Do you see yourself as lacking?

“We would suggest that you refrain from viewing yourselves as lacking anything.

First and foremost, insufficiency is not a lack of sufficiency. It is being in a state of denial and of denigration of the self.

In that state, there is a sufficiency that exists regardless of whether or not you are denying or denigrating.

And sufficiency, by this we mean there is a constancy, a continuance within yourselves that allows you to continue to define yourselves in a denying and denigrating fashion as that which you are not.

So even in the process of defining insufficiency, there is a sufficiency. And so therefore, dear friends, begin to view yourselves within sufficiency as opposed to being sufficient and you will gain a perspective of what insufficiency truly is.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series #373: Is It Insufficient To Be Sufficient