If only…

If only I could be this way, my whole life would change.

If only I could not be angry, my whole life would change.

If only I could be happier, my whole life would change.

And we always say to ourselves, ‘If only I could…’

And what happens is we say it, then we forget and don’t do anything about it.

All of these ‘if-onlys’ really are the encouragement of our soul essence that sits there and says, ‘try something different.’ But our mind goes ‘if only…’ without ever acting on it.

If we acted on these ‘if-onlys’ instead of just talking about it, life would be so totally different. Then we wouldn’t be sitting there saying ‘if only.’ Eventually, there is no ‘if only’ because you’ve done it all.

– Réné Gaudette


From latest workshop Joy, Love, Life – Living It Again.

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