The beginning of mankind

Comment from 170-1-99 And In The Beginning…

“Mankind itself was seeded on this particular planet. It was seeded by a fourth dimensional entity or consciousness that in effect seeded life force on this particular planet in order to observe the evolutionary process.

It did so because from its perspective, it had moved beyond the perspective of evolution and as a result therefore, in order to understand itself, moved in this particular direction.”

– The Wonders


What is love energy?

Excerpt from 295-1-01 Love Energy: That Which Binds.

“Throughout the universe, there is an energy that holds all things together. An energy that allows movement, that allows for growth, that allows for change and alteration.

It is an energy of replication, an energy of doing, an energy of being. It is an energy of construction, an energy of destruction. It is an energy of allowance. […]

This energy, dear friends, has often been viewed by individuals and defined by certain individuals, scientists, religious perspectives as God/Goddess/The All That Is, as prana, as mana, as qi, and ki.

In other words, has been defined in a number of different directions.

It is an energy that often times can be observed and appreciated, yet even though observed and appreciated, can never be measured.”

– The Wonders


Do I have to age?

Excerpt from 282-5-01 Getting Old.

“To move yourselves away from getting old, you must be willing to appreciate that you are energy.

As long as you see yourselves only as physical beings, as long as you judge yourselves only as physical beings, then you will age, we assure you.”

– The Wonders


The Meaning of “Greetings”

Excerpt from A Beginning Exploration Of The Concept Of Vulnerability.

“The word ‘greetings’ in and of itself will open you to an awareness of yourself far beyond that which you’re willing to experience to this point.

It is an energy of direction, of expansion, of movement that in and of itself cannot be ignored.

If each and every one of you would choose to greet yourselves on a daily basis, you would discover for yourselves the extent to which you are truly vulnerable.”

– The Wonders


Imagination creates reality

Comment from How Creation Affects All Of Reality.

“A key component of reality is desire. Desire fuels imagination. And for those of you who have listened to previous recordings that we’ve completed, imagination is a creator. Imagination creates.

Once the imagination is fueled by desire, it begins to create.

Now, true. Choice must be made in order to manifest the creation. But the aspect of creative energy alone comes from imagination. As a result, therefore, imagination creates.”

– The Wonders