You’ve changed the world

“Any person can change the world.

You judge your changes that unless they have global impact, they are noticed by everybody in the world, then you haven’t changed anything.

Dear friends, by simply choosing to love yourselves, you’ve changed the world.”

– The Wonders


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What is perfection?

“Humans think that perfection exists. And so from that perspective then they create that which is to them the ultimate choice.

Everything about you is based on the ultimate, the absolute. You look around you and you say, ‘this is better than that, that’s the ultimate.’ Until you find something that is better and then you create that as the ultimate. Through judgment, through justification, you create for yourselves a perspective of that which can be achieved if every perspective of control was in absolute place. And so you call that perfection.

We would suggest to you dear friends that this is just the ultimate game of control. In effect, perfection is nothing more than a game that you play with yourselves that you will never achieve. If you come near it, you change the bar.

Because the universe is limitless – it has a limitless perspective – it allows you to change that definition of perfection so that it’s never achievable. And regardless of how you change, regardless of the choices you make, regardless of how you perceive yourselves, define yourselves, judge yourselves in fact, you will never achieve that which you yourselves have created as perfection.”

– The Wonders


Comment from What Will It Take To Be Perfect.


Distracting yourself

“You’re using your mind as a tool to mentally explore concepts that distract you from the knowing within yourself.”

– The Wonders


Where do my talents come from?

What occurs is that most individuals upon incarnation begin to judge their environment. They reflect on it, they judge it, they justify it. And so as a result, they begin to use the talents and abilities that would allow them to interact with the environment that they’ve judged, that they’ve perceived.

As a result, therefore, the extent of talents and abilities are limited to the environment in which you find yourselves in.

Each and every one of you has judged your environment to the degree to which you perceive that which surrounds you and you use the talents and abilities that exist within you to interact with that environment.

That you have more is true. That you could express yourselves differently is also true.

But as long as you choose to define your environment as you perceive it to be, your talents and abilities will be limited to that which will allow you to interact with that environment.

– The Wonders


Comment from Exploring The Incarnation Process audio series.


The Incarnation Process

The process of incarnation is simply one of extension. So soul essence reviews its awareness, reviews the known within itself, and chooses. What does it choose?

First, it chooses the direction. In other words, it wants to explore self appreciation, self love. The direction is a rather broad, general direction, we assure you. It is not as specific as you yourselves would determine for your own existence. It is a broad, general direction.

And from there, then, it chooses not so much the specifics, as you would anticipate. In other words, it doesn’t choose the color of skin, the color of eyes, the heights, the widths, the breadths of yourselves. It doesn’t choose specifically the parental definitions to the degree of specifics. It chooses the broad strokes.

How does it do this?

Soul essence has a perspective of energy different than what you’d perceive yourselves. Soul essence, in effect, perceives existence as an amalgamation of different perspectives of energy. And yes, your soul essence often times perceives it as a separation of energy. And within each energy is an opportunity – an opportunity to explore its own direction through its own choice. And the resultant is then that it views that energy as an opportunity to be chosen.

So when it chooses to incarnate, it doesn’t choose specifically the categories, the definitions, the specifics of the parents – for example, one black father, one white mother, both 5’7”, etc. In other words, it doesn’t choose the genetics, but it chooses the energy perspective of the parents. For example, the loving aspect. If the direction of soul essence is to explore self-appreciation, would that then provide the opportunity to explore self-appreciation?

– The Wonders


Comment from Exploring The Incarnation Process audio series.