Changing your life is not pretty or perfect

“Quit looking for guarantee, absolutes, that which is of total necessity for yourselves to change.

You know what you want to do with your lives. You know where you want to go. You know what you want to achieve.

Does it matter how you get there? Does it matter when you get there? The answer to both of those questions is no. What matters is that you do get there. And to do that, you must start choosing to get there.

It’s not pretty, it is not perfect, you will not do it through an achievement of absolute control and perfection. And yes, there will times when you will look at yourselves and say ‘I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have done that’.

But even with all of those mistakes, you’re still taking the steps to achieve what you set out to achieve. What you see as a mistake is a step that you’ve judged incorrectly.

It is a step. You may not have liked the results. Maybe, from your perspective, it created more fear in you, created more angst, more worry, more judgment. But that’s just you letting your mind do all of this.

The step itself was necessary for if it wasn’t necessary, you wouldn’t of taken the step. Each step you take is a necessity as a result of the journey that you have chosen, and the direction you’ve chosen, and how to walk that journey you’ve chosen.”

– The Wonders


Comment from our Tuesday Study Group.