Just choose something

“It isn’t so much what you choose; it is that you choose that creates movement.

And dear friends, we assure you that movement is what you’re attempting to create in your existence, for without movement there can be no experience of the experience of existence.

So see it from that perspective then and you begin to realize that choice infuses every moment of your existence, whether it be conscious or whether it be subconscious, whether you are aware or you are not aware.

In your existence, all of you have attempted to control choice because some of you have judged the outcome and said to yourselves ‘once I chose and I didn’t like where it led me. So now I’m going to make darn sure I know where I’m going.’

But if you observe your existences carefully, you will realize dear friends that when you resist choosing, you will find that there is very little movement in your existence. Things don’t seem to move, things don’t seem to happen, you don’t seem to create…

…When you begin to justify yourselves and your choices, you begin to create moments of stagnation, moments of no movement.”

– The Wonders


Comment from Choice And Its Implications audio recording.

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