Choice creates movement

“Choice. It’s an amazing thing. It creates and it destroys. But whether it creates or whether it destroys, the one thing that is constant is movement, for without choice there is no movement.

It is choice that moves in one direction or another. It is choice that allows the universe to shift, to alter, to expand, or to contract, to define, to judge.

So when you look at yourselves and you see yourself in a position of struggle or a position of judgment or fear or expansion or love or appreciation, understand and realize that it is choice that led you there. You had to choose in order to create that movement.

Now, your mind would like to sit there and try to figure out which choice was it that created this movement. And it is not one specific choice. When we say choice, we’re not saying one choice, we’re saying choice. So it isn’t that there is a specificity to the choice. It is that choice, in its amalgamation, in its considerable totality, is what creates that movement, sustains it…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 1208: The Necessity Of Choice To Movement