Why some win the lottery while others don’t

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“The universe itself that surrounds you, the energy that surrounds you, is designed to bring to you all that you would choose. And many individuals don’t choose wealth financial, but do choose wealth emotional, mental, and spiritual. Many individuals do choose wealth financial and don’t choose wealth emotional, mental, and spiritual, and any permutation or combination of the above.

As a result, it is based on what you would like. The universe is more than willing to give it to you. But how can you accept, how can you observe enough, how can you perceive that which the universe is willing to give to you if you yourself cannot observe that which you are, that which you have?

And we emphasize this, and we continue to emphasize this for its importance, dear friends. You must be willing to observe all that you have before you will allow yourself to accept a great deal more.

Now, some individuals will say that they haven’t observed all that they have but yet they gain a great deal. They gain wealth. And we would suggest yes, but that which they gain fits within the parameters of that which they know they already have.

It isn’t that they get more than they have. It is that they get what they have in a different form.

As a result, the individual that wins the lottery gains what he has. True, from one perspective it could be said ‘but he doesn’t have the million dollars so how could he gain what he already has? He’s obviously gained more.’ But he does see himself or herself as being financially wealthy. And so the million dollars fits within the parameters of the belief structure that says they are wealthy.

And he also sees himself as lucky; she sees herself as lucky. As a result, the winning part of the event fits within the parameters of luck within their psychology.

So it isn’t that they’re gaining more than they have, it is that they’re getting what they already know they have.”

– The Wonders