The illusion of responsibility

“From the time you’re born to the time you die, you are told that you must be responsible. That in order to ‘grow up,’ you must be willing to accept more responsibility. And, of course, the more responsibility you take on, the more you’re told that you’re grown up.

As a child, you can’t wait to accept the responsibility to grow up.

As you grow up, then you take on more responsibility in order to become more grown.

And finally, when you get into your latter years of existence is when you begin to realize that the acceptance of responsibility was sheer poppycock, and you begin to divest yourself of it.

Finally, when you suffer from Alzheimer’s, you let go of all responsibility. And you take on this particular perspective of Alzheimer’s in order to get rid of the responsibility in your existence.

So in truth, dear friends, you make responsibility that which is necessary to grow up.”

– The Wonders


Transcribed from What Does It Take To Grow Up? workshop event. Download the complete audio recording here.


On incarnating into this life

“Why would I choose this family?

Why would I choose this environment?

Why would I choose these particular friends, brother, sister, mother, father?

Why would these choices be made? Why would I choose only to be this way, talented in this manner, not talented in that manner? Why would I make these choices?

The choices that you chose were designed to provide you with an environment to move you through the process that you had chosen to move through. As a soul essence, when you came into this existence, you chose as a soul essence to experience an experience of existence in a certain form, in a certain manner.

Often times, the majority of individuals look to experience an experience of existence that in broad terms can be described as loving themselves. This is in broad terms. The specifics of that are the choices that are made once you incarnate.

Most of you would ask, why would I choose this mother and father? Or, why would my mother and father choose me? And the answer is because your parents provide you with an opportunity to explore an element of self love through their own filters. It is like choosing the filter that you will place before your eyes so that what you see will automatically be filtered. And then, dear friends, you will have the opportunity to attempt to remove the filter to see with clarity.


The key here is to recognize that there are a number of filters, each filter wisely chosen by yourselves, to obfuscate your experience sufficiently to move you to choose.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from live workshop event. Download the full audio recording here.


Finding your soul mate

“At the end of the day, isn’t it nicer to have someone to share your life with?

To explore the exploration of existence with?

To discover new things with?

To help you uncover new psychologies and belief structures?

To support you as you yourself choose to move through your own illusions, your own fears?

And so, the key here is to ask yourself what individual or type of individual would give you that benefit?

You may find that more than one individual can do this for you and one cannot do it all. Some individuals surround themselves with a variety of people, each one providing a function to the greater whole.

You may find that one is sufficient, and why would you need others?

But again, it is your individual choice. It is for you to choose your existence and how you choose to create it.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from workshop with The Wonders. Download full audio recording of Finding The Soul Mate – Is It Real? here.


The feminine energy of the universe

“In actual fact, in the universe itself, the basis of all of existence has a slight preponderance for femininity. And we do mean slight.

But this slight preponderance creates within all of existence, within every race, within every species – not just humanity, we assure you – a slight preponderance for additional females over males.

And the resultant is that if you were to observe the birthing rate of virtually every species in the universe, not all but virtually all, you would realize that more females are created than males.

This is, by its own definition, an extension of universal energy. This occurs in order to bring about to the movement through the flow of incarnated beings an awareness of ease, of allowance, of nurturing, of gentleness that would not exist otherwise. It is to bring to your awareness, in fact, the awareness that the universe is a universe that allows, not a universe that forces, that pushes.

And so, if you extrapolate that whole concept into what you now have in your existence, you will realize that though there is a lot of females that are born in your world, that humanity’s energy, as a whole, is becoming more and more masculine energy as there is less and less appreciation of the feminine.”

– The Wonders


This excerpt was transcribed from a session with The Wonders. Purchase the full audio recording here.


On global warming

“It isn’t caused by mankind, but it is being contributed by the industrial revolution that you’re in presently.

This is not something that is occurring in the last 20 or 30 years, though a lot of your scientists would have you believe this. Global warming is something that has been going on for, quite simply, millions of years. That the earth itself is shifting, yes. That the crust is thinning on the earth, true. That the sun is, in itself, becoming more stronger, yes, agreed.

But in addition to all of this, what you have is that you do have a contributing factor from mankind. Yes, there is a great deal of pollution that’s being created by humankind. As a result of the industrial revolution, there’s a great deal of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, other pollutants that are forming in the atmosphere.

But in addition to that, as we said, the earth’s crust is thinning and as a result, you’re having a few more volcanic eruptions. You’re having a number of other factors that are creating a particulate field in the atmosphere that is contributing substantially to the warming of the planet itself. And it’s this particulate field that is in effect reflecting the sun’s rays back to the earth and as a result creating that green house effect.”

– The Wonders


Comment from Various Questions Now Answered audio series.