Feeling overwhelmed at work

“The only reason it’s overwhelming you is because within you there is two things.

Number one a curiosity at how many people really do want you, a fascination by it, and as a result of that feeding your ego and saying, ‘wow aren’t I amazing? Look at all of these people that want my attention.’

And the second thing is not just a curiosity, it’s a necessity, a real need on your part to be needed.

Shift your need to be needed, get rid of your curiosity, set your boundaries and say, ‘thank you, I will assist everyone one at a time’ and you will find that eventually if you keep holding to your boundaries, others will respect it and as a result they will get their answers, they will get your time, but they will do so in such a way that respects you.

You cannot get this until you respect yourself and get rid of your need and your curiosity, your need to be needed, and your curiosity about the people who need you…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Looking For Answers (March 20, 2011)