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The Wonders: Transforming Lives Since 1989

Updated: Apr 2

Imagine facing life's challenges with a trusted companion who not only listens but offers actionable strategies to propel you forward. Whether you're dealing with personal obstacles, seeking career clarity, or striving for greater well-being, a life coach can provide the support and tools you need.

Life coaching is like having a dedicated ally on your journey of personal and professional growth. A life coach, in this case, Réné Gaudette, is someone with a wealth of experience and insights, ready to walk beside you as you navigate the twists and turns of life. Think of Réné as your personal cheerleader, mentor, and guide, all rolled into one.

With over 27 years of experience, Réné Gaudette began his journey not just as a life coach but as someone deeply committed to personal growth. His story unfolds from running an accounting firm to dedicating his life to channeling The Wonders and guiding individuals like you through the intricate paths of transformation.

Now, as you start this journey, The Wonders become your companions – a collective consciousness channeled by Réné. Together, they offer profound insights, clear answers, and a vast array of resources designed to help you create the life you've always dreamed of.

If you're wondering, "What exactly is a life coach, and how can it benefit me?", you're in the right place. Get ready to uncover the wonders of channeling, life coaching, and education that have been at the forefront of transformative experiences for decades.

Let's dive right in.

Table of Contents:

6. FAQs

The Wonders

What makes The Wonders so special? Imagine them as a group of very wise friends, but with a unique twist – they share their wisdom through Réné Gaudette, who's not just a life coach but also a channel for their insights.

Understanding Channeling:

Channeling might sound a bit tricky, but it's like having a friend who gets consistently great advice from a really effective source. Réné channels The Wonders, meaning he sets aside the filters of his own mind and ego to let them speak without limits. It's like tapping into a vast pool of knowledge from a different perspective, or getting advice from really wise friends who see things from a different angle.

The Role of The Wonders:

The Wonders are like your trusted buddies who offer clear and straightforward answers to your questions. They're not limited by the same things that hold us back, and their insights can help us understand life from much broader perspectives. Think of them as your go-to pals when you need good advice or are looking to explore your self and your life.

A Trusted Source:

The best part about The Wonders is that they're reliable. Whenever you have questions or need guidance, they're like a friend you can count on. They're here to share their wisdom and help you navigate life's twists and turns.

Now, as we uncover more about The Wonders, remember, it's not about figuring out how channeling works. It's about enjoying the cool stuff they share and seeing how it fits into your own journey of discovering more about yourself.

In the next parts, we'll explore all the amazing ways The Wonders, guided by Réné Gaudette, can make a difference in our lives. From personal sessions to valuable blogs to fun group activities, there's a little something for everyone to learn, grow, and enjoy.

Journey of Personal Growth with Réné Gaudette

Let's take a closer look at Réné Gaudette's story and how he became a guide for personal growth.

Réné Gaudette - The Wonders

Réné's Beginnings:

Before Réné became a guide for personal growth, he used to run an accounting firm. That means he dealt with numbers and helped businesses manage their money. But everything changed in 1989 when he was hit by a truck while snowmobiling. After dying twice on the operating table and going through immense physical, mental, emotional and spiritual therapy to get back to a state of health, he realized that he had no more time to waste and that he needed to start changing his life.

Dedication to Personal Growth:

After his accident, Réné started an intense journey of personal growth. He became entirely dedicated to changing his life. Think of it like deciding to become a better version of yourself and not letting anything stop you anymore. He wanted to understand more about his own growth, and this dedication led him to become a life coach – someone who helps others grow too.

Sharing Experiences and Channeling:

Réné didn’t keep his learnings to himself. He shared his experiences and started channeling The Wonders. Remember, it's like having wise friends who share their insights through Réné. Over the years, he's created thousands of recordings to help others grow in their personal and professional lives.

Life Coaching with Réné:

Now, Réné focuses on life coaching. Imagine having a really helpful friend who not only shares their own experiences but also channels wisdom from a wise group. Réné works with individuals to help them reach the levels of personal and professional development they set out to create.

In a nutshell, Réné's journey is like a guidebook for personal growth. He continues to be on an intense journey of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and exploration and he's here to help others on their journeys. His story shows that personal growth is a continuous adventure, and Réné is here to guide anyone looking to make their own journey of growth extraordinary.

A Range of Services

Let's explore the different ways The Wonders, guided by Réné Gaudette, offer their support and guidance. It's like having a menu of options, each serving a unique purpose in your journey of personal growth. Imagine picking from a variety of helpful services like choosing your favorite colors from a palette.

1. Private Sessions:

Private sessions are like having a personal chat with The Wonders. Picture it as a cozy room where you can talk directly to them. You can ask anything – from questions about your health, career, relationships, to understanding opportunities in your life. It's your time to get personalized advice and guidance.

How It Works:

  • You book a session.

  • You join a private Zoom meeting.

  • You can see Réné during the video call.

  • After Réné goes into trance, Maggie (Réné's wife) helps you connect with The Wonders.

  • You receive a recording of your session afterward.

2. Study Groups:

Imagine being part of a group where everyone is eager to learn and grow together. Study groups are like virtual classrooms where Réné and The Wonders lead explorations. You can attend these online groups every other month, and they cover various topics. It's a bit like a book club, but instead, you're discussing and learning from The Wonders' teachings.

What Happens:

  • Sessions happen twice a month on specific days.

  • You attend over Zoom from anywhere in the world.

  • Each session explores a specific topic led by The Wonders.

  • Meetings are interactive and held in a group atmosphere.

  • You receive recordings of each study group.

3. Personal Development Workshops:

These personal development workshops are like special events where you get to set the agenda. Imagine a two-day gathering where you decide what topics The Wonders discuss. It's your chance to explore anything you want, creating a unique and personalized experience.

How It Works:

  • The Wonders have a conversation with participants.

  • The topics are based on what participants bring up.

  • The workshops cover various areas of personal growth.

  • Your participation guides the direction of the exploration.

  • The entire event is recorded for you to revisit.

4. Teacher Program:

The Teacher Program is like an advanced course for those wanting to dive deeper into The Wonders' teachings. It's about understanding yourself, facing limitations, and moving beyond them. You work directly with Réné and The Wonders, progressing through levels to gain not just knowledge but also practical experience.

How It Progresses:

  • Beginning Session: Customizing the program based on your goals.

  • Private Sessions: Exploring fears and blockages.

  • Teacher Workshops: Customized workshops for your certification.

  • Level Certification Session: Working one-on-one with The Wonders for advancement.

These services create a vibrant palette of options, ensuring there's a brushstroke for every individual seeking personal and professional development. Whether you prefer one-on-one guidance, collaborative group experiences, or advanced certification, The Wonders offer a spectrum of choices to suit your unique journey.

Independent Studies and Courses

With over 5,000 audio recordings, The Wonders Library is a treasure trove of growth, where every audio recording is a conversation with The Wonders. Categorized into introductory, integration, and experiential courses, this library offers limitless exploration. Whether you're intrigued by business and enterprise or seeking insights into relationships, there's a course tailored for you.

All-Time Favorites and Best Sellers

Make sure to explore the most popular courses we offer and recordings that have resonated with a broad audience. These all-time favorites serve as ideal starting points for your journey into the realms of personal growth, channeling, and enlightenment.


In conclusion, The Wonders have been transforming lives for decades, offering a blend of channeling, life coaching, and education that open doors to self-discovery. Embark on this journey, explore the vast library, attend engaging workshops, and become a part of the transformative community that Réné and The Wonders have cultivated over the years.

Ready to take the next step? Read more about us and explore The Wonders Library to begin your transformative journey today.


1. What types of courses do The Wonders offer?

The Wonders offer a diverse range of courses, including personalized mentorship through private sessions, collaborative virtual study groups, annual personal development workshops, and a comprehensive teacher program.

2. How can I explore The Wonders Library?

To explore The Wonders Library, you can start by listening to introductory courses numbered from 0-500, progressing to integration courses (501-1000), and then advanced experiential courses (1001+). The recordings cover various topics to guide your personal growth journey.

3. Can I attend virtual study groups and workshops online?

Yes, both virtual study groups and annual personal development workshops are accessible online. This allows you to participate from anywhere in the world, making it convenient for your schedule.

4. What is the Teacher Program, and how can I become certified?

The Teacher Program is a unique opportunity to integrate The Wonders' teachings into your daily life. Certification involves private sessions, teacher workshops, and level certification sessions, progressing through the six levels for each designation: Apprentice Teacher and Certified Teacher.

5. How often can I have private sessions with The Wonders?

You have the flexibility to book private sessions as often as you desire, whether it's a one-time session or recurring sessions, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly. The choice is yours based on your growth needs.


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