Dreams are the bridge

“Dreaming is an interconnection between that which you perceive as your reality, as the third dimensional perspective of existence, as your wake state, and that which can be defined as the remainder of existence.

The reason we say remainder is because existence encompasses much more than the third dimensional perspective. We’ve suggested previously that all of existence could be viewed on the paradigm of 32 dimensions, with God/Goddess/The All That Is existing on the 32nd dimension of reality. Therefore, existence is a broad, expansive perspective. It is not limited by time, by space. Existence itself encompasses time and space, but is not limited by time and space. And from one perspective, therefore, existence has no limits.

So the reality of dreaming is that dreams become the bridge between your wake state, your limited perspective of existence, and the unlimited perspective of existence that exists beyond the wake state.”

– The Wonders


Comment from audio recording The Reality Of Dreaming.

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