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A comment on Joe Biden

The next global empire

For those who do not want to vote

Will war be used to continue trade and commerce?

Capitalism and the American Empire Explained

Your journey is different than mine

Why do we choose racism?

Opportunities in the new normal

Will 5G technology harm humanity?

The soul of the United States

A pandemic or a contagion?

Economic impact to come after the shutdowns

Where did Covid-19 really come from?

How effective are face masks against Covid-19?

Why governments repeatedly use the word “pandemic”

How to stop overwhelm of hospital and medical establishments?

Where has our compassion gone?

When all is said and done

What makes the Coronavirus different?

Does society actually want slavery?

How does soul essence choose?

On the New Age movement

Anticipating, thinking, obsessing

Obsessing about the details of life

Is this really love?

Give yourself a gift

Final day to register

Expanding your definition of compassion

A new way to communicate

Do you use pity to satisfy your ego?

What does real compassion look like?

Announcing the 2020 Retreat

The energetic component of your choices

A new way to look at forgiveness

The impact of saying ‘I have enough’

What happens when we fear not having enough?

Why do people like and want to be told what to do?

Would a spiritual society have the death penalty?

Expressing a more loving aspect of yourself

Each of us has a different way of exploring

Living a life of mediocrity vs. brilliance

Choice creates movement

Why are some better at expressing their feelings?

Repetition dulls the senses

Why does Donald Trump and other narcissists like him attract a following?

Consider this before you say the words ‘I think’

I have too many things I never find time to do. Why?

Why do we constantly look for something new, different, more in our lives?

Why does reality seem boring?

Why is it easier to live in our thoughts than in reality?

On making others happy

Humanity will travel through the solar systems

What will happen if humanity doesn’t change?

Discrediting women in politics

Changing the direction of politics

A comment on the co-creation of reality

Do we ever stop reincarnating?

Feeling overwhelmed at work

Can the United States maintain its position of power?

Who created heaven and hell?

A new perspective on soulmates

What is the root cause of obsessive-compulsive tendencies?

The law of attraction explained

It’s okay to be different

How can we create world peace?

The incarnation process explained

Reality will accommodate your perspectives

Does soul essence ever cease to exist?

It’s always easier to harm another

The only instinct we all have

Observing the balance of love and fear

Better vs. Worse vs. Good enough

What happens when you say ‘I’m not good enough’

Why don’t I feel fulfilled?

Understanding your sexual energy

Your mind cannot grasp fully what reality is

What happens when you see yourself as NOT good enough

What is choice really?

Learn to appreciate who you are

Understanding the process of reintegration with soul essence that occurs after death

What is the point of spiritual exploration?

To empower yourself, forgive your mind

Why you resist the concept of free will

Fears take on many different forms

Your imagination is limited

The one thing no one can ever take away from you

This is what most people call love

Why do I experience fear?

Judging versus simply choosing in life

Why do we make others more important than ourselves?

A reminder on how to communicate

What is true vulnerability?

You fear knowing you are sufficient

You hide yourself from others

Why people stay in abusive relationships

Is it normal to be sexual?

Do I have an inner child inside of me?

Your existence is a series of choices

Why we depend on another’s guidance instead of our own

Why should I expand my belief structures?

The fear of choice

Advice to new mothers

The greatest love that exists

Train yourself to accept everything the universe has to offer

As long as you’re choosing

What does it mean to express yourself spiritually?

Your current definition of abundance

How can I command my existence instead of try to control it?

When humanity shifted from worshipping many gods to one

How do I stop playing the game of life?

Examining your inner child

In every moment of your existence, you are choosing

Why do I react?

Do you see yourself as lacking?

What happens when you step on an ant?

What do religions give humanity?

A reminder of your limitlessness

Why is existence so complicated?

To stop aging, realize you are more than a physical being

Why do all of us have to age?

To create anything, begin the process of observation

Why can’t I change my reality?

Remember that every moment of living is a moment of joy

How can I find peace in life?

Nothing and no one can harm you unless you choose to allow it

What are the benefits of spiritual exploration?

You are more

How fear manifests around your root chakra

How can I adjust my root chakra?

What are chakras?

Is money the root of all evil?

Wishing but never choosing money

Why have you not chosen money?

Why did people begin praying?

The disempowerment of prayer

What if I choose instead of pray?

Should I pray?

You are already brilliant but you don’t believe it


People want their fears validated

Fear is overtaking everything

Tell me I’m not crazy. Tell me I’m right.

How can I stop blaming others for feeling angry and upset?

It’s okay to be angry

How to deal with your anger

“You are making me angry”

How do I stop being angry?

Is it okay to be angry?

Why do we feel overwhelmed? Why are we always busy?

Why do I fear growth?

I refuse to grow up

Even if you feel insufficient

What is insufficiency really?

Who you are does not change

Realize there is no lack

Why do I feel insufficient?

5 days left

To alter the past

Creating in the dream state

Understanding the dream state

As interesting as past and future lifetimes are…

It’s not my fault. It must be karma.

We use karma to disempower ourselves

Why don’t I ever win the lottery?

In the right place at the right time

Choosing wealth

Living a Conscious Life in a World of Fear

Interconnected but not interrelated

The benefit of Halloween

Why can’t I change my life?

Extend your energy to communicate with others

How our society defines and teaches parenting

What is the seventh chakra or chakra of interconnectedness?

What is the sixth chakra or chakra of expanded perception?

Announcing the 2019 Retreat

What is the fifth chakra or chakra of expression?

What is the fourth or heart chakra?

What is the third or empowerment chakra?

What is the sensual/sexual chakra?

What is the root chakra?

What are chakras?

What does it mean to be different?

Fear, judgment, and anticipation

Without fear, you wouldn’t exist

Love is a difficult thing

The 4 ways to love

Appreciating your sexuality

You are not simply physical

An invitation

The mind’s perspectives are flawed

Understanding feminine desire

I still feel insufficient

You can, but you don’t choose to

What kind of a society do you want to create?

You don’t yet know yourself

Failure does not exist

Expanding your conscious mind

Exploring your connection to plants

Winning at all costs

The beginning of mankind

What is love energy?

Do I have to age?

The Meaning of “Greetings”

Imagination creates reality

The definition of reality

You’re choosing old limits

Guide your ego

Fear is a signpost

Your existence is not limited

Using control to accomplish

Remove your fears to expand the world

What lies beyond the how-to?

The subconscious link

On Parent-Child Relationships

Our current definition of love

Observing outside the self

Achieving at what cost?

In this life, what do you choose?

Your connection to all that surrounds you

Create from the heart

You have the talents and abilities

Fear is nothing but an illusion

Just make up your mind, will you?

Denying and setting aside sexuality

You can choose. Why not exercise it?

What is respect?

Why did I choose this life?

Do you reincarnate with your previous personality?

A comment on suicide

I can’t feel my passion anymore

Why we choose to experience disease

The experience you are here to experience

Can humanity move beyond its self-reduction?

What does it mean to be vulnerable?

What happens after death?

Love allows the good and the bad

How does soul choose the life I incarnate into?

What is addiction?

Exploring life with fear

You don’t need to become bigger and better to be limitless

But I Don’t Want to Reincarnate

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

You Have The Talents and Abilities to Explore Existence Completely

Why Life Just Seems to Pass You By

Fear is An Amazing Thing

What Does It Mean to Choose?

What Does Oneness Mean?

How Can I Be More Creative?

Living in a Consciousness of Fear

What can be done to dismantle nuclear weapons?

Do Vasectomies Limit Male Sexual Energy?

Sex vs. Sexual Energy

Is Our Consciousness Expanding or Contracting?

Say Yes

Who is Creating Crop Circles?

The Role of Animals and Pets in Our Lives

Have You Complicated Your Existence?

You’re Here to Learn to Empower Yourself

When Did I Start Living a Life of Fear?

What are dreams?

Why is so much importance given to the “thoughtless” state in spiritual growth?

Changing your life is not pretty or perfect

Does comparison limit our existence?

Why some win the lottery while others don’t

Why are human beings generally dissatisfied with whatever they have?

Find and follow your passion

Creating ease in your life

Dealing with fearful and negative people

Avoiding love creates fear

Disempower your fears

Your mind is an amazing tool. But…

Why can’t I choose?

What stops my creativity?

Your sufficiency cannot be lost

Techniques don’t work if you don’t choose

Choosing is easy

Do you want to grow spiritually? See the joy in everything you do

Choices are not limited to time

You are capable

Living in the moment

Allowing others their choices

Debunking spirituality

Like attracts like

How do you become conscious?

Defining your life

You’re all explorers

Growing Spiritually

What is boredom?

Why do we constantly look for something new and different in our lives?

See yourself as a cup

Moving beyond the fear of death

This is it

If only I had (fill in the blanks)

Being spiritually healthy

Fear is not what you thought

Searching for love

Fear limits your vulnerability

Want vs. choice

Being a true parent

Prayer vs. choice

Just choose something

Being responsible for others

Comment on the Radiance Technique®

The first fear you will experience

Consciousness and the mind

Where do nagging thoughts and intuitions come from?

Feeling lost, unfulfilled, and unhappy

A New Definition of Love

To love those around you

Searching for love and never finding it

Co-existing with your mind

Living a spiritual existence

Choose what’s right for you

The simplicity of living spiritually

A retreat with The Wonders

You are not as separate as you think

If only I chose

On judging others

One person can change all of humanity

Animals and the non-physical

How is time created?

Dreams are the bridge

Interpreting dreams


You can’t control the universe

Why the mind creates fear

Homosexuality exists in all species

How do you love yourself?

What is empowering the self?

Living your spirituality

Sharing the real you without fear

Apply less ego and less mind

What would you change?

Truly loving yourself

Fear is not what you thought it was

The fear of fear

You create anger from the moment you’re born

What is fear really?

Come up with your own definitions

Sharing that which you are without fear

Based on love

Waiting for your mind to get onboard

Communicating with every part of yourself

Carpe Diem

Your business is an extension of you

Finding peace in life

Fulfillment, joy, contentment

You can’t always get what you want

Self sabotage

The choice to experience cancer

Without fear, judgment, and guilt

Humanity is still self-centered

Rise above your mind and ego

Humanity will not survive if it continues to harm itself

Choosing in the moment

Overcoming phobias

Finding your ideal partner

Communicating with your soul

Creating ease in your life

Expand your definition of ego

The illusion of responsibility

On incarnating into this life

Finding your soul mate

The feminine energy of the universe

On global warming

Change won’t happen

Still there is something missing

Your interconnection with everything

Creating a ripple in the universe

You’ve changed the world

Your dark side

Why people notice each other

A comment on extraterrestrial life

What is morality?

A divided world

Benefits of spiritual exploration

The space between particles

Rising above the ego

What does it mean to get old?

Why do I react instead of choose consciously?

The fear of dying

Wishing instead of choosing money

Why do fears exist?

Anticipating vs. living in the moment

The need for morality

You are free to change your choice

You’ve changed the world

What is perfection?

Distracting yourself

Where do my talents come from?

The Incarnation Process

Spirituality (Retreat Day 7)

Resisting the real you (Retreat Day 6)

The limitations of your reality (Retreat Day 5)

Why can’t I get what I want? (Retreat Day 4)

Loving yourself vs being self centered (Retreat Day 3)

What is blocking you? (Retreat Day 2)

Who are you? (Retreat Day 1)

Responding with anger

Being aware at all times

You are allowed

Why do I have resentments?

Creating world peace

You must compete

The Perfect Choice

Imagination Creates

Choosing to love yourself

That person is judging me

The Compassion of Love

To be spiritual

It’s not my fault

Push-Pull Relationships

Life is uncontrollable

Experience the experience of existence

The negativity of people around you

Looking for answers outside of the self

Being inclusive in your life

Learning to allow others their choices

Why do I have limited friendships?

Relief from anger

Listening to your spirit being

A speck of dust

Love as a commodity

The limitations of science

Your limited perspective of reality

You, creator of your existence

You are not an island unto yourself

Greetings. Choose.

I want to be a millionaire

Enjoy this moment

Go ahead

The fear of fear

Yes, you’re coming back

What limitations do you have in this moment?

Being rigid vs flexible

Discover who you are first

Giving to another

The choice to respect and appreciate

Why did you choose to incarnate?

The example for others

Why do limits exist?

You are not powerless

Healing relationships

Mistakes and successes

As a Soul Being

What does this mean?

Keeping the disconnect alive

This moment is yours

Ego loves to complicate existence

Opportunities and choices

Reconnecting with your inner child

The limitation of parents

I’m not like my parents

Sufficiency Is

Can’t you do anything right?

Discover Your Sufficiency

You get to come back

The Journey

Another Building To Enter

Reality Is Not Real

Ego Defined Differently

Your Soul Doesn’t Care

Your Definition of Power

New Ground

The Function of Ego

Your Existence Is Worthwhile

Joy and Love

What is Joy?

If only…

The Road Less Traveled

What is spirituality?

Healing Your Spiritual Self

Caught Up With Life

Finding Fault

The “Path” to Spirituality

Spiritual vs. Physical

The Separation of Ego

A Very Different Spirituality

Moving Away From Fear

I Want It Now

A Loving Relationship Is…

Greetings, My Name Is…


Live From Your Knowing

Compassion for Yourself

Strictly Physical

Another Opportunity

Less Freedom

Can You Feel The Changes?

Separate From Soul Essence – Or Not

The Fullness Of All That You Are

The Feeling Of Dissatisfaction

The Negative Mind

Expressing Spirituality Differently

Chatter Away

Spots Of Brilliance


Why Review Life Experiences After Death?

Knowing Yourself As Energy

What Is Anticipation?

Being Open With Yourself

Allowing Yourself To Be Open

The Army General

Choosing Your Talents and Abilities

Teaching Society To Choose

It Begins With You

Degrees of Judgment

Justifying Every Choice

Spiritual Expression

Living Is So Much More

You, Who Needs It The Most


What Stops You From Being Great?

To Lessen Attachment To Time

The Necessity Of Time

The Limitation Of Time

Night and Day

Push & Pull


To Go Within

Within Oneness

The Biggest Lie

Winner and Loser

New Possibilities

Entertainment For The Mind

Command Or Control

Opening The Mind And The Ego

Where All Things Are Possible

This Life Is Yours

The Chasm

Group Consciousness

A New Way To Live

Love For Yourself, By Yourself

Hearing Your Soul

Where Does Emotion Fit In?

Empowerment Is:

The Ego and the Mind

To Live in The Present

The Key to Being a Parent

Love Yourself

Success Is…

Dream Yourself Different

What life would be like without the fear of dying.

No matter how hard you try, nothing can ever choose for you.

Why haven’t you changed yet?

Do it because you want to.

New Way To Attend Workshops

The only thing you can lead in life.

Becoming more aware of the world and it’s choices.

Catching yourself in the act.

Living as you choose to live – what does it take?

A promise to yourself.

Don’t expect humanity to change before you do.

What rights are you exercising for yourself?

The downfall of anticipating the future.

Choice doesn’t create movement.

Why hasn’t ISIS been stopped?

The ripple effect you create.

How will humanity respond to other life forms?

Why does time create a lack of fulfillment in your life?

The Center Point To Everything

What would it take to have a functional society?

Do you care about people you don’t know?

What happens when you open yourself up to something new?

The You That Is You

Expressing yourself clearly – can it be done?

The universe does not revolve around you

No Going Back Now

Mother Energy (Happy Mother’s Day)

Allowance & Empowerment

Love & Allowance

You, The Explorer

The Wonders’ Predictions For Future Religions

Just a snap of the fingers

A Religion Of Empowerment

When people don’t do what you want them to do

All Religions Are Designed For One Thing

What does an empowered world look like?

How Important Is Compassion?

Why Anger Creates Disease

How Fear Is Created

Are you blaming past lives for your choices?

Rene & Maggie on The Moore Show

Questioning Einstein

Question Everything

Sailing The Ship Through The Storm

On Being (Pt 5)

On Being (Pt 4)

On Being (Pt 3)

On Being (Pt. 2)

On Being (Pt. 1)

Observing Yourself

Fear Has No Basis On Reality

Money, Religion, and Sex

Life is like a Whack-A-Mole

How often do you say, “I’m fine, how are you?”

Keep It Super Simple

What Does It Mean To Live Consciously?

The Law Of Humanity

Advice For The Rich And The Poor

The Key To Happiness

What Happens After Death (Pt. 3)

What Happens After Death (Pt. 2)

What Happens After Death (Pt. 1)

Two People, Side By Side. Which One Are You?

Without The “Bad” There Is No “Good”

What Do You Want To Feel?

10 Step Program by The Wonders

Time to Appreciate

The Process Of Beginning

What Does It Take To Change?

The Little Things You Don’t Realize You Do

Stop Pretending

Fond Memories

Judging After The Fact

Choices Made

Have We Met Before?


The Wonders on Responsibility

Love vs Responsibility

Talents and Abilities

The Good Things In Life

A Year Of Greater Expansion

A Few Days Remaining

Retreat Early Birds

Happy Holidays

I Am Valid

Expressing Your Love Every Day

Let’s Be Just A Bit More Human


Developing Your Humanity

A Conversation With Réné

Trusting Your Body

Conflict Between The Mind And Body

How Much Water Does Your Body Really Need?

An Unspoken Aspect Of Health

Cyber Monday Sale

Eating Right For Your Blood Type

40-30-30 Diet

Build Your Own Success Story

Where Does Success Come From?

Why is pain the name of the game?

The Only Reason You Judge Others

A New Way To Measure Your Health

The Game Of Fear

Rising Above Yourself (Part 2)

Rising Above Yourself (Part 1)

Why Is It That Everyone’s Looking At Me?

Being Spiritually Healthy

Does This Sound Familiar?

The Origin Of Aging

Who Created The Human Body?

“I Believe In Humanity”

This is what an opportunity to empower yourself looks like

Limits vs. Boundaries

Setting the bar for humanity

When everything is falling apart, what do you do?

Choose for yourself

Gently increasing your water intake

On Expanding the Education System

On Ancient Prophets

What did early human beings look like?

The seeding of the planet Earth

The first civilization is much older than you thought

The Pandora’s Box Of Historical Insights

Telepathic ability of Lemurians

We Weren’t Really Close…

Why the long wait to release The Origins Of Humanity?

Following Your Passion

“Nope – No Chance I’m Changing That”

What Does It Mean To Command Yourself?

I Am Woman

Rise Above The ‘How’

Living Easy & Moving On

My First Channeling Experience

Where Did Fluoride Come From?

How To Clean The Water Of The World

What Is Chlorine?

The Truth About Tap Water (Part 3)

The Truth About Tap Water (Part 2)

The Truth About Tap Water (Part 1)

Be kind to yourself

The Greatest Love

What is love?

Special Message from The Wonders

[RETREAT 7] What’s your next step?

[RETREAT 6] To be amazing…

[RETREAT 5] Who you should be vs. who you want to be

[RETREAT 4] Would you let yourself go there?

[RETREAT 3] Do you want to be powerful?

[RETREAT 2] Be honest with…yourself?

[RETREAT 1] What do I choose?

There’s no such thing as an irreversible disease.

Creating disease takes a great deal of effort, time and work.

The Retreat Starts Next Week

Why are some children born in poverty-stricken countries?

Our Own Unique Word

The Unfamiliar

Moving beyond the ‘surface stuff’

Sometimes, it’s best to wait.

Be indecisive. Sometimes, it’s exactly what’s required.

Why Continue Exploring Who You Are?

Why Can’t I Change?

Who Am I Today?

Busting Illusions

The Beggar And The Coin (Pt. 3)

The Beggar And The Coin (Pt. 2)

The Beggar And The Coin (Pt. 1)

To Grow Is To Fear Less, Not More

So You’re Angry…

I Am Sufficient

You’re walking through the forest…

The Poor Man Is Sufficient

God Will Not Choose For You

Relationship With God

How Do You See God?

What happens if I let go of a goal-oriented way of living?

Shifting from a goal to process-orientated way of living

To accomplish more in your lifetime…

Could it be?

Foresight To Better See Your Direction

‘Psychic’ Defined by The Wonders

“Health is a right”

A Definition Of Health

“You cannot stop another’s desire to abuse”

Narrow Minded vs. Ambitious

The Need To Judge Things

An Inclusive Person Lives Differently

A Question To Ask Yourself Right Now

Do you want to be a kid again?

Do You Have To Be Happy To Choose?

You walk down the street, someone looks at you with a glance askew. What do you do?

True Self-Empowerment

Success Is Inevitable

Struggling Is (Just) A Habit

Why doesn’t the garbage dump manager live to next to the garbage dump?

Accepting Responsibility For Myself

Blaming others vs looking at yourself

“Have Some Pride In Yourself”

Do you have to do what you fear doing?

Missed Opportunities

‘I Like Who I’ve Become’

First, Respect Yourself

Reinvent Who You Are

We All Have A Strut

The Missing Ingredient

Giving Direction To The Mind

Attitudes That Limit

The Mind Is Like A Dog

Conflict: greater than vs. less than

First step in a relationship

The freedom of sufficiency

Increase the price, increase the value

Finding Out Who You Are

Moving beyond vs removing

Loving Without Judgment

Material Things Are More Important

Two Dealerships Operate Side By Side

“Live As You Believe”

Does The Mind Have To Accept?

The Mind Will Struggle

To Live Inclusively

The Little Things

Starting A Movement

Buying Into Your Image

It Is Not Out Of Reach; But Will Take Time

That ‘Other’ Part Of Us

Becoming Considerate Of The Whole

Personal Letter from Réné: On 2015

Redesigning The Mind-Self Relationship

Relax & Grow

The Hunger To Grow

Change Brings Us Closer To The Unknown

Motivation From Within (vs Without)

Admire Yourself First, Then Admire Others

The Last 3 Months: ‘Change’

‘Be conscious of who you are’

‘Do I look at the sun or do I look at the clouds?’

‘Am I A Good Person?’

An Exercise To Create Change

A New Way To Live

The Defining Statements Of Existence

Understanding vs. Taking Action

Telling A Great Story

Change Does Not Happen Overnight

How To Create Change

‘I’m really angry…I better not show it’

Uniqueness vs. Mediocrity

Love Is Allowing Others Their Choices

Your Circumstances Will Change

Bigger And Better Distractions

Not Okay Is Temporary

Exclusivity And Inclusivity

The Gift Of Criticism

‘I probably shouldn’t…’

The Incentive To Self-Love

The Perfect Life

Expect Serendipity

‘What About ME?’

Nurturing The Inner Child

You Will Always Remember What’s Important

Fear Is Not Real

The Purpose Of A Choice

The Illusion of Productivity

Changing – Not Removing – Limiting Beliefs