Examining your inner child

“Not everyone has grown completely into an adult.

In fact, virtually the whole population, all of humanity on the planet earth to one degree or another has an inner child part inside of them.

Sometimes it is a rather humorous, playful part. A lot of times it is a part that filters the choices and actions taken in such a way as to cause self harm. Not always, but a lot of times.

An example of this is if you were to take a child and put them in front of a group of people who are yelling and screaming at them. The child would retreat in fear. For after all, these are all adults screaming at them. But take an individual who is an adult who is owning their adulthood and put them in the same group of individuals and they would quite simply tell all of those individuals to stop screaming. They would deal with it differently. The child would retreat, the adult would stand its ground.

So if you find yourselves in a circumstance where you yourselves recognize a fear, it is of benefit to examine, does this fear having anything to do with that small child part inside of you that still exists? Most individuals don’t realize how strong this child part is.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series #597: Exploring The Inner Child