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I cried after my session I felt so many burdens taken from me

I cried after my session I felt so many burdens taken from me and the information I received was instantly relevant, usable, and most of all healing and bolstering to my peace.

Among the many gifts they gave me, one was the reason for my claustrophobia, which had affected me my whole life, it was connected to a past life where I had been put down a hole forcibly and had passed away from being stuck there, but not for many days in which the experience saturated and captured my consciousness so much, that it has been a fear that has affected me for a thousand incarnations.

I’ll be forever indebted to the Wonders for my unburdening and for the happiness and self-love I feel. Thank you so much.
- David G.

A marvelous, simple, yet powerful series

I’ve been loving The Wonders series on breathing and how it expands life. I purchased that a week or two ago and it’s really hit the spot for me. Thank you both for facilitating and contributing to that series. What a marvelous, simple yet powerful series that is!
- M.B.

Simply amazed by all the info I recieved

I just want to deeply thank you from the bottom of my heart for my private session. I'm so grateful and simply amazed by all the info that I recieved from The Wonders. Thanks for making this real...
- P.M.

Our business, relationship with others, and everything is getting better and better

We just want to express our deep gratitude for what you have done to help us.

Since the time we got access to Wonders' recordings and had a private session with Wonders, we've grown tremendously. Our business is getting better and better. Our relationship with others is getting better and better. Everything is getting better and better.

We will definitely continue to buy the recordings when we finish learning the recordings we've already bought. It's a great possibility that in the future we will buy most of the recordings.

Thanks again Rene and Wonders for what you have done for mankind.
- N.T. & N.F.

I was starting to realize that what I had found was what I was looking for all along

I remember when I first came across Réné and Maggie and The Wonders several years ago on News For The Soul radio. I remember the first thing I thought was, “They're from Barrie, Ontario, alright!” After reading/listening to so many other sources from all over the world, I was pretty excited to see that there was someone in Canada who was also channeling. I had heard some pretty amazing stuff from other sources so now I wanted to see what “The Wonders” are all about; 29th dimension, hmm, that’s a lot of dimensions.

Of course, at that time I thought I had heard it all. I had spent much of my youth searching for answers, books, drugs, teachings, all the channeling stuff I could find: Seth, Edgar Cayce, Bashar, Abraham, Tobias, etc. I looked North, East, South, and West for the key teachings, the sacred knowledge that would show me the way. Man, I spent some good solid time and energy looking for all the knowledge any aspiring “seeker” could find. And then Réné and Maggie come along with their weekly radio show with “The Wonders,” this gentle, loving voice that spoke in a way that almost sounded just like Réné. I recall thinking, “Hmm, this is weird.” I was used to all these New Ager type channels, with their fancy terms and strange voices. And now here comes the “Big Kahuna” from the 29th dimension and he sounds like Joe down the road. What!? This I gotta hear, because even in all my judgment at the time there was a recognition of something that was really special. I knew something was really going on here, but I wasn't on board just yet. I still had lots of issues to get through.

I remember listening to every show thinking, “Oh please, please Maggie ask this ask about the reptilians, ask about the Pyramids, time travel, aliens – yeah, more alien questions. Ask them how I am going to get to where I want to go. They said ‘choose?’ No, really, ask them again, I swear they said ‘Just choose.’”

I so desperately wanted the questions asked, but was getting bombarded with all this stuff about “I Am Sufficient” and “Choice,” etc., etc. I thought “Hey... this isn't about me, this is about the aliens, and the ascension to the next dimension, isn't it? I don't actually have to change… do I? Oh no, I do.”

I was starting to realize that what I had found was what I was looking for all along, and as much as I was over joyed on one level, I was not impressed that these 29th dimensional guys sounded pretty sure that if anything was going to happen to me it would be me choosing for myself to change my reality.

“And it's going to cost me how much to speak to these guys?” At the time I was pretty close to committing to a buying a house with my then girlfriend and looking at marriage shortly after. And now I find “The Wonders” and nobody around me understands what the hell any of this is all about. “Somebody help! Ok Jeff, pull it together, send Réné an email telling him how not impressed you are that this is going to cost me money – I mean, c’mon, what about me? You got some nerve charging this kind of money for the most amazing source of information in the world!”

Of course then I didn't realize what sufficiency was all about and I was just about to find out...
- Jeff S.

Would get another reading in a minute

Very touching, very moving experience. The Wonders touched on very intimate life experiences. Would get another reading in a minute. Thank you.
- Dee Dee Williamson

I have never experienced anything quite like it

Thank you very much for opening my eyes! A very accurate and opening session; I have never experienced anything quite like it.
- C. H.

You made my life tremendously easier

We are all ‘connected,’ and The Wonders bring this to one's attention in most wonderful ways thanks to Maggie & Réné’s channeling. I'd come back anytime for both of you made my life tremendously easier.
- Heike G.

If you really want to know the truth, ask The Wonders

If you really want to know the truth, ask The Wonders. Conscious choice can shift your existence. Enjoy.
- Judy

I could have spent hours talking, asking questions and learning from The Wonders

No one on this earth knows me as well as The Wonders. It proves to me that the spirit world is loving and wanting to help and guide us. I could have spent hours talking, asking questions and learning from The Wonders. Well worth the money.
- Anne C.

Insightful, informative and quite astounding

Insightful, informative and, for me, quite astounding; a true pleasure to experience.
- Robert D.

A very empowering experience

I thank you for this experience and opportunity to communicate with The Wonders. I found it a very empowering experience. You are both very warm, gentle people and I was drawn to you and your work.
- Celeste

I feel I have found another part of me

I feel I have found another part of me and it fills up the empty space I have always felt. It's made me feel good.
- Sharlee B.

Very honest and open

I think the session was very good. It was very honest and open - well worth the money. Please sit down and see what spirit has to offer.
- Harold B.

My reading was so insightful and profound

I just had a reading from the “Wonders.” My reading was so insightful and profound; I cannot believe how fantastic it was. Well worth the money!
- Diane M.

One can get amazing life changing insights

The Wonders are great to talk with. Just be and you won't regret it. One can get amazing life changing insights.
- Angela C.

It makes you realize that you are the executer of your own path

This experience was truly amazing! It makes you realize that you are the executer of your own path in life. The Wonders truly can tell you about the past, present and future with amazing accuracy. After the reading, I truly felt one with myself and more aware of the things around me.
- C. Chaisson

Bravo for The Wonders

In my personal experience with The Wonders, I found them to be of immense value and benefit. Wash away any doubt and allow their knowledge to move you in the right direction. I found them to be accurate, profound, yet gentle in their wisdom. Bravo for The Wonders.
- Chris M.

I’m well on my way to getting my life back

In October of 2005, I had my gallbladder removed. Since then, I encountered uncontrollable weight gain for no reason; over 8 lbs. a month. On top of that, my blood work was showing extremely low levels of hormones and hypothyroidism. This happened very suddenly and I was only 29 years old! For over 18 months, I went to various MDs, endocrinologists (in Canada and the United States), and naturopaths. I was put on thyroid medication which made me feel worse, told to reduce my HRT medication which made me go into adrenal crisis, and sure didn't get to the root of my sudden hypothyroidism and uncontrollable weight gain. I met with psychics and they too couldn't give me a straight answer on the cause of my new “illness” and how to reverse it. So now I was too weak to keep my job, over 100 lbs. heavier and basically told, “Sorry, but it's something you'll have to live with.”

I decided to have a reading with The Wonders.

Within 30 minutes, they gave me the exact root cause of the problem, how to fix it, what side effects to expect while fixing it, and the length of time it will take to regain balance. This was only 4 weeks ago. Since then, I've been following the protocol they've given me (even though my Doctor doesn't believe in it) and in just 4 weeks, my weight gain has stopped, my foggy head is gone, and I’m well on my way to getting my life back!

I wish I’d met them sooner!
- Caroline S.

Thank you for having the courage and determination to provide this remarkable service to the world

I have always enjoyed hiking. As far back as I can remember, this activity has provided me with a sense of peace and an opportunity to explore north, south, east, west, up, down-it never matters; whatever I choose in the moment is ideal. Even if I step in the vestiges from a thoroughbred horse apparently hiking ahead of me. I met Réné, Maggie, and The Wonders less than a year ago. Since then, the elusive peacefulness, which the years had taught me was unavailable outside of a hiking trail, has begun to transcend into all avenues of my life. Despite having studied with other channels since the late 1970's, I was convinced this was not achievable in my lifetime. Frustration and repetition were previously the norm. To Réné and Maggie: Thank you for having the courage and determination to provide this remarkable service to the world. To The Wonders: You have provided unending patience, guidance, and love. And I do most sincerely thank you.
- Rob B.

Spiritual food

Thank you so much for making these recordings that are so insightful, practical, and empowering. It's been like spiritual food for me this year.
- Mike

From the very first time I heard their words, things began to make sense

About two years ago, I met Réné, Maggie and the Wonders. I was lonely, somewhat depressed, unhappy with almost all of my relationships and unsatisfied with my job/career. I saw myself as a failure and judged myself so harshly for what I didn't become. I was a shell of a person, pretending and trying hard not to feel and let my feelings get to me. I knew something was wrong when with no job, no boyfriend and almost no responsibility, I did not want to get up and face each day. I'm not kidding. I would sleep for 14 hours a day! I felt like I had nothing to live for. Something was blocked and I knew it. This was when I started realizing I wanted more for myself. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to laugh a lot, feel the lightness and the passion in my existence. I wanted to wake up because I was excited to do something and not because I was scared half to death that I'd get fired, I'd go broke/bankrupt or someone would get mad at me. I wanted to know more, live more, worry less, to stop feeling so guilty, to stop denying my feelings and be all that I can be.

If some people are living the life of their dreams, then why am I not one of them?

Somewhere during that time, the Wonders words came to me through a friend. From the very first time I heard their words, things began to make sense.

But this whole deep trance channel thing was something I had to get used to. At that time I didn't believe that these activities existed, let alone be legitimate. I was not one to go around visiting psychics. This was the stuff outside my realm, things that “those other people” did. And yes, at first, some of the Wonders teachings were just down right unbelievable and triggered me so much. They still do. With an open mind, I observed their concepts in my life and in those around me. I continue to observe. I observe why I fear what they say and how I resist.

I gave their teachings a chance and slowly applied their teachings in my own life to see what would happen.

Since meeting the Wonders, I have begun to find the loves of my life. I have opened myself up to a different kind of life. A full life. With each day, I find and do my passion. I have met and will marry my life partner. I have the relationship of my dreams. And most important of all, I continue to find myself and love myself. I am proud and content with my life, as it was then and as it is now. I appreciate myself for all the choices I have made and how each has led me to where I am now. What a life! I still like to sleep a lot, but now I wake up to a day that is filled mostly with activities and choices that satisfy me and yes, make me happy. I still have fears, yet I know things are different.

Five years ago, people would ask me where and what I want five years from now. I told them I wanted to be in love with everything, with myself, with my partner, with my work and everything in my life. I am. Thank you Réné, Maggie and the Wonders.
- Aileen

I am absolutely filled with glee to know that such a source of guidance and wisdom is available to all

Where does one begin to express the magnitude of loving guidance that has been provided to me by The Wonders through Réné and Maggie? To use the experience of being with The Wonders as a metaphor, my thirst for spiritual growth and knowledge has been quenched each and every time I have had a session. As well, the information provided in the sessions seems to carry on in my mind as an anchor for growth in between the sessions. For as long as I can remember, I have had questions about my existence and a deep desire for the answers. The difficulty of finding the answers that felt right was that I could only develop the answers within the limited framework of my mind (or perceived limitations). The Wonders were able to open doors to different perspectives and assist me in expanding my thinking and my feeling, and continue to do so. I've recently come to realize that the process of self-discovery and individual choice is the journey and it is why I exist, but I would certainly not feel sure about this realization without the wisdom given to me by The Wonders. I am absolutely filled with glee to know that such a source of guidance and wisdom is available to all. I thank The Wonders, Maggie and Réné for their love and sharing.
- Jolene E.

Changes in my life are evidence of the effects of their teachings

I am writing to you to let you know how much The Wonders and their message have affected my life. I am a member of one of the monthly study groups and have attended several workshops offered as well. Changes in my life are evidence of the effects of their teachings. From an expanded perspective, I have chosen to buy a condominium, which previously I felt that I could never afford or deserve to own. Increased abundance has also been evident in the increase of money that is now coming into my pocket. As well, I expect more to come in the future. Especially beneficial has been the last series of sessions. These ones have been interactive, allowing the members of our group to come face to face with our fears and overcome them. I am now dealing with a long-standing problem of weight control and have begun to lose weight with no desire to overeat. I also eat a more healthy and nutritious diet. I am now resolving a number of other personal issues that have overwhelmed me in the past and have limited my emotional and spiritual progress. Much more important to me is a greater appreciation of myself and what life has offered to me in the past, and will offer me in the future. I feel the message from The Wonders comes from the highest source available to mankind for this New Millennium. I have been studying metaphysics for the past 20 years and their message has had the most effect in my life than any I have encountered. I also want to express my thanks to you, Maggie and Réné, for your friendship, personal support and encouragement given to me since we met. You are beautiful and amazing individuals. Best yet, Réné gives the best hugs ever. These are for everybody and free for the asking. Maggie gives great hugs as well. All my thanks and love to you both.
- Bernice D.

The Wonders are a very special energy

I've experienced other trance channels over the years, but the sense of love and understanding about the personal “me” was truly amazing. The Wonders are a very special energy. I'm looking forward to continuing to connect with Réné, Maggie and The Wonders.
- Mardi Q.

My first experience in channeling

This is my first experience in channeling. I really enjoyed hearing someone speak of my direction in life as that of which I control and that life does not control me. I was given some strong insights of myself and present situations that I can use to create a more self directive and positive path of choices based on giving myself what I desire without having to worry about my choices adversely affecting loved ones. I truly thank you for what I believe will be the most personally valuable psychic reading I have received throughout the years.
- Terri Y.

My sincere thanks

I sat through a session being very skeptical and I asked the last question. The answer that I heard was my dying mother's last words. To my amazement, The Wonders, through Réné Gaudette, used my mother's exact words as used before her death (“Tell my family to stop crying”). My sincere thanks.
- Christine C.

An amazing healing had taken place

It was August 1st, 2000, when my husband noticed that our 5-year-old mare, Misty Blue, was laying down more than is usual for a horse. To make sure she was okay, he brought her into the barn so we could keep a close watch on her. She seemed to be acting normal, so later that night we put her out in the field with the others.

The next day she was still laying down a lot and sitting like a dog, which is very unnatural for a horse; so, once again, we brought her in. I called the veterinarian on the morning of August 3rd because I noticed that Misty Blue had not passed any manure throughout the night, also very unnatural. The Vet said she had a case of Colic (tummy ache) and put a mixture of mineral oil and warm water into her stomach by using a stomach tube. In most cases this does the trick, but by the next morning nothing had happened.

On August 4th, the vet informed us that there had to be a blockage in Misty Blue's bowel so he repeated the procedure twice that day adding pain medication as she was showing signs of discomfort and stress. The next day, August 5th, the treatment was repeated – still, nothing passed. Monday, August 7th, the Vet once again repeated the treatment in the morning and by suppertime, she still had not had a bowel movement. This is a very long time for any person or animal to have to suffer. We discussed putting her down, as it was hard watching her going downhill.

This was very stressful and upsetting for all of us, but the Monday study group with Maggie, Réné and The Wonders was that night, so any decision would have to wait until the next day. During the study group, I could not think about anything else. Toward the end of the question and answer session, I asked The Wonders if my sick horse would live or die. The answer shocked me when they said, “She will surely die without intervention.” I then asked if they meant that she would die without surgery and they replied, “No,” that with my permission they could be of assistance. Of course I said yes!

With that, The Wonders began to do a healing through Réné. I don't know how, but Réné vibrates and hums, making sounds that you can feel going right through your whole body. It was an emotional experience for me that I cannot put into words.

An amazing healing had taken place; and in the morning, I was delighted to see many, many piles of evidence that The Wonders had helped to produce. Misty Blue was back to normal and has been fine ever since.

My husband and I are very grateful to The Wonders for their gift to us.
- Frankie A.

I noticed immediate symptom relief

In April 2000, while visiting with my Aunt, I was exposed to several tapes of The Wonders including, “Beyond Degrees of Benefit,” and “A Discussion Of The Nazarene,” which significantly impacted my well being. Experiencing the symptoms of Arthritis and Lupus, I was taking heavy doses of prescribed medications to alleviate the pain and overall malaise.

Feeling that I had nothing to lose, I decided to attempt to utilize the healing messages imbedded in the tapes to increase my comfort level. To my surprise, I noticed immediate symptom relief. It has been four months since I have taken my anti-inflammatory, and, although not completely symptom free, I now use the tapes as pain management and hope to have increased benefits over time. I am delighted that I am not saturating my body with toxic chemicals and feel that alternative forms of healing have a positive place in patient care and overall homeostasis.
- R. Amlin

Thank you for an enjoyable session

Thank you for an enjoyable session. I was pleased to note similarities to past readings, therefore creating a further of authenticity.
- M. D.

Thanks to The Wonders, my daughter's attitude toward her brother changed

Thanks to The Wonders, my daughter's attitude toward her brother changed. Instead of having an antagonistic relationship, they're now having a loving and understanding relationship because she now understands from where this relationship is coming. She appreciated this knowledge very much.
- Rachel B.

Thank you so much for this gift

I had a session with you and it opened my heart and made me more consciously aware of who I am. Thank you so much for this gift.
- Marilyn D.

I could have sat there all day and asked questions

This was truly a magnificent gift to see in action. I was amazed at the genuine answers. I could have sat there all day and asked questions.
- Sonja S.

Thank you

Watching Réné work, I felt that he had the ability to move from the physical to the spiritual plane very easily. During my session with him, I felt he truly was in touch with spiritual entities and told me things that I always knew. To have these things confirmed and clarified was amazing. Thank you!
- Jerome D.

Outside of my comfort zone, in all my vulnerability

Just wanted to let you know that last Tuesday, my Mom passed away.

At her service today, I stood up front and read my tribute to her.

I am not so sure that had I not met you both and chosen to expand my awareness with The Wonders and you both, that I would have chosen to get up there way outside of my comfort zone, in all my vulnerability and express my love from my heart through the words that I wrote.

It was easy and hard at the same time, if you know what I mean…Thank you for everything that you do and for helping me realize and grasp my own power.

I love you both very much.
- Jen


You will be inspired, you will be challenged and you will grow

“I have a consulting practice which has evolved over the years into a much more diversified and dynamic business thanks to The Wonders. Through personal sessions, study groups and retreats with the Wonders I have found the confidence to explore new areas of business that I would not have otherwise have explored. They have taught me go for what I want even if I thought I wasn't capable of it. They have inspired me to reach beyond my current horizons to areas of business that I am more interested in and passionate about, and they have taught me to get out of my own way and let new business come. Your business is always a reflection of who you perceive yourself to be and, thanks to the Wonders, my business has expanded along with my own sense of self. I encourage anyone who is serious about expanding their business or even starting a new business to begin a dialogue with the Wonders. You will be inspired, you will be challenged and you will grow. No doubt about it.”
- John Lerner, Principal of Ecolibrio

In business, they are an immense help in seeing opportunities, clearing the clutter and getting to the point

“Our business has benefitted significantly from insights and advice when faced with difficult choices and to help us grow. Even the decision to begin the business over 10 years ago was informed using insights gained from The Wonders. Réné himself has been instrumental in providing personal guidance and helping me to see what I was missing, sometimes with those blinding flashes of the obvious. Réné and The Wonders are a terrific resource for personal and spiritual growth and, in business, they are an immense help in seeing opportunities, clearing the clutter and getting to the point of making good business choices.”
-James Reyes-Picknell, President and Co-Founder

I have yet to see anyone surpass the insights provided by Réné Gaudette and his ‘assistants’ The Wonders

“A long time ago, Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting, said that marketing and innovation produce results and that all the rest are costs. As far as I am concerned, the key in business as in all areas in life is the level of clarity one can reach about one's self, the world we live in and what human nature is all about. In that regard, I have yet to see anyone surpass the insights provided by Réné Gaudette and his ‘assistants’ The Wonders.”
- Frédéric Deraemaeker, Founder & Managing Principal, Eligo Creative I.T. Solutions, Luxembourg

Am I fearful? Usually. Does that stop me? Not anymore.

“Other than suggesting that I increase my billing rates, I can’t detail the Wonders’ impact on my business success. They are brilliant enough to know that if I could identify, analyze, and chart the impact of their words with the results in my life, I would do just that, undoubtedly get in my own way, and probably miss opportunities. I attend The Wonders’ retreats, and while they push the accelerator, I keep my foot off the brakes and enjoy the ride. Business opportunities present themselves frequently. Am I fearful? Usually. Does that stop me? Not anymore.

Woody Allen humorously said, “eighty percent of success is just showing up”. Now, I believe that to be true. So show up at The Wonders’ retreats, workshops, study groups, or sessions, let them do the heavy lifting, and enjoy the ride!”
- Rob, CEO & Managing Director


I moved through my need and addiction to getting attention from others

This retreat was a Masterclass and a hands-on experiential workshop on self-empowerment all in one. I moved through my need and addiction to getting attention from others which includes everyone and most especially my spouse, my addiction to emotional pain, my addiction to being needed, my addiction to fixing/rescuing and more. The retreat was a great opportunity to come face to face with the neediness, gain guidance as I supported myself through these difficult, needy moments when I wanted so badly to fall back into my patterns and addictions. It’s the softest and toughest and the most allowing, amazing kind of love I know. Thank you Rene and Maggie and Luke and Maggie for sharing yourselves, your home and your experiences with us. Thank you for supporting and providing all of us with this deep opportunity for growth. I look forward to more.
- Private Testimonial

I do walk out a different person

Every retreat, I do walk out a different person. The guidance coming from The Wonders and from Réné Gaudette are always applicable to the moment and to where you are at, no matter if you have been studying with The Wonders for no time or for a long time. Every retreat, every workshop, every interaction has served to strengthen and broaden my relationship with myself and others. The most recent retreat on Happiness provided me with a foundation where I shifted from feeling mostly miserable to mostly happy…and has opened me up to really feeling the joy of life. It provided me with a foundation from which I now feel safe to expand my love for myself and others…to share myself in life and really feel the joy in living.
- Angela

When you choose it, it will happen

When you choose it, it will happen. The second day after the 2014 retreat, I flew out to a construction meeting with a contractor and the Project Owner. During this trip, the contractor's project manager indicated he was looking for a job in my field.

After the trip, I called the contractor's project manager, asked if he would like to work together, he said yes, and the deal was complete. Easy. Total time from start to finish: 3-4 days. I now have a new branch office in another state, I have another employee who recently joined the firm, and a third on the radar.
- Rob

It does not get better than this

I’m amazed at the breakthroughs I had. The retreat helped me transform my life into one where I do relax more easily (I used to sweat excessively due to nervousness), I trust myself, and I make decisions with a confidence that those around me feel and seem to trust. All around, an amazing experience. I recommend it to anyone that’s interested in self-empowerment. It does not get better than this.
- Luke

Ripple effects in every nook and cranny of my life

This retreat has ripple effects in every nook and cranny of my life. Being there, I was able to watch things just fall into place in all areas of my life. After going, it’s impossible to forget my childhood dreams. They resurface uncontrollably. I got a reality check – I saw what I was capable of and how easy it is create it. Seriously, coming to this retreat was my first real step to living my dreams. I’m finally able to say no to those who dump their shit on me. I even walked away with a renewed sense of health. It’s kind of like coming to a place where you can learn to be Superman and not harm yourself in the process. All the red lights in my life suddenly turned green.

Oh, and I had my first flying dream during this retreat – I just jumped off a cliff and flew. Pretty damn cool.
- Maggie

I can take it from there to create the change I seek

Thank you Réné and Maggie for continually creating these opportunities for us to go inside and "turn the lights on". We just finished another terrific retreat filled with life changing tools built on everything the Wonders have taught us over the years. Hearing more of you and your experiences Réné, your own examples, perspectives and insights gleaned from your application of these very tools makes it possible to see how it works in "real" life. While the Wonders are amazing, Réné you are amazing at giving us the practical know-how when it comes to the messages The Wonders have shared with us throughout the years. It helps immensely to be shown simple yet powerful daily tools. I can take it from there to create the change I seek. Regardless of my pace, pattern or the rate I change at, I am grateful for the encouragement and love given at the retreat. Thank you so much Réné and Maggie.
- Aileen

It's often hard to find words to truly express my gratitude and appreciation

It's often hard to find words to truly express my gratitude and appreciation for everything you are, have done, are doing, and will do, so I'll just say thank you. Thank you for yet another amazing, brilliant retreat! Thank you for sharing all of yourself, always without reservation. Thank you for sharing your brilliant energy, your passion, your joy, your love, your awareness, this message, your guidance, your experience, your laughter, your light, your choices, your example, your everything, so we all can realize these self evident truths within ourselves. Having known you, Maggie and "The Wonders" and learned so much over the years, it's an absolute joy to see you up there shining so bright, doing what you do best. Sharing in the experience is just the icing on the cake. You are truly amazing, and thank you again for another brilliant retreat!
- Jeff

The growth I have experienced will be part of me forever

I love seeing people express their talents, so I loved seeing you share yourself with the group.

As far as I am concerned, this has been your best retreat so far.

I might not remember all the details of this experience, but one thing is certain: the feeling of it and the growth I have experienced will be part of me forever.

I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of great teachers in my life, and I can tell you that in my eyes, what makes you different is that you are not as much a teacher as you are a partner on our way to self-discovery and - let us dare say the words - true happiness.

I would also like to express a special thank you to the woman behind you, who does not say much, but who makes this whole experience possible and reminds me of the crucial importance of the women in our lives.

My deepest appreciation to both of you.
- Frédéric

Helping me to grow as a person

Allow me to thank you sincerely for this year's summer retreat. Once again, the event has brought out a full range of emotions and insights in the group, which are helping me to grow as a person. As always, you hold up a giant mirror to us that allows us to see ourselves more clearly and as hard as it is to look at sometimes, you do so with such love and sincerity that the message is always constructive and never more than we are able to handle.

One wonderful joy this year has also been listening to you, Réné, unfiltered by The Wonders, for as much as I love to listen to the wisdom of The Wonders, your own insights, humour and real life experiences have made our sessions all the more intense and relatable.

Thank you both for your brilliance and big hug to both of you.

P.S. It was great to have more of a chance to talk to you Maggie, this year. You are a beautiful and loving soul and you make the retreat experience even more joyful and brilliant. Thank you for your wonderful role in this experience.
- John

Slightly at the edge sometimes but I saw the LOVE

Although I listen to the Wonders on audio and that works for me, being on the retreat gave me more close human and The Wonders mix of perception, of living…My experiences were gentle and powerful. Slightly at the edge sometimes but I saw the LOVE. I gained from those moments. I am now choosing to prepare my house/home for sale after living here for 32 years… I look forward to attending another retreat…In the meantime, I will be in touch to speak with the Wonders.
- Joan

The value there is incredible

During the latest retreat, because I was not focusing much on the 'conscious' level, my wife would often ask me what we learned during a session, and I would tell her that I did not really recall any specifics, but it was really, really good.

I am not saying not to pay attention to what Réné is saying.

I am saying that there is a lot more happening during a retreat, and it is good that I am now able to observe this to a greater degree, because the value there is incredible.

I have often said half-jokingly that it is important to tour as many 'self-help' seminars as possible to find someone that could 'fix' us, not because that will happen, but because at some point, we will eventually realize that changing is up to us.

Saying it is up to us does not mean one cannot get help. And as far as I am concerned, one of the best sources of help one can get is from a retreat with Réné, Maggie and The Wonders.
- 2015 Retreat Participant

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