Do Vasectomies Limit Male Sexual Energy?

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“Maggie: Taoist philosophy suggests that a vasectomy may be detrimental to the health of the male because the severing of the seminal vessels prevents recycling of the male energy. Is that true?

Sheer poppycock.

Dear friends, your recycling of your male energy isn’t centered in your testes, it’s not centered in your seminal fluid. Your male energy may be viewed, because they see you as a male, that you have testes and a penis, you may say to yourself ‘this is where the male centeredness is.’ Far, far from it!

Your male energy is throughout your physical body. It is a choice that you make to explore and experience this and express it. Male energy goes far, far beyond the physical limitations of the physical body.

How many women do you know that have male energy? How many men do you know have female energy? So the fact that you have an innie and an outtie doesn’t make a great deal of difference, does it?

And Taoist philosophy and physiology was based on an observation that was flawed as a result of judgment.”

– The Wonders