The comprehensive guide to everyday healthy living as given by The Wonders

If you could be given the step-by-step guide to supporting your health, what would it look like?

Based on this question asked of The Wonders, the health protocol was first presented.

In 1998, The Wonders began to share their perspectives on health, the state of our food and water systems, as well as the vitamins, supplements, and dietary suggestions best suited to sustain the physical body. Since then, hundreds of individuals have integrated the health protocol into their own lives.

This free booklet gives you a comprehensive guide to the Health Protocol by The Wonders. Though it does not include exact dosages of vitamins and supplements, we hope it leaves you with an understanding of how easy it is to experience health. We encourage you to apply it and experience the changes for yourself.

To receive a tailored health protocol from The Wonders with exact supplement, diet, and exercise suggestions for your body, please schedule a private session.

A Testimonial

“In October of 2005, I had my gallbladder removed. Since then, I encountered uncontrollable weight gain for no reason; over 8 lbs. a month. On top of that, my blood work was showing extremely low levels of hormones and hypothyroidism. This happened very suddenly and I was only 29 years old! For over 18 months, I went to various MDs, endocrinologists (in Canada and the United States), and naturopaths. I was put on thyroid medication which made me feel worse, told to reduce my HRT medication which made me go into adrenal crisis, and sure didn’t get to the root of my sudden hypothyroidism and uncontrollable weight gain. I met with psychics and they too couldn’t give me a straight answer on the cause of my new “illness” and how to reverse it. So now I was too weak to keep my job, over 100 lbs. heavier and basically told, “Sorry, but it’s something you’ll have to live with.”

I decided to have a reading with The Wonders.

Within 30 minutes, they gave me the exact root cause of the problem, how to fix it, what side effects to expect while fixing it, and the length of time it will take to regain balance. This was only 4 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been following the protocol they’ve given me (even though my Doctor doesn’t believe in it) and in just 4 weeks, my weight gain has stopped, my foggy head is gone, and I’m well on my way to getting my life back!

I wish I’d met them sooner!”
- Caroline S.

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