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PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2008 6:34 am    Post subject: choice Reply with quote


This defining statement is quite a joyful one for me. It's liberating on a lot of levels. As I become more conscious of my patterns, fears, judgments, choices...I now realize all the choices I choose are from joy. They are my choices. Whether it be a mind-fueled choice, or a free choice, it's all joy, it's what I've created. It's that I *can* choose, that I'm exercising that choice...that is what is joyful. It doesn't matter what I choose.

In a recent workshop 'making paper out of shit' I realize I've been primarily exercising the mind muscle not choice muscle -although I've been choosing faster, it basically means I have been justifying faster...doesn't mean it has been 'free choice' Smile. The Wonders presented some innate psychologies that were common to us that stop us from free choice...that we are not capable of change, that once choice is made, we are stuck with the results, letting go is hard to do, and that we're not good enough for the brand new shiny one. I chose to observe these psychologies in me and let go of them when I observe them (without judgment Smile). But man, I hadn't experienced that kind of resistance in awhile (fell asleep during one of the sessions Smile) They also presented several keys to what is stopping me - that I love to hear the sound of my own voice (still working through this one Smile), and of course, puzzling. As well, although I gleaned this from the Inner child workshops, was that I'm so fascinated that I can choose that I lose the moment and get distracted from the congratulatory noise from my adult self and inner child (instead of continuing to be or choose). My sound of my own voice I am realizing reassures a need in me that I'm noticed, that I'm heard, and oh, please validate me and my intelligence...rather than just being me. Sigh. Always more to uncover, but no matter, still brilliant Smile.

The psychologies I mention above keep me in the illusion of life, and keeps my blinders on as to what existence is, what life really is, and what abundance there really is around me. I understand that the direction The Wonders are going to help us anchor a choice for a new methodology of existence (if we choose) - one of unfettered exercising of the choice muscle and living more consciously (the direction is familiar, but it is getting more intense). So here's to choice, and the joy of it...

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:19 am    Post subject: Re: choice Reply with quote

Enjoyable post Angela. (Weren't you one of the participants in the Letting Go of the Mind with Finality study group/recording?)

If I were to put TW's defining statement into different words I might say:

Existence Is. All else is the cyclical play of Lalla [consciousness].

We are the individual faces of an infinite cosmic face that smiles. (But how few really know this?)

Images of the desert just crossed my mind. It must be such a pure, mystical experience to live in the desert or in places like Sedona, especially at dawn, dusk and night when one can almost reach up (and within) and touch the infinite. One's body and mind engulfed by the vastness of the landscape and sky. Perhaps a hard life in some ways but what joy people like the Bedouins must have experienced.

External landscapes aside, at the deepest levels of ourselves is the landscape of being and joy. Perhaps we have human density and challenges to truly define what joy is --by contrast :)
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