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Monthly study groups are interactive, over-the-phone meetings moderated by The Wonders. Each study group, held on the first Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each month, forms part of an overarching annual exploration. Once you join a study group, you will explore with and learn from The Wonders in a nurturing and safe environment. Each session is an interactive exploration of the evening topic led by The Wonders.

Study groups are held over ZOOM Meetings, allowing you to attend from anywhere in the world. To register for an upcoming study group, please click here to email us.

2019 Study Groups Schedule:

Tuesday Study Group

The Movement Of Cause And Effect On Choice

  • Jan 01 - Here We Go Once Again
  • Feb 05 - This Is The Cause
  • Mar 05 - And This Will Be The Effect
  • Apr 02 - Why The Future?
  • May 07 - Look At The Past
  • Jun 04 - But This Is The Now
  • Jul 02 - I Don’t Understand Choice
  • Aug 06 - Freedom Is Overrated
  • Sep 03 - But It Is Priceless
  • Oct 01 - You Cannot Choose
  • Nov 05 - Without Love
  • Dec 03 - Now You’re Ready For The Next Movement

Move with joy and you will find life easy. Move with fear and you will find it difficult. Move with judgment and you will resist. In the 2019 Tuesday study group, you will explore the choices you make and the limitations you create as a result of judgment, fear, and guilt. You will then work with The Wonders to let go of judgment, fear, and guilt so you can move freely into the next part of joy in your life.

Wednesday Study Group

Expanding The Sensory Experience Of The Spiritual Existence

  • Jan 02 - Beginning To Understand Sensory Applications
  • Feb 06 - Moving Past The Limitations Of Physicality
  • Mar 06 - Opening The Self To Love
  • Apr 03 - Masturbation As A Tool For Sensory Exploration
  • May 01 - Gaining A Perspective Not Yet Explored
  • Jun 05 - Reframing The Limitations That Block You
  • Jul 03 - Yum, Yum, Yum, Slurp, Slurp, Slurp
  • Aug 07 - Opening The Mind And The Self To Spirituality
  • Sep 04 - Positive Affirmation To Yourself
  • Oct 02 - Why Is This So Fearful?
  • Nov 06 - Breathe Deeply, Expand The Mind And The Soul
  • Dec 04 - Setting The Tone For The Coming Year Of Spiritual Exploration*

The 2019 Wednesday study group will explore the spiritual senses that exist within you and how these interact with the five physical senses. You will explore how to open yourself to realize the limitations you have, how to let go of those limitations, and really express yourself spiritually.
*In this particular session, there will be sounds.

Thursday Study Group

Why Is Humanity So Fearful Now?

  • Jan 03 - Where Is Humanity Now?
  • Feb 07 - Why Is It That All You Care About Is Yourselves?
  • Mar 07 - Redefining The Movement In Front Of You
  • Apr 04 - Look At Your Psychology
  • May 02 - Study The Expression Of Fear And Love
  • Jun 06 - Join Each Other Through Choice
  • Jul 04 - Resistance And Resistance: All Lead To Fear
  • Aug 01 - Combining The Concepts Of The Past With The Present Movement
  • Sep 05 - Journeying To A New Realization About Humanity
  • Oct 03 - Where Do You Fit Into This Human Perspective?
  • Nov 07 - The Key To Choice Is Action
  • Dec 05 - Has Anything Changed After This Exploration?

The 2019 Thursday study group will explore the fear that humanity is presently existing in, the choices that sustain, support, and maintain the fear, and the exploration of choices that exist right now in humanity that are attempting to shift the consciousness away from fear.
The Wonders suggest you inform yourself very clearly on that which is occurring in the world on a daily basis. It will require you to invest yourself into what is going on in the world. You cannot just focus on yourself.

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Additional Information

Study group calls take place on the first Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of every month. All study group calls begin at 7:00pm EST and last from 45-60 minutes. Sessions are conducted using the videoconference app ZOOM Meetings and participants can attend from anywhere in the world. A toll-free number is available for North America for those who are unable to attend over video.

Each study group is recorded and made available for download. Study group particpants receive each study group recording via email. You can expect to receive the evening's study group recording within 15-20 minutes of the session.

Payment is made one month in advance and is charged automatically to your credit card on the first of each month. Attendance costs $155 per study group per month. Please note, new students will be charged for two months of study groups, or $310 USD. Notice of cancellation due before the 15th of the month. All prices listed in US dollars.