In 1999, The Wonders presented six defining statements that would define for humanity all of existence. Today, these statements form the basis of all of their teachings. The statements themselves are profound, simple, and serve as keys to open you to the notion that you are “brilliance incarnated.” We encourage you to print these statements, apply them, and share with others the growth you experience as a result.

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Existence Is But An Extension Of Yourself

Consider that our existence is more than that which we perceive through our five senses. That we are not limited beings even though, for the most part, we view our existence as limited to that which we perceive or have experienced. Instead, The Wonders invite us to explore the notion that we are, in fact, creators of our own existence and, as such, are not limited by either circumstance or by destiny through the first statement, “Existence Is But An Extension Of Yourself.”

I Am Sufficient

Consider that if we were to begin to observe ourselves from the perspective of the statement, “I Am Sufficient,” we would then open ourselves to the unlimitedness of that which we are.

I Am Limitless, My Choices Reflect My Limitlessness

Consider that that which we are is without limits, and that to say anything further is, in effect, to place limits on that which we are.

That Which You Are Is That Which I Am, That Which I Am Is That Which You Are

Consider our interconnectedness and the oneness of all of existence by means of observation. Observe the circumstances, decisions, choices, relationships and situations in one’s life, and the flow back and forth of all that exists within it.

That Which You Choose You Do So Out Of Joy

Consider that the joy we experience is a joy that expands the totality of existence. And the joy of choosing exists regardless of the result of the choice. Consider the joy that a choice is made.

All That I Am Is Love, All That You Are Is Love

Finally, consider a new understanding of what love is, an actual energy that encompasses all other forms of energy, such as electric and magnetic energy, and indeed permeates all of existence.

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