The first fear you will experience

“You have the ability to alter and shift not just your reality, but the reality in which you exist. All of these talents and abilities exist within you.

But what stops you from using all of these talents and abilities? What stops you from being the great orator? The great singer? The great actor? The great politician? The great activist? The great mother? The great father? The great child? What stops you?

What stops you, dear friends, is fear. The fear mostly that if you were to manifest yourself in the brilliance, the extent of your own brilliance, that then you would have to deal with other people’s lack of brilliance. This is the first fear, we assure you, that you will experience.

You fear manifesting yourselves to the extent that you are for fear that others then would attempt to reduce you to bring you to their level of incongruity. And as a result, therefore, instead you choose not to explore your amazingness, your brilliance, the full extent of your talents and abilities.”

– The Wonders


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