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The Six Defining Statements of Existence



What Are These?

If you walk away with anything, walk away with these

Why they are so important

All of The Wonders' material is based on these six statements. The Wonders have been discussing these statements for over two decades now. You won't believe how much they can impact your life.

We suggest starting with our eBook that specifically focuses on each individual statement and explains how they work together as a whole.

Thou Shalt Not Pass

Listen to a session from the newest workshop

Thou Shalt Not Pass: 1266-17-20 Better Hang On, You_re Not MuThe Wonders
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In their newest workshop, Thou Shalt Not Pass, The Wonders describe the conscious living movement that they are helping us explore over the next three to five years. They also speak to the value of this movement.

What's New?

Discover the most trending topics

These are the latest items being listened to in the library right now.

Image by Joakim Honkasalo

Politics are spiritual too

It seems like politics are going downhill. Yet, they affect the structure of society and therefore affect your life. Instead of avoiding them, empower yourself by having them work for you.

Image by Vitalii Pavlyshynets

Maintaining a state of health during a pandemic

Although you can't control COVID-19, you can take steps to strengthen your state of health. Good nutrition, vitamins, exercise and stress reduction can have massive impacts.

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes

Don't underestimate the power of compassion

The world is in turmoil, but you don't have to be. Instead of buying into fears, judgments and guilts, rise above them enough to have compassion for yourself and everyone around you. You'll find that you can move through these bizarre circumstances so much easier.

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