Each of us has a different way of exploring

“Virtually every human on the planet is experiencing existence from a different perspective, each one unique to themselves.

Though there’s similarities, each one is unique.

Some look to experience only on the basis of that which they can define within their boundaries and limitations. Some use need. Some use constructs and ideas. Some use thought. Some use feelings. And some use sense of being, sense of self, some use exploration, some use fear. You see?

Every individual has a different way of exploring…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast 071017: The Thirst For Life


Living a life of mediocrity vs. brilliance

“Some individuals choose less. And some individuals choose more.

Not everyone wants to find out who they are. Not everyone wants to discover the brilliance that’s within them. Not everyone wants to discover that they have hidden talents and abilities that they never truly understood. Not everyone wants to change their lives in a way that would give them a sense of instability. You see?

Not everyone is happy with a rocky boat. Some people like a non-rocky boat. Not everyone sees a benefit in the process of change where the stability is now becoming unstable, security becomes insecurity, and life leads them to limitless choices. You see? Not everyone’s happy with that.

There are many, many people in the human race who are content to allow themselves to remain as they are and this is why they keep reincarnating over and over and over again, because they choose this contentment of experience that says that they limit their exploration, limit their choices, limit their experience, and are content with the limitation in order to not choose beyond themselves, not choose their brilliance.

So when we ourselves, and you through your own efforts, present people with an opportunity to really explore that self brilliance, that part of themselves that says, hey I’m more than what I thought I was, yes I can choose more, yes I can become brilliant, their minds judge that concept. Judges it as something unachievable, unattainable, something too far out there, something too weird, and for many, something that they fear. You see?

And the resultant is of course they never choose to come to these experiences, do they?

And that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with these individuals, that is their choice. As we said, individuals of this nature, the soul essences will continue to reincarnate with the perspective of seeing if free will and free choice can lead eventually out of that box of mediocrity into that box of brilliance. You see?”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast 071017: The Thirst For Life


Choice creates movement

“Choice. It’s an amazing thing. It creates and it destroys. But whether it creates or whether it destroys, the one thing that is constant is movement, for without choice there is no movement.

It is choice that moves in one direction or another. It is choice that allows the universe to shift, to alter, to expand, or to contract, to define, to judge.

So when you look at yourselves and you see yourself in a position of struggle or a position of judgment or fear or expansion or love or appreciation, understand and realize that it is choice that led you there. You had to choose in order to create that movement.

Now, your mind would like to sit there and try to figure out which choice was it that created this movement. And it is not one specific choice. When we say choice, we’re not saying one choice, we’re saying choice. So it isn’t that there is a specificity to the choice. It is that choice, in its amalgamation, in its considerable totality, is what creates that movement, sustains it…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 1208: The Necessity Of Choice To Movement


Why are some better at expressing their feelings?

“Why is it that some people are ‘so good at controlling their feelings’ and others are ‘so good at expressing their feelings’?

Because the mind itself controls the emotional aspect of the body. Now, emotions themselves are the subject of a totally new workshop. We assure you. However, for purposes of this particular workshop, let us provide you with this perspective. That emotions themselves reside in the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious portion of the mind but they can be controlled by the conscious portion of the mind quite easily.

Therefore, it isn’t that emotions themselves reside outside of the mind and are controlled by the mind, it is that they reside within the mind and are controlled by the mind. The mind creates a perspective of emotion from within itself and therefore, emotion itself by its very definition is in effect the ability to manifest, emote. Manifest.

The mind takes a thought, and manifests that thought within the physical body, within the emotional body, and within the mental body. And as a result it is perceived as an emotion.

An emotive reaction itself is very controllable by the mind, we assure you. The mind, through the conscious, can easily control the emotive reaction. And as a result, therefore, the mind is in control.

View it from this perspective. Individuals finding themselves in circumstances that create panic within themselves, often times viewed as panic attacks, they find themselves unable to control their reaction.

It isn’t that they are unable to. It is that they’ve chosen not to.

The mind itself has not been given the direction to control that particular physical, mental, and emotional reaction at that particular point in time. As a result, therefore, they perceive that which they describe as panic attacks. And we assure you, they are very real for the individual.

But the individual that is in command of the mind can simply choose to alter the reaction. The body will not react in a panicked way. There may be an awareness of circumstance, of fear, of a great deal of fear, but we assure you the awareness does not translate into a reaction within the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

As a result, therefore, the mind can control this. The mind creates the panic attack. The mind can also uncreate it. It is the mind that creates panic attacks for it is a mind that is allowed to reflect upon itself without direction that moves the totality of the self to the perspective of panic.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 169: Understanding The Mind


Repetition dulls the senses

“When you’re in the moment, all your senses are present. Your mind, your sense of self, your sense of feeling, your sense of physicality, your sense of spirituality, it’s all there isn’t it?

But when you’re repeating something, you don’t need to pay as much attention. The feelings are not exactly the same anymore are they? And your mind doesn’t have to concern itself with the moment, does it?”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast 061129: Changing Fear