In every moment of your existence, you are choosing

“The reality of your existence is that every moment of your existence you choose. You may not see it as choice. You may not perceive it as choice.

You think to yourself, Oh I got up this morning. I got dressed, I brushed my teeth, showered, combed my hair and went off to work. And you say to yourselves, what’s to choose? There is no choice. It’s the same routine I do every day.

And so you see your existence as being a simple continuation, a reflection of a pattern. But you do not see the choice that must be made in every moment in order to continue this pattern.

If you observe carefully your reality, you will observe that though you perceive many layers of patterns in your existence, underlying every pattern is choice. Choice is what creates a pattern, choice is what maintains a pattern, and choice is, from one perspective, what will continue a pattern. And so as a result, you find yourselves reawakening to the awareness of the extent of choice in your existence.

Now, as we did say, most of you do not perceive the extent of choice that you have. But if you observe carefully your existence, you will observe that the simple act of getting out of bed requires approximately 18 choices to make – 18, dear friends, not 1.

The choice first to open your eyes, the choice second to allow the body to awaken, to move into an awake state. The choice to move muscles, the arm, the leg. The choice to sit on the side of the bed. The choice to stand up. The choice to scratch your bum and scratch your hair. The choice to put on your dressing gown. And the choice to walk to the bathroom.

Even then, there is choice within choice in all of these choices. But we’ve given you this perspective for you to begin to be aware of the extent of choice in your existence.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 259: Choice


Why do I react?

“It’s because it’s the easiest thing to do.

You love to react. You enjoy it. It’s part of what defines you from your own perspective. It is that which you yourselves can choose to do without choosing to do it. In other words, it is an involuntary perspective. At least that’s what you think.

And so reaction is quite easy. If someone says to you you’re the ugliest person in the world, you react. If someone says to you you’re the nicest person in the world, you react. Regardless of what the reaction is, regardless of what the intent is behind the reaction, the reaction occurs because there’s an unwillingness within yourselves to view your existence as a series of choices.

And so, you instead view it as a series of influences. This affects you. This influences you. This moves you. This changes you. This alters you. This, that, and that, but certainly not yourself [and] not your own choices. Not your own movements. And so, as a result then you look to and continue to define your existence on the basis of reactions. […]

Why is it then that when you find yourself angry, that the physicality, the emotional, and the mental reacts? Why is it that there is an action in response to, which is in effect a reaction?

What a reaction is most of all is an uncontrolled circumstance. And most individuals fear not being in control.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 220: The Effects Of Anger


Do you see yourself as lacking?

“We would suggest that you refrain from viewing yourselves as lacking anything.

First and foremost, insufficiency is not a lack of sufficiency. It is being in a state of denial and of denigration of the self.

In that state, there is a sufficiency that exists regardless of whether or not you are denying or denigrating.

And sufficiency, by this we mean there is a constancy, a continuance within yourselves that allows you to continue to define yourselves in a denying and denigrating fashion as that which you are not.

So even in the process of defining insufficiency, there is a sufficiency. And so therefore, dear friends, begin to view yourselves within sufficiency as opposed to being sufficient and you will gain a perspective of what insufficiency truly is.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series #373: Is It Insufficient To Be Sufficient


What happens when you step on an ant?

“To create harm to another organic entity, regardless of how you define that organic entity, whether you define it as an ant, or whether you define it as a bird or a bear or an elephant or anything else, if you intentionally – and notice the word intentionally here – create harm to another species or to another aspect of nature, then dear friends you are in truth intentionally harming yourselves.

Now, does that mean as you walk, should you step on an ant, then you have harmed a portion of the self? To a degree, yes. But not to the degree that needs to be concerned or create worry from.

There is a group of monks in Tibet that firmly believe that if they were to ever step on an ant, they would destroy another soul. And to a degree, that belief structure is based on a belief structure that we suggest here, but it has been taken to an extreme.

This is not about stopping yourselves from harming an ant, but it is about stopping yourselves from harming an ant intentionally.


But when you, through conscious intent, choose to create harm to another, attempt to control the existence of others, whether they be plants, or animals, or organic entities, or non-organic entities, then dear friends at that point you are creating, from one perspective, harm to yourselves for in truth, you are denigrating an aspect of the self.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series #178: The Beauty Of Nature