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Are you worthy?

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James Reyes-Picknell

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:09 am    Post subject: Are you worthy? Reply with quote

We all seem to struggle with the concept of limitlessness. Perhaps it's our perception of limits that holds us back. How are you limiting yourself? The Wonders are always telling me how I think small and shoot myself in the foot. Those have a lot of meaning to me now and yet they are concepts that took me a long time to see. Now I'm focused on the behavior.

On a business networking site that I belong to I received an email from a coach named Melinda M Sorensson about another form of "mirror technique" and it got thinking that this is worth sharing. It's not unlike The Wonders approach at all. She also has a really neat story. It may help in realizing what limits we choose for ourselves all the time. Here it is:

"The basic assumption that I have been making ever since I started this club is that everyone's self esteem is high enough that you all feel worthy of manifesting your desires. I have come to realize that even with the brightest and most successful people I have met, there is a tinge of "un-self worthiness". This is not so obvious. We try to bury this as the "secret" side of us. Even I realized this in myself, looking back at my life. This inner feeling of "unworthiness" can be buried so deep, it manifests as guilt and shame. Guilt for many reasons, shame for many reasons. Some for things we did, some for things we did not do. We have to let go of all of this junk from our consciousness, in order to manifest our desires.

I know only a few people who have not exhibited these feelings. They are all happy with everything in their lives. One has been married forever and the other just found her true love, a prince through and through.

So how do we go about re-asserting our inner self worth? It is not easy to undo years of conditioning so we do the least invasive of all techniques. Of course, I will always recommend that you meditate but if your heart is not in it, then don't do it.

One of the absolute musts in my coaching sessions is the mirror technique. I have my clients look into their eyes in the mirror and tell themselves "I love you, [their name]. In the beginning a dozen times a day and as the days progress, for longer periods and for a greater number of times, until they actually FEEL that they accept everything about themselves. I mean everything. The good, the not so good, the serious and the funny. If they told me they did not do the exercise for the day we were supposed to have a session, I cancelled the session. It is as simple as that. It would have been a waste of their time and mine.

I know what it is to be judgmental. I was my own harshest critic

I admit to having been harsher on myself than on anyone else. My coaching instructor and my friends in the coaching classes pointed this out to me. I was not aware of it, until they actually repeated my words to me and I realized, oh, it is true! As long as we do not feel deserving of what it is that we want, it cannot materialize.

Here is a short story to illustrate my point.

Once a lady met a prince. She did not know he was a prince since he was dressed in rags when they met. They married. She found out he was a prince when he took her to his castle after they were married! The lady could not believe she is now a princess. While she believed in fairy tales, she did not thing it could happen to her! Why her? She was so ordinary was what she thought.

Within a few years, the prince fell in love with another and the lady had to leave the prince's castle and had to deal with the harsh realities of life after leaving the castle. After many years the lady realized that it was all her thinking, and that deep within she did not believe she deserved to marry a prince, for after all, she was just an ordinary person.

She began to study herself and began to believe that she was special after all! She began to believe in herself and to feel worthy of everything that will make her happy. And then a miracle. The princess woke up! It was just a dream. The prince was by her side after all and she was still the princess she was meant to be.

I could have changed the story to reflect a man who finds oil in his backyard, or someone who invents something that can be used by anyone, or someone who just has a business that seems to soar. How long will you stay there?

Are you still in the dream or have you just been awakened? You are absolutely worth everything that you desire, and more. After all, YOU are the source of it all.

Go buy a pocket mirror and do the exercise of looking into your eyes and saying "I love you [say your name]. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled." How long and how often? Until you actually FEEL it. Minimum of 40 days for it to be ingrained within you.

A caveat: the feeling of unworthiness comes back when you are not aware of it, so carry the mirror with you at all times.

I end with a card given to me by a friend when I was twelve years old "May your life be filled with much happiness and only enough sorrow to know the difference."

From my heart to yours, always, with love.

2009 by Melinda M. Sorensson"
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