How is time created?

“Movement in third dimensional reality creates, from one perspective, an illusion of time passage. And as such therefore, it is simply an observation of movement that leads you to define time passage and its elements.

As part of what you define time, you have observed movement as being of a fixed, direct, lineal perspective. And because of that, you’ve ascribed to time a limitation that further limits time itself as being a lineal movement. In other words, we mean by that a movement that shows a beginning, a middle, and an ending. Or from a time perspective, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

And so, therefore, because of your willingness to observe movement as you have, on the basis of fixed lineality, time was created in your reality. From there, you ascribed events, circumstances, or situations to points of lineality – to moments of time, as you describe it – in order to create time itself.

From there, what you do and still do is you view your existence as a series of situations and circumstances tied to moments in time, to moments of movement, to points of movement. And so to you, time then exists…”

– The Wonders


Comment from audio recording How Is Time Created?

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