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Monthly study groups are interactive, over-the-phone explorations moderated by The Wonders. Each study group is a year-long explorations and is unique and tailored to the participants’ questions and level of participation. Once you've joined a study group, you can explore with other participants, practice expressing yourself clearly, and learn in a nurturing, safe environment. Each session will explore the evening's topic and will be very interative, where audience members can question The Wonders on the topic being explored.

Once you've called the number below and registerd, you will be sent a conference number and PIN to call on the first Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of every month, depending on which study group you've registered for. At the end of each study group, we will send you a digital recording (download format only) of the session so that you can relisten to it wherever you go.

To register, please call 1-705-721-0238.

2017 Study Groups Schedule:

Tuesday Study Group

Creating A Spiritual Vision For The Next Three Years

  • Jan 03 - What Is Your Spirituality Now?
  • Jan 24 - Where Do You See Yourselves Moving Forward To
  • Mar 07 - If You Had A Choice, Would You Choose This?
  • Apr 04 - Given The Movement You Have, What Is Next?
  • May 02 - Is Spirituality So Hard?
  • Jun 06 - Love Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Friend – Really?
  • Jun 27 - If I Am, What Are You?
  • Aug 08 - Can This Really Change The World?
  • Sep 05 - Digging Into The Concepts Of Love
  • Oct 03 - Moving Forward By Leaps And Bounds
  • Nov 07 - Gaining A New Understanding Of What’s Left To Move To
  • Dec 05 - We’ve Given You Titles, Now Let’s Give You Direction

This will be an exploration of the very essence of your spirituality and a development of a vision that you will keep with you as you move towards the next three years into an expansion of yourselves as a human being, as a spiritual essence incarnated, and as an ego personality and mind.

Wednesday Study Group

This Is My Navel. This Is Our Navel. What’s Yours Doing Here?

  • Jan 04 - Reinforcing The Group Awareness
  • Jan 25 - Just Who Are You?
  • Mar 01 - Giving A New Understanding To Connection
  • Apr 05 - Past, Present And Future – All One
  • May 03 - Swimming With The Sharks. Isn’t This Fun?
  • Jun 07 - Giving The Gift Of Love To Each Other
  • Jun 28 - Expressing A New Brilliant Awareness
  • Aug 09 - Building The Glue That Keeps Everything Together
  • Sep 06 - Make A Choice To Live And Share
  • Oct 04 - Reinforcing The Expression Of Your Own Spirituality
  • Nov 01 - All For One And One For All – A New Version Of The Fourth Defining Statement
  • Dec 06 - Moving Forward With An Expanded Spiritual Consciousness

You will explore, if you choose, moving this consciousness not just in expansion of each other, but to bring about a shift of spirituality within yourselves and all that surrounds you so that your love as a group consciousness can begin to express itself more clearly with all those you would meet and interact with. And the choice will be: who do you meet and who do you interact with?

Thursday Study Group

Setting The Stage For Living With Spiritual Ease

  • Jan 05 - Reviewing Your Practical Lives Once Again
  • Jan 26 - What Principles Can You Live By?
  • Mar 02 - What Principles Can You Let Go Of?
  • Apr 06 - What Benefit Do You Look For Out Of Life?
  • May 04 - What Direction Do You Choose?
  • Jun 01 - Playing With Your Life
  • Jun 29 - Understanding The Connection Of Your Selves
  • Aug 10 - Moving Past The Simplicity Of Your Mind
  • Sep 07 - Creating An Opportunity For Your Own Growth
  • Oct 05 - Experiencing The Freedom Of No Judgment
  • Nov 02 - Setting The Example For Yourselves And Your Minds
  • Dec 07 - Anchoring The Movement That You Have Created

This will be an exploration of applying principles of loving experience to expansion and judgment to move towards removing the judgments of differences.

To Register, Please Call 1-705-721-0238

Membership is $140 USD per month*

Registration Information

Study group calls take place on the first Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of every month. All study group calls begin at 7:00 p.m. EST and consist of no more than one hour. Sessions are conducted using conference calling and participants can connect from anywhere in the world. We do have a toll-free number for North America.

Session recordings are only available as digital downloads via Dropbox (Dropbox account not required). You will receive the recording within 15-20 minutes of the session.

Membership payment is made one month in advance* and is charged automatically to your credit card on/around the first of every month. When registering for the first time, you will be charged for two months of study groups, or $280 USD. Notice of cancellation of your participation must be received by email before the 15th of the month prior to your monthly charge (e.g. May 15th for July payment). All payments are made in US dollars.