The space between particles

“In the cellular structure, in the atomic substructure of everything that you are, there is a consciousness that exists. That consciousness is what keeps your atoms moving together. It’s what keeps your cells together.

Now, that consciousness didn’t have to create a body. It could’ve chosen no body at all. But the consciousness that was seeded on the planet chose to infuse itself into the carbon-based atomic substructure that existed at the time and therefore created a body. You see? So really, it’s not that it’s a necessity.

In fact, your scientists are trying to discover the ‘God particle’ right now. They call it the Higgs boson particle. We assure you, what they’re going to discover is that they’re going to discover one particle and eventually they’ll discover more, and eventually they’ll discover that it’s the space between particles that holds the consciousness.”

– The Wonders


Rising above the ego

“Your minds and your egos have maintained themselves simply as the center of all things. They have forgotten, neglected the interrelationship that exists with all things. For, in their own simplicity, they see themselves as the all-important.

Now, can this be changed? Of course.

But it requires a willingness on your part to rise above the simplicity of your ego and your mind and therefore realize the constant, continuous connection of what you are to everything around you.”

– The Wonders


Comment from August’s Thursday Study Group.


What does it mean to get old?

“To each and every one of you, getting old means a reduction in your physical ability. If we were to ask each of you, individually and collectively, you would describe a reduction in your physical abilities, physical use.

Your bones would get weaker. Your joints get not as strong. Your musculature dissipates. Your skin loses its elasticity. Your hair loses its vibrancy. Some of you lose your hair altogether. And so each and every one of you has a perspective of getting old that is reflective of self-reduction.

So to you, your concepts, your psychologies, your belief structures on aging are what creates your reality. It is by your choices that you age. Now let’s be very practical here, dear friends. You make choices that result in your body reducing physically its ability, and this is what you call aging. And you see it as aging because your physical reduction is the equivalent to another’s.


And you convince yourself – because after all, when you look around you, everyone else is exactly the same – you convince yourself that this loss of physicality is aging; is getting old.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from the It’s Time To Age audio series.


Why do I react instead of choose consciously?

“The reason that reaction occurs in individuals is, quite simply, very simple. It’s because it’s the easiest thing to do.

You love to react. You enjoy it. It’s part of what makes you from your perspective, defines you from your own perspective. It’s that which you yourselves can choose to do without choosing to do it. In other words, it is an involuntary perspective. At least that’s what you think. And so reaction is quite easy.

If someone says to you, ‘You are the ugliest person in the world,’ you react.
If someone says to you, ‘You’re the nicest person in the world,’ you react.

Regardless of what the reaction is, regardless of what the intent is behind the reaction, the reaction occurs because there’s an unwillingness within yourselves to view your existence as a series of choices. And so you instead view it as a series of influences.

This affects you.
This influences you.
This moves you.
This changes you.
This alters you.
‘This’, ‘that’, and ‘that’ but certainly not yourself, not your own choices, not your own movements.

And so, as a result, then you look to and continue to define your existence on the basis of reactions.”

– The Wonders


Comment from The Effects Of Anger series, session entitled Reaction: Why Is It?


The fear of dying

“You have a choice. You can live in fear of dying. Or you could simply live life.

The resultant is, of course, you make choices that expand and extend life.

Those of you who fear dying will choose to place yourself in harm’s way. You will do this constantly, by the way. Those of you who live life to the fullest will simply place yourself in circumstances and situations that expand your life.

So the resultant is you won’t choose to consciously, unconsciously, or subconsciously harm yourself whereas others who choose to fear death will.”

– The Wonders


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