What Does Oneness Mean?

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“If you look at the ocean, it’s one body of water isn’t it? Now, within that body of water is a variety – in fact, a limitless amount – of drops of water, isn’t there?

Each drop knows itself to be a drop, yet is complete within the body. So oneness basically the equivalent of you, the drop, being within the ocean, the universe.

When you know yourself to be the ocean, then you’ll know yourself to be a oneness.”

– The Wonders


How Can I Be More Creative?

“The only way that you’re going to trust your creativity is to keep creating.

The more you create, the more you apply it to your life, the more you’ll gain the trust you’re looking for. You will not gain trust if you simply copy, for in copying, all you’re doing is trusting others’ copies. You see?

And don’t forget, that which you copy has already been copied. That’s why you came across it. Most individuals don’t create originally, they simply create copies.

[Audience] – So it’s really hard to be original?

No, it’s not. But you must be willing to originate from within yourself.

[Audience] – And that starts with trusting yourself?

Of course. So do it more. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong. You’re so afraid of failing that you copy.”

– The Wonders


A question asked during The Beginning Of The End workshop.


Living in a Consciousness of Fear

“If you observe carefully, you’ll realize that as long as humanity lives in a consciousness of fear, no matter what you achieve as a physical representation of yourselves, then your consciousness is really moving towards contraction.

You are not truly giving yourselves greater freedom of choice.

In fact, as a race, as an existence, you’re looking to contract and minimize your choices. More rules, more laws, more limitations, more structures, more definitions, less freedom.”

– The Wonders


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What can be done to dismantle nuclear weapons?

“It would require most of the individuals in each country that are of a nuclear-armed country to demand of their particular politicians and leaders to create a compromise with each other, a dialogue with all countries, to ensure the elimination of all nuclear weapons.

What exists presently is sufficient nuclear weapons to destroy the Earth six times over. The complete Earth. They are increasing in nature, and at one point in time it used to be 12 times. So the world got better, but it is now getting worse.

So it requires a willingness on the part of the populations of the countries to demand from their politicians and their leaders that the focus of the governments, focus of the countries be on the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

That still doesn’t mean there won’t be nuclear disasters for there are many, many nuclear things that exist – nuclear power plants, for example, things of that nature – so there is plenty of nuclear events that can still occur on the planet to destroy the planet.

But with the present proliferation of nuclear missiles, if those were eliminated, you would find yourself a little bit more at peace, but not yet out of danger. You must be willing to find a different source of energy from nuclear in order to gain that.

But again, because nuclear has been defined, has been discovered, and has been used, it would require a real shift in consciousness of all of humanity to move away from this because even though some countries will move away from nuclear war heads, things of that nature, there will be others that will certainly step in and take over and fill in the gap for they too will want it as well. You see?

Audience Member: So we already have the means to dismantle these weapons?

The means exist. The will does not.

Audience Member: So we must put pressure on the governments to dismantle these weapons?

Yes. And it’s not a question of one person putting pressure. All people must do so. Unfortunately, as you know, in any country the population has different priorities.

One part of the population wants a certain priority taken care of – perhaps childcare, perhaps gun control, perhaps changing the laws to get rid of the ability to have abortions, to make the LGBTQ community less favorable – everybody has a certain agenda.

Some countries are run by dictators and those dictators have their own agenda, and they don’t care about the population. Again, it requires a willingness on the part of the complete population to change.”

– The Wonders


Do Vasectomies Limit Male Sexual Energy?

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“Maggie: Taoist philosophy suggests that a vasectomy may be detrimental to the health of the male because the severing of the seminal vessels prevents recycling of the male energy. Is that true?

Sheer poppycock.

Dear friends, your recycling of your male energy isn’t centered in your testes, it’s not centered in your seminal fluid. Your male energy may be viewed, because they see you as a male, that you have testes and a penis, you may say to yourself ‘this is where the male centeredness is.’ Far, far from it!

Your male energy is throughout your physical body. It is a choice that you make to explore and experience this and express it. Male energy goes far, far beyond the physical limitations of the physical body.

How many women do you know that have male energy? How many men do you know have female energy? So the fact that you have an innie and an outtie doesn’t make a great deal of difference, does it?

And Taoist philosophy and physiology was based on an observation that was flawed as a result of judgment.”

– The Wonders