Consider this before you say the words ‘I think’

“You are consciously saying to yourself that this is just a thought. And everything that followed is a thought. So what you’ve done is in effect allowed your mind to continue on being the decider, the creator, of your existence by giving into the concept of ‘I think.’

If you really truly want to change, you must truly remain conscious of when you use the words ‘I think.’

Listen to yourself use it. Listen to yourself applying it. And realize that the moment you do that you’re creating in your mind a psychology, a belief structure that thinking is more valuable than experiencing.

Otherwise, you would say something else. You would begin with a different word. Not ‘I think.’ So be aware of this. […]

If you really truly want to change your existence, don’t think. Use other words. Use words like ‘I’m aware. I’m reflecting. I’m choosing. I’m experiencing. I’m loving. I’m fearful. I’m scared.’ Bunch of different words, not ‘I think’ unless at that point you’re describing a thought and only a thought.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series 1203: Join Us Into A Journey Into The Mind