Why did I choose this life?

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“Most individuals, when they view themselves later in their existence and they review the fact that they’ve been birthed, ask themselves why they make these choices.

Why would I choose this family?

Why would I choose this environment?

Why would I choose these particular friends, this brother, sister, mother, father?

Why would these choices be made? Why would I choose only to be this way, talented in this manner, not talented in that manner?

Why would I make these choices? And that’s a good question.

The answer is quite simple. The answer is because that’s what you wanted to do.

The choices you chose were designed to provide you with an environment to move you through the process that you had chosen to move through.”

– The Wonders


Do you reincarnate with your previous personality?

Comment from The Interconnection Of People At The Moment Of Birth.

“At the moment of birth, is there, as part of the consciousness-created ego, a continuity of personality? No.

Is there a continuity of awareness? Yes.

Which is why often times individuals from the moment of birth seem to be of a certain form of personality. They seem to have a certain expression. They seem, to the judgment of the parents and the family around them, they seem to have an expression different from others.”

– The Wonders


A comment on suicide

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“That you would choose to take your life is simply a reflection of your perception of yourself that you are so totally powerless that all you have left, the only choice left for you to take your power back, is to take your own life.

And really, if you view it from the perspective of that which we are, to move yourself to that point that you are so contracted, so reduced, that all you perceive within yourself is that one act as the only act left for you to choose to take your power back is, from our perspective, to see you truly limiting and lacking within yourself.

We assure you that under no circumstances, none, is that the only choice left. None.

Not even if you were suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Not even if you were suffering from multiple sclerosis. Not even if you were to be held in a jail and tortured is that your only choice. It may be one of many choices, but it is never your only choice. Do you see the point?”

– The Wonders


I can’t feel my passion anymore

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“Individuals on the whole are usually afraid. They’re so afraid of trying something new, they’re so afraid of trying something different in case they lose.

But look at it this way. That’s a great way to contract your existence so that you never take a chance, you never try unless it’s an absolute certainty. And when is everything an absolute certainty? Never.

So people never take a chance, which is why they contract themselves to the point where they go into a job, work for somebody else, 9-5, 7-9 whatever it is. They work hard, take home their paycheck, and then they live the life of mediocrity, and they wonder why they’re passionless. They wonder why they don’t have any desire for anything more.

It’s because they’ve so contracted their existence they can’t feel their passion anymore… it’s because they’re so afraid of losing.

We can assure you of this: if you fear losing, you will never get what you’re looking for. The abundance, the wealth, the success, the environment, the relationship, everything that you want you must be willing to first choose it, and in choosing it, you must be willing to also lose it.

Why fear loss? Loss just means it’s not there for now and it’ll come back again.”

– The Wonders


Why we choose to experience disease

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“You don’t preplan your disease, you don’t preplan your existence. What you do preplan is the opportunity for choice.

By that we mean quite simply, when you incarnate you choose the environment and the circumstances of your incarnation. For example, you choose your parents. So you choose some genetic structure, certain genetic backgrounds, certain history, for example. And because you choose your parents, of course, you also choose therefore their societal environment that they are in and the opportunities that that presents.

Why do you make that choice? Because it’s an opportunity to explore existence. Do you choose to explore it in a way that is expansive, or do you choose to explore it in a way that’s contractive? Each individual has the opportunity for choice.”

– The Wonders