I refuse to grow up

“When you come into this world and you’re a child, the first thing your parents say is grow.

Change. You must grow. You must grow up. You must grow old. You must become more mature. You must make different choices. You must grow to make better choices.

Everything is based on judgment, and so growth is based on judgment. And so therefore you are encouraged – not just encouraged, you are virtually pushed – into growth.

No wonder you don’t like growth!”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from our latest podcast episode, Why Can’t I Grow Up? (031218)

What is insufficiency really?

“Insufficiency is based on the mind’s judgment of the foundation of yourself, that which you are. And the mind, in its own perspective of itself, has measured itself against that which you are and found itself lacking.

It says, ‘I am not that which you are, and therefore I am insufficient,’ and therefore creates that perspective of insufficiency within yourself that holds it and maintains it.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from our latest podcast episode, I Still Feel Insufficient (261118).


Who you are does not change

“That which you are, the underlying reality of yourself, we assure you cannot change for the underlying reality is complete and whole. It lacks nothing. It is that which it is. And as such therefore, it is sufficient.

It’s the equivalent of being the foundation of a home. Regardless of what you see above ground, that which is below ground remains that same. You can change the siding, you can change the roof, you can change the windows, you can change the shape of the house, but the foundation remains the same.

That which you are is the foundation of everything that you perceive yourself to be.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from our latest podcast episode, I Still Feel Insufficient (261118).