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Monthly study groups are interactive, over-the-phone meetings moderated by The Wonders. Each study group, held on the first Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each month, forms part of an overarching annual exploration. Once you join a study group, you will explore with and learn from The Wonders in a nurturing and safe environment. Each session is an interactive exploration of the evening topic led by The Wonders.

Study groups are held over ZOOM Meetings, allowing you to attend from anywhere in the world. To register for an upcoming study group, please click here to email us.

2018 Study Groups Schedule:

Tuesday Study Group

More Of The Same

  • Jan 02 - Applying The Spiritual Love To Reality
  • Feb 06 - Gaining An Understanding Of The Fear That Holds You Back
  • Mar 06 - Creating An Impact Into Existence Around You
  • Apr 03 - You, Too, Can Achieve Brilliance
  • May 01 - Guiding The Understanding Of The Essence Of Love
  • Jun 05 - Where Is God In All Of This?
  • Jul 03 - Expressing, Exploring, Being All That Is
  • Jul 24 - Moving To A Greater Manifestation Of Life Itself
  • Sep 04 - Removing All That Remains
  • Oct 02 - From Here, From There, Where Are We?
  • Nov 06 - Choosing The Next Format For Life’s Incarnation
  • Dec 04 - New Moment, New Movement, New Concept, Let’s Create

The 2018 Tuesday study group will explore the next movement of your own spirituality with a view to pique the interest of your mind, your body, your emotions and your spirit to allow a creation that is reflective of the totality of yourself in relation to all that exists around you.

Wednesday Study Group

A Passionate Exploration Of Expansion

  • Jan 03 - What Really Is Passion?
  • Feb 07 - Uncovering The Truth Behind Yourselves
  • Mar 07 - Figuring Out The Relationship Between Reality And Illusion
  • Apr 04 - Giving Your Mind Direction To Let Go
  • May 02 - Using Humor To Fuel Your Passion
  • Jun 06 - And You Thought This Was Going To Be Easy
  • Jul 04 - Reframing Your Life To Realize Your Journey
  • Jul 25 - Applying The Knowledge You Have Gained So Far
  • Sep 05 - Making A Choice To Love And Experiencing It
  • Oct 03 - Let The Good Times Roll
  • Nov 07 - Reawakening To The Brilliance And Joy Within The Selves
  • Dec 05 - Setting You On A Journey Of Love, Passion, Excitement And Enlightenment

The 2018 Wednesday study group will be a combination of many things, but will explore using passion, control, definition, judgment, love, joy, happiness – the fabric of what makes existence really, truly special. Come prepared to explore.

Thursday Study Group

Understanding The Interrelationship Of Cause And Effect From Spirituality And The Physical World

  • Jan 04 - Bringing About A Reframing Of The Understanding Of Life
  • Feb 01 - Making A Choice And Seeing Where It Goes
  • Mar 01 - Developing The Construct That Allows Spirit To Express Itself
  • Apr 05 - If The Mind Is The Tool, How Then Can It Be Used Effectively?
  • May 03 - Given The Limitations Of Time And Space, How Then Can You Truly Explore?
  • Jun 07 - Love, Appreciation – Interesting Concepts. What About Doing And Working?
  • Jul 05 - You Are What You Choose And You Choose What You Are
  • Jul 26 - Becoming The Adult To The Spiritual Child
  • Sep 06 - Expressing The Maturity Of Oneness Through The Immaturity Of The Mind
  • Oct 04 - Gaining Traction To Live A Life Of Comfort
  • Nov 01 - Creating The Goodwill That Will See You Through Hard Times
  • Dec 06 - Reframing A Spiritual Life To Love, Liberty And Choice

The 2018 Thursday study group will be an exploration of the ever-evolving experience of spirituality and how it relates to and impacts your reality.

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Additional Information

Study group calls take place on the first Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of every month. All study group calls begin at 7:00pm EST and last from 45-60 minutes. Sessions are conducted using the videoconference app ZOOM Meetings and participants can attend from anywhere in the world. A toll-free number is available for North America for those who are unable to attend over video.

Each study group is recorded and made available for download. Study group particpants receive each study group recording via email. You can expect to receive the evening's study group recording within 15-20 minutes of the session.

Payment is made one month in advance and is charged automatically to your credit card on the first of each month. Attendance costs $140 per study group per month. Please note, new students will be charged for two months of study groups, or $280 USD. Notice of cancellation due before the 15th of the month. All prices listed in US dollars.