What are chakras?

Excerpt from 133-1-98 Understanding Chakras.


“If you view chakras on the basis of gateways, then, dear friends, you begin to understand what a chakra is.

It is a gateway between the physical to the mental to the emotional to the manifested spiritual essence of the self, eventually through to soul essence, in fact.

And this gateway is a gateway that provides certain movement of energy from one aspect to the other aspect on a continuous basis, without interference from certain dimensional boundaries, dimensional existences, certain belief-structure boundaries.

[Chakras] surpass belief-structure boundaries, they move beyond belief structure boundaries, in fact, in order to allow the movement and flow of pure conscious essence, pure energy essence, to move from the spiritual self through to, finally, the physical self.

As a result therefore, some individuals, through an ability developed through an allowance within themselves, are able to perceive chakra energy within the physicality of another. And as a result therefore, they perceive this chakra energy on the basis of color, on the basis of movement, on the basis of allowance of energy.”

– The Wonders


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