A reminder of your limitlessness

“A young male, approximately age 13, finds himself in a circumstance or a situation whereby he can take a rock, throw it, and break a window, or he can simply look at the rock and move on.

The temptation is great.

The window is a beautifully large pane of glass reflecting the sun magnificently. It beckons to him. It calls to him. And the rock is perfect size for his palm. And he knows he has the strength and the ability to take this rock and with a certain degree of force throw it accurately to hit the center of the pane of glass and therefore shatter this pane of glass.

At that particular point in time, he makes choice.

Regardless of the choice he makes, whether he chooses to pick up the rock and break the pane of glass or whether he chooses to view the rock, view the pane, admire both and move on, regardless of circumstance, the choice will reflect to him his perspective of his limitlessness.

In other words, he sees himself as a physical being able and capable of a physical action with certain consequences which will bring to him certain physical reaction, [and] will also affect his emotional self and his mental self, as well as his manifested spiritual self. That particular choice will reflect to him the perspective that he has of how unlimited a being he is.

If he sees himself as limited, as being only a 13-year-old boy with a strong desire to break a pane of glass, then that is what he will do.

If he sees himself as a 13-year-old boy with a strong desire to break a pane of glass but with a desire to move beyond it, then that is also what he will do.

But, as we did say, regardless of the choice he makes, the choice he makes will reflect to him the perspective of his limitlessness.

The same applies to each and every one of you…

Go through your existence, observe over the last week the perspectives of your choices and how each one reflected to you your perspective of how limited or unlimited you are.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series #168: The Defining Statements Of Existence, recording #3 entitled I Am Limitless: My Choices Reflect My Limitlessness


Why is existence so complicated?

“Most of you feel and perceive that existence is complicated.

To a degree, it takes a great deal of energy, a great deal of effort to be able to move yourself through existence.

After all, your mother had to push to get you out through the birth canal. You yourselves as a result have to use your own energies to push yourself through existence.

You try to achieve this, you try to achieve that, you force yourself in this direction or that direction, you use control as a methodology of existence.

But each of those is in effect simply a perspective that is subjugating the simplicity of what existence really is. And as a result, therefore, you are using this particular methodology this particular technique to stop yourself from enjoying the simplicity of what existence really is.


The difficulty comes when, in the realization – or the illusion – that you’ve created for yourself that when you take a step, you have to be cautious of where to put the foot for if the foot were to step on the wrong aspect, the wrong perspective, the wrong way, then complications begin to occur.

But notice the use of the word ‘wrong’.

This is an application of judgment. So as you’ve moved through your existence, you’ve applied judgment to your choices in order to determine the validity of the choice between right and wrong.

And from that perspective then, you’ve created a complication in your existence that has forced you, by its very nature, to look to establish a perspective of control in your existence to allow you then to ensure that your choices would fit the validity that you had established for yourselves as a form of existence.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series #271: The Simplicity Of Existence


To stop aging, realize you are more than a physical being

“To move yourselves away from getting old, you must be willing to appreciate that you are energy. There is no descriptive, adjective, justification, or judgment attached to this statement that will move you into not aging and still maintain your perspective of physicality.

As long as you see yourselves only as physical beings, as long as you judge yourselves only as physical beings, then you will age.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series #282: It’s Time To Age


Why do all of us have to age?

“To each and every one of you, getting old means a reduction in your physical ability.

If we were to ask each and every one of you individually and collectively what it means to get old, you would describe a reduction in your physical abilities – physical use.

Your bones get weaker. You joints get not as strong. Your musculature dissipates. Your skin loses its elasticity. Your hair loses its vibrancy. Some of you lose your hair altogether.

And so each and every one of you has a perspective of getting old that is reflective of self-reduction. And so, to you, your concepts your psychologies your belief structures on aging are what creates your reality.

It is by your choices that you age.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series #282: It’s Time To Age


To create anything, begin the process of observation

“Observation is necessary regardless of what it is you wish to create. The beginning process of creation is to observe.

As a result, therefore, observe yourself. And we often suggest that you do this without judgment.

Now the reason we say observe without judgment is that when you judge, you place limits on your observation. You look at something and you say, this is only this big, this is only this large, this is only this adventurous, this is only this wealthy. And so as a result, you begin to place limits.”

– The Wonders


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