Do we ever stop reincarnating?

“Your concept of ego personality in effect casting off feet of clay [dying] and returning over and over again is a limited perspective.

What it means dear friends is that in effect your concepts that once all experience is experienced that you will return to a oneness with God/Goddess/The All That Is and that is it, we assure you that’s not the answer.

Most of you have belief structures within yourselves that if you achieve a certain level of consciousness that you will achieve what is know as nirvana, a oneness with God/Goddess/The All That Is, and that there will be no longer a necessity to experience anything.

You view your existence, you view your experience of existence, as being unsatisfactory, undesirable, and in fact and you yearn for the moment when you no longer have to come back. And you set yourselves up dear friends over and over again to come back because you yearn so hard not to come back.

What occurs however is this, that as energy, as creative energy and that which infuses all of existence, this creative energy, that which you are, is without limits. It doesn’t have a beginning and it certainly has no end, which means that from one perspective then existence has no beginning and has no end.

Existence is what is chosen. Creative energy applied using will creates choice. Choice is existence. Choice becomes the existence. And everything that’s chosen then is in existence. That choice would then move to an experience is true. That the experience of existence, in other words the reflection of the creative energy back to itself, which is the experience of existence, that that would also be different is also true. But it is simply a reflection.

The creative energy itself, infused in all of existence, is reflected back to itself and as such therefore gains from that perspective an appreciation of that which it is.

Once this appreciation is gained, of course, your mind’s are asking the question, once the creative energy fully appreciates itself, what’s left? And we assure you that there is no ‘fully appreciated’.

Creative energy will never fully appreciate itself. Not because it cannot. But because there is no limit to that which it is.

Creative energy does fully appreciate itself, even now, it simply enjoys the experience of existence, the experience of reflection. That’s what it enjoys.

Think of it this way, and this is a very limited perspective but think of it anyways. When you stand in front of the mirror and you like looking at yourself, how long can you stand in front of the mirror? We assure you, some of you can stand for days and days if you were allowed.

In other words, at that point it is simply the enjoyment of the experience of reflection. Creative energy is the same. It appreciates and enjoys the reflection of the experience of itself. And so therefore there is no desire and no will to limit this experience…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 229: The Nature Of Reality Series Part 3