Does soul essence ever cease to exist?

“No. There’s a continuity to existence, a continuity that is present all around you and that you observe but you see as separate from yourselves.

Soul essence is a continuity that is constant. That it grows, that it expands, that it is always perceiving itself to grow and expand is true! But take a look around you. You can see it from the perspective even of third dimensional reality.

Take a look around you. There’s a lot of stuff that still exists, regardless. Plants come and go. They die and they start up again, don’t they? So there’s a perception of continuity there. Rocks continue to exist no matter what the weather. There’s a perception of continuity, isn’t there?

And even though you would pulverize them, they would become small, little pieces, those small little pieces are still a continuity of the big piece, isn’t it?

So within your reality, if you were to look around you, you would see limitless examples of what it is to be a continuity and yet you use your minds to judge that as separate from yourselves and say, that’s that. Not me.

And yet you are no different than the pulverized pieces of rock.

Think of it. Take a rock, break it into a thousand little pieces. Take your soul essence and break it a thousand experiences. You are just but one of them. You see?

But you refuse to accept that you are this continuity…”

– The Wonders


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The only instinct we all have

“There’s only one basic instinct that all species have in common and that’s survival.

So really, quit denigrating your survival instincts, start listening to them more, and if you do, you’ll make different choices. Choices that will actually move you to expand more, to choose more freely. How else will you survive?

You don’t survive through fear. Your survival instinct doesn’t say to you, go into the corner and hide unless that which is going to harm you is there. And then it doesn’t say go into the corner and hide forever. It says go hide for now.

So by listening more to your true survival instincts, you’ll find you’ll actually explore more, you’ll expand more, you’ll choose more freely. But your society denigrates it to such a degree that at no time would anyone in your society choose to live from their instinct of survival.


You’d be more free, wouldn’t you, with your choices? In other words, you’d be able to move more easily, you wouldn’t stick to the same old thing regardless of consequences, there wouldn’t be the guilt, the judgments. You see?”

– The Wonders


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Observing the balance of love and fear

“For most individuals, fear is a constant in existence.

It is that which you survive from, it’s that which you push against, it’s that which you use to justify, to judge, to categorize, to define. And basically, it’s that which defines your existence.

So the resultant is you spend a great deal of time playing around with fear.

Love also is that which defines your existence. It isn’t that which you spend a great deal of time judging, defining, and categorizing, but it is that which allows you to choose, that which encourages you to explore, that which encourages you to try something different, to move in a different direction, to expand your life, to try relationships, to have children. It is that which moves you to share, to be vulnerable, to be open, to be compassionate, to be kind, and to be gentle.

So in that sense, both fear and love exist within each and every one of you.

Some of you choose fear more often than love. Some of you choose love more often than fear. But regardless, what we see is that for the majority of humanity, virtually every individual chooses it fairly consistently and fairly well-balanced.

And by that we mean, for the majority of humanity, it’s almost 50-50.

Some individuals in humanity move the balance a little more towards fear, some move the balance a little more towards love, but regardless, overall, most individuals, the average individual inside of society, looking to survive, looking to live, examining their circumstances of existence, and making choices that allow them to explore, to expand, to survive, they use a balance of 50 percent love, 50 percent fear.

And so, given that then, it would be of benefit to every individual listening if they were to observe within themselves that this balance does exist, and to what degree then they give one part more importance than another.

Most individuals, to some degree or another, fear fear and don’t acknowledge love.

So what they do is they fear fear so much that it becomes the dominant and pre-dominant aspect of their existence. And by not acknowledging love, not acknowledging that part of them that is compassionate, that is kind, that is gentle, they in effect minimize that part of themselves so completely that more power again is given to fear.

And the more power you give to fear, the more you find yourselves attracting that which you fear…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast #070314 (click to listen)