The choice to experience cancer

“The choice to experience cancer is a great way to harm the self, to reflect to the self the extent to which you harm yourselves.

Cancer is pervasive, it moves within the body. It begins in one point and expands from there. So in effect, individuals who experience cancer are really saying to themselves that though the experience [of cancer] is at a certain point in time and space in their life, really they are saying that they have for a long period of time harmed themselves, chosen to harm themselves. And this [cancer] is just a reflection of that self harm.

Now, some people, of course look at it as being simply a physical manifestation to be resolved with a physical answer. And to that extent, this is what your allopathic doctors are doing, trying to, in effect, fix the cancer. But they don’t really attack or expose, or even discuss, the underlying issues that brought cancer about.

Cancer is not simply a disease of the physical. It’s a disease of the mind, it’s a disease of the emotions, and it’s a disease of spirit as well. So when an individual experiences such as to choose to harm themselves – and by the way, cancer is not the only disease like this, don’t make that misunderstanding, but we’re speaking of cancer, so cancer is that form of disease – then, dear friends, you must look at all the aspects of the self, not just part of the aspects of the self.

And those individuals who have truly gone to the depths of cancer and survived, they’ve survived by recognizing the interconnection of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and, as a result, therefore, have addressed all of those aspects within themselves in order to shift. Now, in some cases, though some individuals attempt to address all those aspects and still die of cancer, you would say, ‘Well, they addressed them, why did they die?’ Well, they may have addressed it in the sense that they looked at it, but they didn’t address it in the sense of actually shifting the self, not just the mind. Shifting the experience that you exist in, shifting that manifestation that you call physical, shifting that whole ego-personality-mind connection…soul connection. All of that must be shifted. And a love of life, a passion for living, must be created.

Most individuals, you’ll find, most individuals who have cancer have, in effect, set aside their passion for living. And they simply live moment to moment, day to day, on the basis of, ‘What else is there to do?’”

– The Wonders


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