How can we create world peace?

“Let’s be realistic.

Take a family. Two, three, four individuals living together under the same roof. Even they can’t get along. Do you really expect world peace when you can’t have peace in a family unit?

Do you really expect world peace when friends, acquaintances, people who live under the same roof regardless of whether they know each other or not, can’t get along?

And the reason they can’t get along is quite simple. Because to one degree or another everyone believes that they are on a different plane than everybody else and their trials, their tribulations, their fears, their judgments, their joys, their happinesses, their sorrows, their pains are much greater than anybody else in the same room, in the same place.

Now, if you have four people under a roof and four people believe that their difficulties, their trials, their tribulations, their joys, their happinesses, whatever, are greater than anybody else’s, well then you’ve got four different perspectives, don’t you?

So there is not a commonality of perspective. And the commonality of perspective is quite simple, you’re all under the same roof. You’re all in the same plane.

So if you’re all in the same plane, perception may present to you a concept of greater than, lesser than, but in actual fact, everything is a common factor to everyone else.

So when you’re looking at creating world peace, the first thing to consider is how do you integrate the concept of plane living – by that we mean plane not plain – living on the same plane so that everyone is aware, fully aware, that there is a commonality between themselves and everyone else.

Now, of course this goes back to the Fourth Defining Statement, doesn’t it? That Which You Are Is That Which I Am, And That Which I Am Is That Which You Are. It gives that sense of the Fourth Defining Statement to living on this plane and living on this planet that you call planet Earth.

If you’re looking to create world peace, there must be an acceptance by every individual within the planet that they are all in the same boat. No one is outside of the boat.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from public Q&A session with The Wonders