The mind’s perspectives are flawed

Excerpt from last week’s Thursday study group.

“Your minds have been created as a tool to explore your third dimensional reality. They’ve been allowed to run without much guidance for most of your lives.

As a result, the mind has created within itself concepts and constructs as to what works and what doesn’t, what is cause and what is the effect, what is the interrelationship of even spirituality to reality.

And the mind’s created these concepts, and firmly believes them, and works with them, and moves to validate them through judgments. Good for the mind.

Unfortunately, the majority of these concepts and constructs are based on flawed perspectives, perspectives that came from judgments, and judgments that came from illusions. So the resultant is the basis of which these perspectives exist is flawed…”

– The Wonders


Understanding feminine desire

Excerpt from 488-1-05 What Is The Basis Of Feminine Desire?

“Feminine desire comes from a desire, an energy perspective, a desire to explore existence from the perspective of receiving, from the perspective of allowing, rather than from the perspective of doing and forcing.


Can an individual receive? If they can, then they are exploring existence from the perspective of the feminine desire.

This perspective is not limited to the female form only, we assure you.”

– The Wonders

I still feel insufficient

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“Realize that insufficiency is nothing more than an illusion.

It’s an illusion created by your mind as a methodology, a technique, of holding you into a state of reduction, into a perspective of less than, in order to limit the experience of experience of existence.

Each and every one of you uses insufficiency, your perspective of insufficiency of yourself, as a way to move you, force you, push you against that which you are in order to create struggle, strife, difficulty in your existence.

And you do this quite willingly because that is all that the mind knows.

Underlying that which is the mind’s perspective is the awareness that that which you are is simply that which you are, and in its simplicity, there is a sufficiency that exists that cannot be altered, shifted, or changed.

Regardless of what you choose, regardless of how you choose, regardless of the definitions, the assumptions, the reductions, the limitations, that which you are cannot change.”

– The Wonders


What kind of a society do you want to create?

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“Civilization, society, human kind is at a point in which the opportunity for choice to expand the consciousness is being created. But what we see is there is a greater probability of repetition of previous events.

War, harm, judgment – key elements of reduction that will reduce society substantially, and will set you back as a society another 200-300,000 years.

Now, you may not think at this point, as a society, that this is of any value. After all, you’re not going to be around yourselves. So you think. But if you listen carefully to the first four sessions of this workshop, you’ll recognize that you will be returning over and over and over again to a society in which you have created the parameters of consciousness.

So the choice here, dear friends, is for you as individuals, as a group, as a collective to decide what would you choose.”

– The Wonders