Advice to new mothers

“First, as a young mother, choose to love an appreciate yourself. First and foremost.

If there is no appreciation of yourself, how can you give that to your child? How can you show your child to love and appreciate themselves, how can you allow them to grow and expand, if there is no appreciation of your own growth and expansion?

So the first key is not what you can do for your child but what you can do for yourself, and that’s first and foremost.

And once you’ve done that for yourself, then you will be able to observe in the child the desire to grow and expand and then nurture that.

Choose. Choose to let them choose. Choose to encourage them to grow.

Yes, as we did say, there is an element of guidance that takes place in the sense that you realize that the child, as they choose, you show them where it’s going because you have the ability of life experience to say, it’s moved in this direction.

That’s not to say it will always move in this direction, but it’s to say that this is where the choices that you’re perceiving the child making is going to take the child. And then part that awareness and part that wisdom, but don’t limit the child.

Choose to allow them to become self-sufficient, self-defining, and self-choosing, and you will find that if you set the guidance – call it a boundary at an early childhood – a boundary that is based on self-love, self-appreciation, guidance from a person who loves and appreciates themselves to allow the child to come to a point of choosing freely, then you will have a child who will grow and accept their brilliance and explore everything without limit and boundary. You see?”

– The Wonders


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