Can the United States maintain its position of power?

“If the United States accepted that as an empire it is waning, it would reposition itself and maintain such a presence in the world that it could, as a result of that, maintain not an empire but maintain such a presence in the world as to maintain its position of power. Do you see?

It can’t because the psychology of the United States is to conquer.

It only sees itself as an empire capable of conquering. It doesn’t see itself as a society capable of choosing to bridge the coexistence of all humanity.

You could be one of the truly most powerful societies to bridge all of humanity’s coexistence. But you won’t do it because you have such an attachment to conquer.

And the beauty of the American people is that you have a history built into your constitution, built into your own history, of independent thought and willingness to choose where others cannot. You see? But it must be transcended.

It must move away from this warrior-like empire building at all costs perspective to one of an equivalency of choosing to be the support for all of the rest of humanity…”

– The Wonders


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