The disempowerment of prayer

“When you choose to use prayer as a methodology to achieve that which you’re seeking to achieve, what you do is you give power to a methodology, a technique, that in effect moves you away from your ability to freely choose.


Because individuals who pray to something wait for that something to happen as opposed to choosing that something, choosing to create it in their existence, and as a result disempower themselves completely…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from our latest podcast episode On Prayer (140119)


What if I choose instead of pray?

“What if one individual who uses a methodology of prayer as a technique for achieving were to put as much energy into choice as they do into prayer? What do you think that individual’s existence would be like?

Do you think that it would not change, it would not grow, it would not shift?

Do you think that their existence would remain the same as it would be if they were to pray?

We assure you, dear friends, if you as individuals were to put 1/1000th of the energy into choice that you do into prayer, your existence would expand by a factor 10 to the power of 1,494.

Just that much choice would shift your existence.”

– The Wonders


Listen to this full podcast episode The Disempowerment Of Prayer (140119) here.


You are already brilliant but you don’t believe it

“You fail to acknowledge to yourselves that brilliance is not being perfect.

Brilliance is not knowing everything there is to know.

Brilliance is not being able to choose without fear. It’s not about having no fear at all.

Brilliance isn’t really about not messing up.

You’ve yet to go within yourselves and realize, without your mind and its judgments and justifications, realize for yourselves what brilliance is.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from our recently complete 2018 Wednesday study group.



“Humanity right now is at a point where it is in effect allowing its own fears to overtake it.

These fears have always existed. People in general, specifically as well, have always been afraid of not having enough, of having things taken away. They’ve always been afraid of other things, other people, other places. They’ve always been afraid of being powerless, and having someone else with power over them.

They’ve resented, in addition to that, the circumstances that force them to subjugate themselves to someone else – to another company for example – in order to make a living and survive. So people are afraid of not surviving.

Sometimes they’re afraid of what they can’t understand. Viruses, such as the Zika virus for example.

And other times, they’re afraid simply because it satisfies them to be afraid. But it is something that everyone’s experiencing to one degree or another…”

– The Wonders


Listen to the full podcast entitled Living In A Fearful World (070119)