What is the seventh chakra or chakra of interconnectedness?

Excerpt from 135-6-99 The Sixth And Seventh Chakras. Centers Of Advancement

“The seventh chakra is the chakra through which soul essence interconnects with physical creation; third-dimensional reality creation. As a result, therefore, the seventh chakra is the chakra of interconnectedness to all existence.

And we would suggest, however, that both the seventh and the sixth are necessary in order to recognize the pattern of interconnectedness of all existence and to recognize the energy flow of the existence.”

– The Wonders


What is the sixth chakra or chakra of expanded perception?

Excerpt from 135-6-99 The Sixth And Seventh Chakras. Centers Of Advancement

“The sixth chakra itself is the center of expanded perception.

Psychics, individuals such as this one, tarot card readers, palm readers, individuals that apply psychic ability within their existence, have an expansion of the energy moving through this particular chakra.

And to a degree, therefore, they allow themselves to use that ability in their existence. However, and this is key here, this does not mean that their chakras are operating at maximum, optimum vibrational pattern. Quite the contrary.

We assure you that not all psychics are vibrating at maximum, optimum vibrational pattern…”

– The Wonders


Announcing the 2019 Retreat

It seems that in the present world, there is much to fear.

The USA has elected a populist president, Donald Trump, intent on disrupting the status quo with the rest of the world.

There are allegations of superpowers China and Russia going after and killing anyone who dares to hold these regimes to account or to expose the moral corruption that exist within them.

There are terrorists intent on creating confusion and fear in any other part of the world not the same as them.

In the United States, you can’t go one day without reading about some kind of shooting. Often times, mass shootings.

There are mass shootings in countries previously thought untouchable by this type of event, the country of Canada being one example.

There are dangerous storms creating unpredictable damage to home and life. Even as I write this, there is a Category 4 hurricane barreling down on the Florida Panhandle.

People fear traveling by planes because they have crashed or been blown up out of the air.

Neighbors are afraid of each other. Governments are afraid of their populations.

So how can anyone live a conscious, loving life with all of this going on around them?

This is why The Wonders are presenting this retreat at a very timely moment when it is becoming more and more difficult to rise above our minds and egos and live a spiritual life, as opposed to sinking into the despair that we often times so wish to do.

Attend this retreat and get the guidance and support necessary to make informed and conscious choices to live. Uncover practical, pragmatic ways to live above everything and still hold your spiritual centre.

Here are the event details:

– January 19-25, 2019

– Mérida, Mexico

– 10 seats available


What is the fifth chakra or chakra of expression?

Excerpt from 135-5-99 The Fifth Chakra, Centre Of Expression


“In the throat area, there is another center of energy known as a chakra. We call this the fifth chakra, the center of expression.

Notice we said expression, not self-expression, for in truth it is an ability to express the self, and also express yourself, and from that perspective therefore it is viewed as the center of expression.

This particular chakra is an interesting one in that it was created not at the same time as the other chakras were created. For a period of time when humanity began, the fifth chakra did not exist. And from that perspective, therefore, it came into being when humanity recognized a certain methodology, a certain paradigm by which they could exist whereby expression of the self was a necessity. And from that perspective therefore, the fifth chakra was created.”

– The Wonders


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What is the fourth or heart chakra?

Excerpt from 135-4-99 The Fourth or Self-Love Chakra


“In the heart chakra, when there is a reduction, there is a reduction in the center of the tube which then forms, in effect, two cones – one facing forward, one facing backward.

And as a result, the center of the cone itself becomes so restricted that energy itself, though it moves, is blocked from moving freely.

As a result therefore, you find yourself with issues around self love, find yourselves in an existence whereby because of reduced energy flow, you cannot perceive yourself sufficiently to extend your existence in a loving fashion towards yourselves.”

– The Wonders


To hear this full session, purchase the full audio recording here. Listen to the complete The Chakras Series here.