and as a result of that the United States would find itself in a recession. Deep recession.

So what would they do? They would react by sending in troops to fight and battle Russia. And that’s how wars begin.”

— The Wonders


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