Your sufficiency cannot be lost

“Sufficiency is a multilayered concept.

It is not just about ‘ok, I can do this’ or ‘ok, I can do that’, or not even just about the idea of ‘I’m good enough to do this or good enough to do that’.

Sufficiency underlies, is the foundation, virtually, of every aspect of yourself. And when you’re afraid of not being sufficient, then your fear – regardless of where it comes from, regardless of how you describe it – your fear eats away at that foundation. And you find yourselves in some cases paralyzed, in other cases really unable to express yourselves, and in other cases unwilling to make choices.

Regardless of how you find yourself, we assure you, dear friends, that what you’re doing is you’re creating inside of your mind an illusion that your sufficiency can somehow be destroyed, be removed, that it can, in some way shape or form, be lost.

What you fail to realize, if you had listened to the defining statement or read it you would realize that sufficiency is not something that you gain, that you go after, that you build. It is that which you are.”

– The Wonders


Comment from a study group with The Wonders.