How do I stop playing the game of life?

“What would it take to in effect step outside of this little game that you create for yourselves and that you call your life?

It’s a game, dear friends, we assure you – it’s not life. You call it life.

What it would take dear friends is quite simply the most simple thing that you can possibly think of. It would take appreciating yourself. That’s all.

Because once you appreciate yourself, we assure you dear friends there will be no necessity on your part to push against anything. Regardless of what the anything is. Not energy, not circumstance, not situation, not individuals, not ideas, not concepts.

There will be no push.

Does that mean that others then who are so caught up with their concepts of push in order to gain power would not attempt to push against you? Of course they will. In fact, they’ll attempt to push even harder.

Why? Because to them, you would represent the unmovable. You would represent that which they fear most – something that they cannot push. Not because you’re pushing against them… Simply because you in effect have stepped away from the game, outside of the game entirely, and you’re not even playing their game of push. You’re simply in your beingness.

And, dear friends, individuals that have power in your society, in your existence, those individuals, we assure you, fear that circumstance the most. What they fear the most is someone, something that they cannot control, cannot manipulate, cannot push.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series #314: Vroom, Vroom, I’m A Mean Machine