Our current definition of love

Comment from Blind Man, Blind Man! Is This Really Love?

“Love itself is defined as providing to an individual a certain sense of security, a certain sense of stability, a certain sense of completion with another individual.

How many times has it been said ‘I cannot live without you’? As a result, many individuals don’t.

How many times has it been said ‘you complete me’? As a result, many individuals do.

Viewed from that perspective, each individual sees themselves as in a relationship in order to maintain a certain completeness of the self.

From our perspective, dear friends, we would suggest strongly to each and every one of you to recognize that there is nothing to complete. You are whole. You are complete in and of yourselves.”

– The Wonders


Observing outside the self

Excerpt from recording #168-4-99 That Which You Are Is That Which I Am, And That Which I Am Is That Which You Are.

“When we suggest to individuals to observe themselves, we suggest to observe without judgment and to observe circumstances, decisions, choices, relationships, situations. In other words, that which is within and that which is without. […]

Most individuals, when given that suggestion, will begin the process of observation by observing that which is outside themselves. […]

But they don’t observe themselves. They don’t observe their thoughts and their feelings. At least, not at the beginning.”

– The Wonders


Achieving at what cost?

Excerpt from If Only I Had A Horse.

“Recognize, first and foremost, that the main purpose of your experience is to enjoy the experience of existence.

That, dear friends, does not mean that you spend a great deal of time traveling, going from point to point, place to place, always searching, always looking of where to go.

Rather, it suggests that the experience of the journey is spent being observed being enjoyed, and, as well, being experienced.

Now, for each and every one of you, a great deal of your own existences have been experienced from a certain perspective. Yet, from another perspective, how many of you are actually conscious of each interaction, each moment of observation that you have had throughout your existence?

Most of you have spent a great deal of time moving to a certain point, trying to achieve something – become a good parent, become a good lover, become a good father, a good mother, becoming a good lawyer, a good accountant, a good business person, and a great deal of time [is] spent moving in that direction.

Individuals accumulate a great deal of material wealth in order to use that material wealth as a measure of their particular accomplishments, and as a result, therefore, greater material wealth, greater material accomplishment equates that way.

Yet how many have actually viewed their particular existence, their particular experience from the perspective of the existence of their particular existence. View it from this perspective. Not many individuals themselves see the opportunities, the situations, the choices they make on a moment-by-moment perspective of their own existence. Rather, they see the end result.”

– The Wonders


In this life, what do you choose?

Excerpt from this week’s Thursday study group.

“What do you choose: limitlessness or the limits you so dearly hang onto?

It’s your choice. Now, it’s not to say that if you were to hang onto your limits, that would be a wrong thing, or a bad thing, or an incorrect thing, or a non-spiritual thing.

But it is to say quite simply that your life experience would have been one of struggle, difficulty, resistance.”

– The Wonders


Your connection to all that surrounds you

Excerpt from Heart To Heart.

“All that surrounds you has been created by that part of the self that has been described as the soul and the heart of the self. And from that perspective, therefore, those creations are in effect related to that aspect of yourself.

Since they are related, dear friends, they have threads, threads that relate them to yourself, that connect all that exist around you to yourself.

In fact, if you could but see yourself and your relation to all that exists around you, you would see yourself as the center of energy with, viewed from one perspective, millions, trillions, quadrillions tendrils emanating from yourself, in effect, connecting to all that exists around you.”

– The Wonders