Being responsible for others

“Responsibility you’ve been taught by those around you not that it’s an ability to respond, but that it is a given, it is an absolute that you must take on the resultant of another’s actions, of another’s choice, and make it your own.

And you’ve been taught this very well for you do take the resultant of another’s actions or choices, including your own often times, and make it yours and then attempt to ‘fix’ the circumstances or situations you find yourself in in order to ease the existence of others as a result of another’s choice.

Think about it.

Here you are, 6, 7, 8 years old and you’re trained that another’s choice you must accept, you must take the resultant of their choice, change it, alter it, fix it so that those around you will feel at ease with that person’s choice. And they say to you this is responsibility.

And of course you learn, you’re not fools, dear friends, you learn very well to do this so that as you grow up, you take on more and more of the resultants of others’ choices, make it your issue, and then from there attempt to fix it, solve the problem, alter it, shift it so that others feel at ease with those particular choices, not ill-at-ease. And this is what you do.”

– The Wonders


Comment from the What Does It Take To Grow Up? audio series.

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