Does soul essence ever cease to exist?

“No. There’s a continuity to existence, a continuity that is present all around you and that you observe but you see as separate from yourselves.

Soul essence is a continuity that is constant. That it grows, that it expands, that it is always perceiving itself to grow and expand is true! But take a look around you. You can see it from the perspective even of third dimensional reality.

Take a look around you. There’s a lot of stuff that still exists, regardless. Plants come and go. They die and they start up again, don’t they? So there’s a perception of continuity there. Rocks continue to exist no matter what the weather. There’s a perception of continuity, isn’t there?

And even though you would pulverize them, they would become small, little pieces, those small little pieces are still a continuity of the big piece, isn’t it?

So within your reality, if you were to look around you, you would see limitless examples of what it is to be a continuity and yet you use your minds to judge that as separate from yourselves and say, that’s that. Not me.

And yet you are no different than the pulverized pieces of rock.

Think of it. Take a rock, break it into a thousand little pieces. Take your soul essence and break it a thousand experiences. You are just but one of them. You see?

But you refuse to accept that you are this continuity…”

– The Wonders


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