The Role of Animals and Pets in Our Lives

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“Often times they are companions, friends, mirrors to yourselves, connections to other dimensions. They afford you an opportunity to expand, to explore, to gain a greater understanding of yourself.

Often times, they promote a sense of well-being, move you beyond the control aspects of the mind – not always, but sometimes they do – and most times they provide you with a sense of calmness because they’re not as uptight as you… most times.


Most individuals, when they see themselves, see themselves as simply physical human beings with five physical senses, and that’s the extent of it. They don’t see themselves as anything more than that. They don’t believe and perceive themselves as having soul essence, or as being a continuation or constancy that goes beyond just their existence.

But often times, when a pet comes into their lives, they feel a sense of connection, a sense of deja vú in some cases, a sense of having been with this animal before, and that opens them to the awareness that there are other dimensions of reality then, you see?”

– The Wonders


Have You Complicated Your Existence?

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“If it wasn’t for complications, your existence – you think – would be dull and boring. You don’t realize that if you spent less energy complicating your existence, you’d have so much more energy to simply explore.

Do realize, dear friends, you didn’t come here to do something. You came here to explore.

The simple purpose of your existence is to explore the experience of existence. That’s it. That’s what you came here to do.

How you choose to do it is based on your own choices, is based on your own judgments and limitations and acceptances and fears, but really, you came to explore. You’re all explorers.

And yet your perspectives of exploration are limited because you judge your past, and you judge it so completely that you make it real to yourself and use that to anticipate a future that you now say is real, which really, it isn’t, and you forget about where you are right now, in this moment.”

– The Wonders


You’re Here to Learn to Empower Yourself

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“The journey you’re on here, really, why you come here to experience all this experience of existence is really to learn to empower yourself. Take that power back.

When you were born, you started to give your power away through judgment. The moment you began judging, you started giving your power away. And you’ve been doing it all your life.

Why not take that power back to yourself? That doesn’t mean you have to stand on top of a mountain with your hands against your hips and yell to everybody, “I AM THE POWER!” You see?

It’s not about that. It’s about not allowing anything or anyone to choose for you. You choose. You create your own choice.”

– The Wonders


When Did I Start Living a Life of Fear?

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“You actually started living a life of fear shortly after you were born. What brought it about was basically the observation of the individuals around you also living a life of fear.

You observed your mother’s fear, you observed your father’s fear, and the family’s around you. Don’t minimize the observation abilities of an infant. Just because you were newborn, that doesn’t mean you didn’t observe others’ fear.

You had an active mind, you have a capable mind, and yes, the mind wasn’t able to effect conversation at that point within yourself. In other words, you weren’t able to have a conversation like you’re having right now with us, but we assure you, from the mind’s perspective, there was very much the awareness of fear and the choice to choose fear.”

– The Wonders


What are dreams?

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“Most dreams are simply a connection to your subconscious mind. So often times it is the conscious mind attempting to resolve the problems of the day, week, months, years through the subconscious portion of the mind.

Dreams allow you to explore without certain limits – without the limits of time, without the limits of space. Dreams allow you to move beyond the perspectives of limitations that you exist in presently and move into different perspectives of exploration. So majority of the times, that’s what dreams are all about.


Some individuals may be moving through a particular experience of anger; they use dreams to resolve the anger. Others through fear; they use dreams to resolve fear. Others joy; they use dreams to explore joy. So it’s just an opportunity for exploration.”

– The Wonders