What is the root chakra?

Excerpt from 135-1-99 The Root Chakra


“Recognizing that you are energy beings, you must recognize that though you’ve perceived yourself as physical entities, that the physicality of which you are is a vibration simply of certain atomic structures that exist within the self. As a result, therefore, these particular vibrations vibrating at a certain vibration create a physicality.

The chakra, or energy center, that resides in the root or base of the physical body is, in and of itself, a center that allows certain energies to move from the universe itself, universal energy, through the individual.

It is your connection to all of the universe. Now, all chakras are a connection on different levels. However, the root chakra or base chakra itself is the main connection between the entity in a physical form, and the universal energy that exists around you.

Therefore, the root chakra is often perceived by individuals as being the center whereby survival issues occur, whereby awarenesses begin. And as a result, therefore, you find yourself then viewing that particular area of the physicality to adjust and to change and to alter in the event of circumstances surrounding survival or awareness issues.”

– The Wonders


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