Comment on the Radiance Technique®

“The Radiance Technique® is a simple, easily applied methodology to bring about an expansion and a broadening of the energy of that which you are.

When you use the Radiance Technique® into your existence, you begin to give yourself through the application of this energy an opportunity for expanded choice.

What does this mean? It means, dear friends, that as you apply the Radiance Technique® you expand the energy of that which are to include the energy of that which you do not perceive yourself to be to become that which you are, and therefore apply in principle the fourth Defining Statement that we have given to mankind, which is That Which You Are Is That Which I Am, And That Which I Am Is That Which You Are.

The Radiance Technique® uses the basis of this particular statement as the formation of its methodology and application to expand your energy, to become inclusive not exclusive, and, as a result therefore, bring about a shift in all of creation such that the creation itself can expand and broaden.”

– The Wonders


The Wonders explore the Radiance Technique® here.

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