Why can’t I change my reality?

“Most of you reinforce moment by moment the same reality that you exist in because you are unwilling to move beyond it.

You are unwilling to move beyond it because you are attached to it. This is your creation. You did it. Not somebody else. Not something else. You. And so, you take ‘pride’ in your creation.

And we assure you that pride is not just a human physical emotion. It is very much a perspective of creation.

And so, because you perceive the reality you’ve created, and you are aware it is your creation, you remain attached to your creation. You want it. You enjoy it. You’ve spent a great deal of effort making it just the way you want, so why change it?

So moment by moment when you imagine, there is no will to imagine differently. And if there is a will to imagine differently, it is only that certain portions will be imagined differently.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 180: The Nature Of Reality


Remember that every moment of living is a moment of joy

“Many individuals, such as yourselves, of course, [have] an unwillingness to acknowledge to themselves how wonderful the experience of living is.

It doesn’t matter whether you die young, you die old, you die in childbirth. It doesn’t matter whether you have diseases or not, it doesn’t matter if you’ve messed up your whole body because you ate a lot of sugar, drank a lot of coffee, smoked all your life, drank yourself through alcoholism, took drugs. It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter that you destroyed yourself physically. It doesn’t matter that you shortened, extended your life. It doesn’t matter that you sacrificed yourself all the good things in life in order to live a good life and then found out you died at 28 anyway.

It doesn’t matter.

Because every moment of living, every moment of choosing, is a moment of joy because you get to do it. Not anybody else.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from this month’s Tuesday study group


How can I find peace in life?

“The only way you’re going to get peace in yourself is to be more certain of yourself and then you’ll see it in others.

That which is within you is in all that surrounds you. If you can discover it within yourself, you will discover it in others.

To get there is to gain an appreciation of yourself. Here, do it this way: Start observing yourself. Not from the perspective of judgment. Not to see what’s right and wrong, good and bad, you do way too much of that anyway.

Simply from the perspective of observation.

Observe your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, your desires, your choices, your interactions with others. Observe that which makes you sad and that which makes you happy. That which gives you joy and pleasure and that which gives you sorrow and pain. Observe it all.

And what you’ll find is that as you observe this, you’ll gain an appreciation of yourself. It’ll come. It’s not something that you’ll wake up one morning and say, ‘Ah.’ It’ll actually be a gentle movement towards self-appreciation. And as you move towards this self appreciation, you’ll find the peace you’re looking for in your life.”

– The Wonders


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Nothing and no one can harm you unless you choose to allow it

“Nothing and no one can harm you unless you choose to allow it. You choose to allow it – notice the word choose. It isn’t about something will happen to you whether you want it or not. It isn’t that something can hurt you or harm you or cause pain even if you don’t choose it. You choose to either feel pain or not feel pain. You choose to be harmed or not be harmed.

Nothing and no one can harm you unless you choose to allow it. Nothing is bigger than you, nothing is stronger than you, nothing can hurt you and harm you. Your mind would have you believe that, but the truth is nothing and no one can harm you unless you choose to allow it.

When will you accept for yourself that statement and live from it? That’s the question to ask yourself.”

– The Wonders


This is an excerpt from Series #1175: The Beginning Of Life And The Movement Towards Death


What are the benefits of spiritual exploration?

“What is the benefit of spiritual exploration? Let’s be realistic, is it going to help you live your life?

Most people would say no, it’s not going to help me make more money, it’s not going to help me find the right partner, I’m not going to be able to get a better house, I’m not going to be able to get a better car. And to some degree they would be correct.

But when you start living a more spiritual life, you start fretting less, you start judging less, you start fearing less. And so the resultant is, the choices you make lead you to more opportunities.

And if you have more opportunities, then it’s up to you to decide which way you want to go.

It’s like fishing in a pond. If leading a spiritual life moves you to fish in a pond that has more fish in it, then you have a better chance of catching a fish than if you fish in the pond you’ve always fished in.

So from that perspective, it’ll give you that. It’ll also give you a sense of comfort, consistency, constancy, content[ment] – certainly content[ment] – and you’ll find that there’ll be a certain sense of peace within you, that sense of peace and tranquility that you always look for but have difficulty finding. And if you do find it, have difficulty hanging onto it.

The more you open yourself to your own spirit, the more you lead a life of spiritual benefit, then the more you’ll find that sense of contentment and tranquility and peace. And then you’ll be able to, regardless of the circumstances because let’s face it, life is such that many, many circumstances occur, you’ll still be able to navigate through the circumstances without fear, without a great deal of judgment, and certainly without guilt that you’ve been using to propel yourselves forward until now.

And as a result of that, you’ll share with others and surround yourself with individuals that are of similar nature. Not so much the individuals that fear and judge. Oh, you’ll have those but they won’t affect you the same way. You’ll realize the illusions they live under and you’ll allow them their illusions, but you won’t participate in them. And so the resultant is your life will be one of simplicity as well.

So, some of the buzzwords are simplicity, tranquility, peace, contentment. Those are the buzzwords that you can start thinking about that will lead you to realizing that the movement towards spirituality is truly expansive.

Because most individuals in this day and age, though they would convince themselves that they have peace, tranquility, contentment, simplicity, in actual fact when you look at their lives, it doesn’t really exist. It’s an illusion, it’s a perspective of it. Often times it is covered in fear and judgment and guilt. And it forms a part of their daily living.

So that’s the probabilities for you. Now, the choice is, of course, do you choose to do it?”

– The Wonders


This is an excerpt from Series #1099: Being Conscious Of The Universe At Play