In every moment of your existence, you are choosing

“The reality of your existence is that every moment of your existence you choose. You may not see it as choice. You may not perceive it as choice.

You think to yourself, Oh I got up this morning. I got dressed, I brushed my teeth, showered, combed my hair and went off to work. And you say to yourselves, what’s to choose? There is no choice. It’s the same routine I do every day.

And so you see your existence as being a simple continuation, a reflection of a pattern. But you do not see the choice that must be made in every moment in order to continue this pattern.

If you observe carefully your reality, you will observe that though you perceive many layers of patterns in your existence, underlying every pattern is choice. Choice is what creates a pattern, choice is what maintains a pattern, and choice is, from one perspective, what will continue a pattern. And so as a result, you find yourselves reawakening to the awareness of the extent of choice in your existence.

Now, as we did say, most of you do not perceive the extent of choice that you have. But if you observe carefully your existence, you will observe that the simple act of getting out of bed requires approximately 18 choices to make – 18, dear friends, not 1.

The choice first to open your eyes, the choice second to allow the body to awaken, to move into an awake state. The choice to move muscles, the arm, the leg. The choice to sit on the side of the bed. The choice to stand up. The choice to scratch your bum and scratch your hair. The choice to put on your dressing gown. And the choice to walk to the bathroom.

Even then, there is choice within choice in all of these choices. But we’ve given you this perspective for you to begin to be aware of the extent of choice in your existence.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 259: Choice