Living a Conscious Life in a World of Fear

That’s the title of our upcoming retreat.

It is becoming more and more difficult to rise above our minds and egos. It is becoming more and more difficult to live a spiritual life. And it is becoming easier and easier to sink into despair and fear, and to stay there.

Each year, we invite a small group of individuals to attend a week-long retreat led by The Wonders.

This one, beginning on January 19, will change how you relate to the negativity you see around you. It will change how you relate to the negativity you see within you. And, if you choose, it will change how the world sees you – as an example for others.

This is your invitation. There are 10 seats available. Like all previous retreats, this one will not be repeated.

For those who will be attending, see you in January. Click here to learn more about the event.


Interconnected but not interrelated

Excerpt from series #252 That Which You Are Is That Which I Am, And That Which I Am Is That Which You Are


“Most of you perceive yourselves as individuals, entities, with a certain degree of separation.

Some of you have moved beyond the simplistic perspective of separation, but there still maintains a certain degree of separation within yourselves.

As a result, therefore, you see yourselves as whole and complete, but not interrelated. Interconnected at times, but not interrelated.”

– The Wonders


The benefit of Halloween

Excerpt from series #473 Ghosts, Goblins And Other Imaginary Objects

“From one perspective, the energy that society places onto Halloween – the energy of fun, the energy of excitement, the energy of interaction with the other world – creates an opportunity for many individuals who are in the plane that would be still third-dimensional reality but would be viewed as ghosts… to attempt to interact with individuals not of the ghostly world.

And the resultant is this particular attempt sometimes succeeds, most times doesn’t, but is still an opportunity to be observed, to be appreciated, and to be, therefore, provided with the opportunity to shift themselves to move on past their ghostly environment.

And so, the resultant is, Halloween is a good day to attempt this particular ghostly connection.”

­– The Wonders


Why can’t I change my life?

Excerpt from series #292-c-01 What Does It Take To Grow Up?

“When an individual chooses to move into a direction of self-exploration, self-expansion, the first thing they say to themselves is, ‘As interesting as this is, I really don’t want to do this.’

And so they being to set up defenses, resistance, to the concept of shifting, altering – to the concept of growth.

And though from one perspective their minds consciously has chosen, has decided, and justified to themselves that this is the direction that they must choose, the rest of them, that part of them that is not specifically in the conscious portion of the mind, says, ‘No, this isn’t really what I want to do.’

And so individuals begin the internal battle of fighting within themselves, this part wanting to move, this other part not wanting to. And the push pull of the individual within the self begins.”

– The Wonders


Extend your energy to communicate with others

Excerpt from series #215 Learning To Communicate

“The energy of constancy and continuance is an energy that permeates all of existence. It permeates animate, inanimate objects. It permeates the physical, mental, emotional, and manifested spiritual essence of the self.

And as a result, therefore, it is that which, in effect, from one perspective could be said is the basis of existence of all that exists.

Yet, in order to establish a communication, because you yourselves perceive yourselves as separate beings, as beings involved in a separateness, a singularity, then there must be a willingness on your part to extend that energy.”

­ – The Wonders