On making others happy

“Individuals such as yourself, or anyone in humanity mostly – not all, but mostly – choose not from the perspective of their own self, not to fill their own cups, but rather to fill somebody else’s cup. That’s where most choices come from. You see?

You observe a vacuum, a hole, something missing and you want to fill it. It’s the basic human nature. You see?

But because you’re always outwardly looking, you never observe the hole that’s in you. You observe the holes in others, the vacuums in others. You see?

So of course you’re going to start choosing and making all kinds of choices to try and fill that hole, that vacuum, that void, if you want to see if from that perspective. So if somebody, for example, is needy around you, there’s a void in there. Do you see? That’s where need comes from, is a void. So you’re going to try to choose to fill that void.

But this is where we ourselves have encouraged humanity, all of you, to start looking at yourselves first. As we’ve suggested before, if you see yourself as a cup and that which fills the cup is love, if you’re half-full, the most you can ever do is half-fill another cup. If you’re full, the most you’ll ever do is fill one other cup. We’re suggesting you so fill yourself with love that you overflow and then notice we say let the overflow fill all the other cups around?

We don’t say try to direct it, try to use it to fill another’s void, do we? We say let it. In other words, let nature take its course. Let the natural level fill the others. You see?

And this is the difference between yourselves and everything we’re trying to suggest here…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast #080914: On Making Others Happy


Humanity will travel through the solar systems

“It is a given that humanity will travel through the solar systems. Your technological innovation, we assure you, has barely just begun. There is much more that will be done in the next few hundred years. You see?

So don’t for one moment think that you will not be out in the solar system, in the star systems. Don’t stop yourself from allowing yourself to imagine that you will be out there for we assure you, that’s already been decided, it’s already being driven, it’s already being pushed towards. You see?

But what’s going on is presently the push is a push of fear rather than a push of free will and free choice…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast 070208: Corporate and Political Changes to Come


What will happen if humanity doesn’t change?

“War will be a continuing aspect of your world. Peace will be the ever-elusive thing that you’ll try to achieve.

It’ll be done through negotiation, it’ll be done through manipulation, it’ll be done through fear, and if you’ll ever achieve peace – which of course you will – when you do achieve peace, you will be achieving such a fragile peace that the slightest sneeze by anybody would cause that peace to collapse. And the resultant is you will be back to war.

You are going maintain yourselves as a warrior race. You will maintain yourselves as a warrior consciousness because in effect, war comes from fear. You see?

So unless you’re willing to change this whole consciousness that you have from a consciousness of fear to one of free will and free choice, unless humanity is willing to truly take a hard, hard look at itself and give itself the opportunity to change, to alter, to shift its own consciousness to become visionary leaders itself, then humanity will continue as it has been.

And it’ll be the bullies, the warriors of the universe. It’ll attempt to overcome, through greater technology, greater weapons, greater push, everything that surrounds it.

And of course, when you do that, then you attract the very same thing to you. You attract races that are also in the desire of attempting to overcome through push, through weaponry, through technology as well. You see?

And so you end up with war of the worlds, so to speak. And this is what occurs. And this is where humanity is moving towards…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast 070208: Corporate and Political Changes to Come


Discrediting women in politics

“To a degree, there is still a perception within the male perspective of the population that perceives that the female, first and foremost, is less than. Not quite as intelligent, not quite as capable, definitely not as defined, not able to make the hard choices and the hard decisions.

That’s the first perception.

The second is that, to a degree, women themselves are by their nature too emotional, not logical enough, and as a result must not be allowed to enter politics for politics is a more logical mind-perspective than an emotional one. You see?

And so the result is that there is a concerted effort on the part of the male portion of humanity to discredit any woman that would enter into politics. Discredit them on the basis of their emotional self, on the basis of the illogical parts of themselves, on the basis of their lack of depth and breadth of talent, not astute enough, not manipulative enough, not capable enough.

And so the resultant is that you’ve created women who do invest themselves in politics, women who are replicating the male perspective of politics, and we would suggest here dear friends that this is a disservice to humanity.

Humanity requires within the political spectrum an infusion of emotion. By emotion here we don’t mean in the sense of more fear, you have plenty of that, you see? And we certainly don’t mean in the sense of more anger and frustration, but emotion in the sense of passion. Passion for exploration, passion for appreciation, that kind of emotion. You see?

There is within the political spectrum of the world a necessity to bring more passion for humanity to itself. You see?

And if this is not accomplished, as we’ve suggested in the past, you will see a decline in the human race. How else do you survive? If you keep thinking yourself into survivability, eventually the mind gives up because there isn’t anything left. But passion is something that can never be removed…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast #061212: Women in Politics


Changing the direction of politics

“To change the direction that certain areas of the world are going towards in politics, more and more individuals must be willing to consciously make choices for themselves. And when you start choosing for yourself, you won’t be looking for the politicians to choose for you. You’ll take your power back.

So if every individual were to choose, for example, not to shoot each other, then they won’t need the politicians to tell them not to shoot each other.

And the net result is there won’t be the necessity for laws, for restrictions, and there won’t be the necessity to have your power taken away from you because another individual next to you is afraid you’re going to shoot them.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series 398: Politically Incorrect Comments By The Wonders