“Humanity right now is at a point where it is in effect allowing its own fears to overtake it.

These fears have always existed. People in general, specifically as well, have always been afraid of not having enough, of having things taken away. They’ve always been afraid of other things, other people, other places. They’ve always been afraid of being powerless, and having someone else with power over them.

They’ve resented, in addition to that, the circumstances that force them to subjugate themselves to someone else – to another company for example – in order to make a living and survive. So people are afraid of not surviving.

Sometimes they’re afraid of what they can’t understand. Viruses, such as the Zika virus for example.

And other times, they’re afraid simply because it satisfies them to be afraid. But it is something that everyone’s experiencing to one degree or another…”

– The Wonders


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