Judging versus simply choosing in life

“Judgment will move you away from choice.

Now, some would say ‘but judgment moves us to choice. If we judge, move into a circumstance of existence where it is unknown, apply judgment, then you can move to choose.’ True.

But, dear friends, what would stop you from simply choosing?

When you move into a circumstance of existence where there is an unknown, where it is not know, not previously experienced, why not simply choose within that circumstance at that moment?

Judgment moves you away from choice until such time as you’ve justified it completely and then you’d choose. But when you do choose, you choose on the basis of judgment which is also the basis of fear. So then the choice that results from judgment is a choice irrevocably caught up with fear.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series 228: The Inter-Relationship Of Fear And Judgment