Why is so much importance given to the “thoughtless” state in spiritual growth?

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“It isn’t that there is so much importance to the ‘thoughtless’ state of the mind, it is that the desire is to achieve a point where the mind doesn’t interfere in choice.

The key here is to understand that as long as the mind is busy thinking, as long as the mind isn’t observing and is actually making the choices, then you create an existence that is reflective of the mind and its fears, its illusion, and, as a result, you’re letting that happen to yourselves.

The point of spiritual exploration is to come to a point of understanding where you yourself command the mind, that the mind is a tool, nothing more. It is powerful, we agree, but it is only a tool. And that’s what’s missing here.

You’re not recognizing the power of the tool, but you’re still not recognizing as well that it is only a tool.

And in recognizing that it is only a tool then, you don’t want to give it the opportunity to make choice because it simply is too busy thinking and it chooses as a result of its thinking processes. What you want to do is learn to command it. And in learning to command it, often times it requires the mind to gain a certain state of quietude so that it can hear, it can listen to your commands.

And that’s why you’re moving into that ‘thoughtless’ state: because you’re trying to quiet the mind to listen to the commands the self is giving it.”

– The Wonders