Debunking spirituality

“The very first thing to do is stop thinking that spirit is this amazing, brilliant source of enlightenment that has no connection whatsoever to reality.


Your spirit is that quiet, constant, continuous encouragement that moves you to becoming more, moves you into experiences that yes, to your ego, are fearful, to your ego will be struggling, to your ego you will judge, and to your mind you will fear, but encourages you to go into those circumstances to then face the fear, realize it, know it for what it is, and remove from it that power you give it.

Each and every one of you is giving your power to something. Whether it be a concept, a construct, a life circumstance, something.

So, the point of this conversation will be to regain that power you’ve given away to some of these spiritual concepts to debunk the whole concept of spirituality to bring it into a real-world perspective that allows you to realize your real brilliance, not the one you imagine, not the one you think you can be, but the one you are.”

– The Wonders


Like attracts like

“There is a rule in the universe that like attracts like. If you appreciate yourself, another who appreciates themselves will come towards you.

The degree to which you appreciate yourself attracts another to the same degree to which they appreciate themselves. And now this is key here. Think of it. If you appreciate yourself 10 percent, you will attract another who appreciates themselves approximately 10 percent. But their 10 percent may be different than your 10 percent, but you would still be attracted.

Which is why two individuals so completely opposite can be attracted to each other. They are viewed as opposites but what it is, is that they are not opposites, they are very much alike, they simply appreciate an equivalent amount of themselves but a different equivalency. There is a certain level of commonality, yes, but there is also a level of non-commonality, or can be. And so appreciation takes on a new meaning.”

– The Wonders


Comment from How To Create: … A Loving Relationship.


Defining your life

“Take a look at your life. Take a look at what you’ve used to define your life. Even those of you who have talked about the intangible, the spiritual, the emotional, all of those to some degree or another have created aspects of fear in you.

They have in effect given your mind reason to judge, to justify, to move yourselves into a fear perspective such that you would then use it as a methodology, a technique, to control, contract, maintain the illusion of your life… of your existence.

But life, life is much more than that.”

– The Wonders


You’re all explorers

“You didn’t come here to do something. You came here to explore.

The simple purpose of your existence is to explore the experience of existence. That’s it. That’s what you came here to do.

How you choose to do it is based on your own choices, is based on your own judgments and limitations and acceptances, fears. But really, you came to explore.

You’re all explorers.

And yet, your perspectives of exploration are limited because you judge your past. And you judge it so completely that you make it real to yourself, and use that to anticipate a future that you now say to yourself is real which, really, it isn’t, and you forget about where you are in this moment.”

– The Wonders


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