Does comparison limit our existence?

“I realized in that session that we use comparison. We use everything as a point of comparison. We compare – we say ‘this is good, this is better; this is good, this is bad’. And we compare things.

And I realized that what The Wonders are trying to point out to us – and I saw it – is that there is a bar. We have a bar in our life and that bar is everything that’s acceptable to us. Beyond that is better, below that is not so good.

Now, if we want to, we raise the bar up and down so that we change what’s better and what’s not better. You know, like a high jumper. When a high jumper starts, they start off at maybe 4’2”, and then they go 4’4”, 4’6”. And every time they jump, they raise that bar.

The same idea we do in our life. We take that bar of what’s acceptable to us and we raise it up and down. It goes up and down. And when we get to the point where we can’t jump over the bar anymore, we lower it just a little bit just so that that’s acceptable until we gain some strengths and some talents and abilities, and then we go beyond that bar again.

But what I realized in this session is that the bar doesn’t even have to exist because if we know that every time we jump, to use the analogy of the high jumper, if every time we jump, it’s okay, it has benefit, then it doesn’t matter how high we jump, where we jump, how far we jump, where it is, what the measurement is. There is no measurement, it’s just that we jump.

So we’re moving away from keeping that bar as a way of comparing ourselves in our existence to removing the bar and seeing that everything we have, and everything we are is total freedom, and to give ourselves that through choice.”

– Rene Gaudette


Excerpt from This Is Good, But This Is Better