For those who do not want to vote

“If you yourself do not exercise your ability to vote because, what, it’s just my one vote [and] there’s millions more that are required? Because I don’t like the person I’m not going to vote for anybody? Because I don’t see anybody worthy of my vote, etc? There’s all kinds of justifications.

Then, at that point dear friends, are you not saying that whatever others choose will be acceptable to you? Are you not then giving your power away to other people?

We have been speaking to you, to all of you for years about self-empowerment? Well, self-empowerment means exercising it at all times. Not just when it suits you, not just when your mind is not afraid, not just when all the stars are aligned properly and the moon is in Aquarius. That’s not what it’s about.

You must exercise your ability to choose, your self-empowerment at all times.

Does it matter that in doing so you cannot force the world into a certain direction? Of course not. It matters that you made a choice. That’s what matters.

And all of you, as ego-centered, self-centered, narcissistic individuals are using the excuse that well, I can’t affect the outcome, I won’t get what I want, I don’t like anybody there, etc., so why should I vote?

And you’re using that as an excuse to not empower yourself. And it’s just another excuse, one of a long list of many that you use all the time to disempower yourself to reflect your own insufficiency. Do you see?”

— The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 1250: The Death Of An Empire