Spirituality (Retreat Day 7)

Where is the spirituality that humanity keeps insisting it has? Religious individuals, people who follow religions, keep insisting that they have the answer to spirituality and yet forget to express that clearly, concisely, really in this world that they live in.

Now, what can the few of you do? We’re not saying go out and change the world. We’re saying go out and change yourselves. Become an example that others can follow. Yes, it does mean that you will walk your own path. Yes, it does mean you will not have people around you walking with you. You’ll have people behind you pushing you to the gallows, so to speak. There will always be people encouraging you and there will always be people against you.

But what do you do?

Do you walk your own path? Do you choose your own life? Do you choose the way you live? Or are you so caught up with the reality of jobs, careers, money, houses, cars, television sets, children, that the primary focus of your life is not spirituality but the extent to which you can accumulate around you?


Resisting the real you (Retreat Day 6)

Your minds have defined what the real you is and, in the definition, basically has said that the real you is a version, acceptable through judgment, of what it sees you to be.

You’ve spent a lifetime judging yourselves, dear friends, and in judging yourselves you have come to a certain point where most of what you’ve judged as negative you have moved away from, and that which you’ve judged as positive you’ve accepted. And then there’s all that part of you that, having been judged, got set aside and forgotten about but is still active within yourselves.

So the process of moving to expressing the real you is about reenergizing that forgotten part of yourself that you’ve judged and asking yourselves, ‘Is this judgment still valid? Does this judgment still apply to my life?’

For a judgment made when you were 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 may, more than likely, no longer apply to your life now that you’re 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and so on.


The limitations of your reality (Retreat Day 5)

Life itself has a certain realness to it.

It is a realness created by a conflagration of a number of minds all agreeing to the same principles of existence. Some of those principles are, for example, that there is a sun, that there is an earth, that there are planets, that there are star systems, that gravity exists, that certain rules of time and space exist.

Now, to one degree or another, they all have benefit for it allows you to live within an environment of commonality where your minds can feel comfortable, secure in the relationship that exists. However, once that starts to get looked at – as you’re doing in this particular retreat – and you start to examine the probability and the possibility that these particular rules are limitations that in and of themselves, though they provide you with a sense of stability, also constrict your existence, then things begin to get a little interesting.

The mind starts to worry. It starts to fear more. It starts to push against the concepts and the constructs that you want to introduce as your soul essence, knowing that the perspectives that it is living under are not absolute. But your mind wants it to be absolute. Your mind wants these perspectives to be real. And so your minds go, ‘can’t do this. Don’t want to do this. Can’t understand it, don’t want to go for it. No, this isn’t real. No, this doesn’t apply. No, this is the reality.’ And ‘no’ becomes your favorite word.


Why can’t I get what I want? (Retreat Day 4)

The egos throughout the universe seem to have a commonality with each other. All egos seem to perceive that they themselves are the center of all that exists, and therefore all things must come to them. And that, dear friends, is part of your limitations.

As physical beings, you struggle and you push against, and you fight against the concept that somehow or other, not all things come to you. Not all things come to you when you want them. Not all things come to you in the form that you want.

And you struggle with the concept of being able to visualize, dream, fantasize, create something for yourselves, and then it doesn’t actually happen that way. Why wouldn’t the universe bring you what you yourself want, what you desire? Especially when you increase the desire to a certain level of intensity such that there is no other thing that you desire most.

That’s the struggle. That’s where you’re finding yourselves…

– The Wonders


Loving yourself vs being self centered (Retreat Day 3)

Loving yourself isn’t about saying I have to do everything for me until I am so full that maybe, just maybe, there’ll be something left for everybody else.

Paying attention to yourself is saying, ‘I am tired, I need rest… I am scared, I need to acknowledge it… I am hurt, I need a hug… I am happy, let me share this joy…’ not ‘I have to love myself and I’m just going to pay attention only to me.’

– The Wonders