The definition of reality

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“In truth, dear friends, that which you perceive as your reality is a series of events, a series of occurrences, a series of choices, built one upon the other that in the building, manifest themselves in such a fashion as to create for you a circumstance of existence that moves you from one direction to another direction.

That’s the definition of reality.

As a result, therefore, when you view yourselves in your circumstances of existence such that, for example, you are mid-20s male with a car, beautiful house, lovely wife, two children, with a nice sound system that you’ve bought, to you, reality is all about survival, all about existence. And to you, your existence is based up your ‘standard of living’.

You view yourself, the reality that surrounds you as an opportunity to gain, an opportunity to accept, an opportunity to own different parts of reality; own matter, own objects, own circumstances.

And so to you, your reality is based on getting up in the morning, going to work, finding yourself with a good job, expressing yourself in a work environment such that there is satisfaction, and then returning home and expressing yourself in that home environment such that there is satisfaction, and then going to sleep. And you repeat this on a daily basis minimum of five days a week and then from there hopefully you have a few days where you can express yourself differently. And to you, this is the reality in which you exist. This forms the basis on which you choose.”

– The Wonders