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Time to invest

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:14 pm    Post subject: Time to invest Reply with quote

Greetings all,

Time for me to invest, and hope to hear anyones inputs discussing the Wednesday night group and where we would like to see it go.

I really took some ideas from the discussions about every aspect of yourself invested in the choice. Yes the mind will always be involved, the self, the ego, and it this was explained to me once like a boardroom.

Every part of you can be viewed as your vice presidents but never seperate from the whole of the corporation. Every choice presented will be listened to and acknowledged from everwhere for their input and participation of the choice. Taking from my own relationships I can't help but see disagreements along the way where you may have to say no to ones ideas but recognize it consciously that the choice was available but not choosen from the mind at that time, or the ego at that time.

An idea I've been floating around is that maybe we could as a group, a whole, start discussing where we would like to see our study groups go, and bring our ideas to The Wonders. They've put the challenge out and all the though they said that the sessions were already made for next year, why can't we not choose differently in any moment.

Ask for a diferrent direction, or maybe we keep it the same, it seems to me that a good solution would be to discuss it as a group and involve everyone, just like The Wonders suggest we do inside ourselves.

Whats the worst that happens they say no.

Would love lots of input on this.

Happy Choosing,

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Melody Prosser

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Greetings Geoff,

I just discovered this thread tonight. I am not involved in the study groups at the moment (finances are tough) but I have in the past and will do so in the future. Your post reminds me of the Illusion of Consciousness retreat when they talked about the French Lieutenant. All this has done for me is to create arguments within myself that can go on ad infinitum. The Wonders have said it so often - "Just choose!" and I am finding it ever more accurate. To invest myself fully means that I am "all in".

I really understood what investing myself meant by listening to the audio version of Steven Pressfield's Turning Pro. Like Crystal I am a singer and want a career singing and making money with my voice. I knew I needed to get serious about investing myself into my singing and this book was key to making that change. If i equate turning pro with investing myself, I would say that investing myself means that whatever i am investing myself in will change my schedule. It will become the most important thing to me and a priority. It means I will get up earlier, I will begin practice at a certain time and stick with it. My whole attitude and approach changed.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to the discussion here. Smile

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