Interpreting dreams

“Individuals have spent a great portion of their existence attempting to interpret dreams. In fact, there is to a degree a certain scientific perspective that certain key components of dreams represent certain aspects of existence.

Books have been developed, a number of them, describing dream states, dream keys, such that then individuals can interpret their dreams.

And though this has benefit – benefit from one perspective, we assure you, for individuals then can by the very nature of the interpretation gain an appreciation of their existence – the benefit is a limited benefit. For in truth, the interpretation is flawed in the majority of cases.

True, there is a basic interpretation, but the interpretation itself is based on an individual’s observation of their own existence and, as a result, therefore, the observation the majority of the times is based on judgment.

And because observation is based on judgment, therefore the observation of dream states is judgmental, it is limited, it is flawed. And so individuals interpret their dreams on the basis of flawed information and they find themselves wondering why it is their existences aren’t moving in the direction that they would like it to move.”

– The Wonders


Comment from audio recording The Reality Of Dreaming.

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