I can’t feel my passion anymore

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“Individuals on the whole are usually afraid. They’re so afraid of trying something new, they’re so afraid of trying something different in case they lose.

But look at it this way. That’s a great way to contract your existence so that you never take a chance, you never try unless it’s an absolute certainty. And when is everything an absolute certainty? Never.

So people never take a chance, which is why they contract themselves to the point where they go into a job, work for somebody else, 9-5, 7-9 whatever it is. They work hard, take home their paycheck, and then they live the life of mediocrity, and they wonder why they’re passionless. They wonder why they don’t have any desire for anything more.

It’s because they’ve so contracted their existence they can’t feel their passion anymore… it’s because they’re so afraid of losing.

We can assure you of this: if you fear losing, you will never get what you’re looking for. The abundance, the wealth, the success, the environment, the relationship, everything that you want you must be willing to first choose it, and in choosing it, you must be willing to also lose it.

Why fear loss? Loss just means it’s not there for now and it’ll come back again.”

– The Wonders