Growing Spiritually

“Growing spiritually is about loving yourself so much that if you were to see yourself as a cup, you would overflow. In other words, the love would overflow from you.”

– The Wonders


Comment from January’s Tuesday Study Group.


What is boredom?

“All boredom is is an unwillingness to choose.

So what you do is you limit yourself, you contract yourself into a perspective, and you stay there. And so you see yourself as bored.

Start choosing and you won’t be bored, we assure you. It doesn’t matter what you choose. Just choose.”

– The Wonders


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Why do we constantly look for something new and different in our lives?

“Because there is an unwillingness to truly appreciate that which you are. It’s a distraction. You use it as a way of distracting yourself from the true nature of yourself.

Each and every one of you, you have within yourself a desire, an intensity of existence that has yet to be explored. Oh, you think you have because you’ve experienced certain experiences in your life – some of them illness, some of them disease, some of them accidents, some of them loves and fears, and angers and hates, and joys and happinesses. But in actual fact, dear friends, all of this is nothing more than fuel for the illusion of your mind.

Your mind says that this is basically what life is all about. The reality is that you could, in effect, choose through choice to explore all of third-dimensional reality.

And by that we don’t mean what’s in front of you. We don’t mean the sand under your feet and necessarily the tree in front of you. Though you can certainly explore those. But we also mean the illusions around what is real.

Think of what it would be like to explore within yourself the realness of yourself versus the illusion of yourself, and find out that who you really are is truly an energetic being. Each of you pays lip service to the idea that you are energy. You say to yourself ‘yes, I’m energy’ but you don’t really. What you do is you think that you are because we’ve said it or someone else has said it.

What if you knew yourself to be?

Would you limit yourself then by walls? Would you limit yourself by what you perceive yourself to be real? What your mind is telling you is real but is only an illusion? Would water be water? Would land be land? Would walls be thick? Would they stop you? Would you have to walk or would you be able to simply teleport? Would you be using technology the same way or would you develop different perspectives of technology? Would you use technology as an adjunct to yourself or would you use yourself as you are presently as an adjunct to technology?

You see the questions? It would lead you to millions more questions, wouldn’t it? So why would you then feel that you’re bored?”

– The Wonders


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See yourself as a cup

“Think of yourself as a cup and that which fills the cup is love.

If you’re half full, the most you can ever do is half-fill another cup. If you’re full, the most you’ll ever do is fill one other cup. Go ahead and try it, you’ll see that’s how it works.

What we’re suggesting to you is so fill yourself with love that you overflow and then let the overflow fill all the cups around you.”

– The Wonders


Moving beyond the fear of death

“The major fear all of you have is of physical death. But really, until you begin to realize that the only reason that you see yourself physical is because of a perspective, then it will always be that fear that exists.

To choose to move consciously beyond death requires a willingness to shift the perspective away from the attachment that you have to your physicality to allow yourself to progress beyond the illusions that maintain you into your definition of self.

That which you are is much more than your mind. As we keep repeating to you, your mind is a tool. A powerful tool. So powerful, in fact, that it can keep you centered into your physical selves.”

– The Wonders


Comment from Consciously Choosing To Exist Beyond Death audio series.

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