Your journey is different than mine

“Understand dear friends, all of you, you’re all going through your own journey. With your own struggles, we agree.

You have different goals, different desires, different dreams, different aspirations, different imaginations and therefore different choices.

Don’t compare yourselves to each other or to anyone else. Live your life. And in doing so, you will find how easy it is to be one with all that exists around you…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt newest series #1246: An Exploration Of Death And Beyond


Why do we choose racism?

If all that you are is love, doesn’t it mean then that all of your fears, your judgments, your guilts, your anger, your frustrations, doesn’t it mean that your racism, your bigotry, your individuality, your sexism, your -isms, doesn’t it mean that they are all in some way, shape, or form part of the movement from which love begins?

Look at it from this perspective.

Every choice you have made came from love. So even the choice to be a racist, let’s just say as an example, comes from love. Love of the other? Not necessarily. Love of yourself? Absolutely.

When you incarnated and you chose your environment and you chose then to judge, justify, to judge yourself as a racist and therefore to express racism, you did so out of a love to grow and expand.

The world that you live in, the universe that you’re in, the third dimensional-reality that you exist in, it exists as a way for you to explore and express – in a very physical way – the precepts of spirituality.

The precepts that you are truly loved. Now, does that mean you have to go around and say to everybody, ‘Oh, I love you. Oh, I love you. Oh, I love you so much. No, I love you more.’?

No, but understand that though your hatred, your anger, your bigotry, your racism, your -isms, though they exist within you, they exist as a way for each and every one of you to find a pathway past them. To find a movement that would take you beyond them. A movement that would take you to acceptance, allowance, love really, so that which began in love will end in love.”

– The Wonders


Excerpted from this weekend’s workshop, entitled There Can Be No Movement Of Love Without Action


Opportunities in the new normal

You’re an individual. You can’t do anything about the government response, you can’t do anything about the Covid-19; it’s there. So what do you do?

Well now you start using this as an opportunity to establish a new business for yourself in which you connect wirelessly to all of your clients all over the world to provide them with a new product, a new service. Define your service and product. That’s up to you to choose.

Having said that, this [contagion] is an opportunity for expansion, not contraction.

Now you have to see the opportunity.

If you are living in a world where you must shake hands before you actually sit down to discuss business, well then, dear friend, basically that world no longer exists.

If you start realizing that a virtual handshake is just as good then now suddenly you open yourself up to making new business.

There are a lot of businesses out there that will collapse because they are stuck into the idea of the old way of working and you have an opportunity to help change the world into a new way of working.

There are opportunities to be made. People who, for example, connect with corporations in helping them establish their own virtual stores, their virtual abilities [and] virtual shopping. We assure you, not just Amazon here can make money at this. Many, many corporations are capable of doing this.

They may not be thinking about it, they may not be in a position to do so, but there are people out there who can help. So it’s entirely up to [the] individuals to start seeing things differently.

Education, for example, is going to take on a different way. Social interaction is going to take on a different way. There’s many, many aspects of society that now, having experienced this, can now start blossoming from here.

It’ll take time, it won’t be overnight, but this is an opportunity to grow.

So it’s up to you.

Make lemonade of the lemons you’re handed or wait until the lemons get sweet enough to be [edible] because right now they’re pretty sour…

– The Wonders


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Will 5G technology harm humanity?

It will cause some difficulty, especially for those people who are close to the broadcast station or the broadcast antenna. And that must be taken into consideration.

But again, it’s no different than the 4G technology and it’s no different than the 3G technology.

All of these were circumstances in the U.S. that did create some kind of electromagnetic interference. And for anyone that lives very close to electrical power grid lines, again, they have the same difficulty.

So people evolve. Nature will evolve.

And yes, there will be an increase in cancers for a while. But those who get cancers would have gotten cancer anyways.

And it’s not because of the 5G, 4G, 3G power grid system. It is because they eat food that is contaminated with a variety of different chemicals, none of which has ever been studied as to what they do in combination with each other.

And these chemicals have been applied to the crops for so long that they are within the groundwater, they’re within the soil, they are within the trees, they’re within the air, the atmosphere. So you cannot escape them.

Even though you would eat organic and you would minimize the effect, you would not escape it. You see?

– The Wonders


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The soul of the United States

Understand that the next general election in the United States, election for the president and Senate and the Congress, will not be an election about Republicans and Democrats.

It’ll be an election about the soul of the United States.

That there are differences of opinion, we agree. But Americans must come together and decide what kind of a country do they want to live in and what kind of a country do they want to express to the rest of the world. Do they want to keep expressing and live in a country that is divided along lines of ideology, of hate, of anger, of resentment, of racism, of misogyny, of narcissism?

Or do they want a country where every opinion is valued and listened to and to the best of the country’s ability accommodated?

So in effect, the next election in November will be an election for the soul of the United States.

If the election results are based on ideology, if they result in an ideology and entrenchment of Republicans against Democrats, if this is what that is, Joe Biden versus Donald Trump, Republicans against Democrats, and don’t kid yourself, also the Senate leader of the Republicans, the good ole party, these politicians who have sold their souls in order to gain power, if this is what this election is going to reflect then the United States has lost its place in the world.

And as an empire, it is almost completely finished. China will take over as the empire of the world without any effort whatsoever because we assure you Americans will not agree on how to express themselves in the world in such a way as to minimize, mitigate China’s influence in the world.

So really, this is an election for the soul of the United States.

If it stays the way it is then this will be the result.

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump or Joe Biden gets elected. The result will simply be further division, further exacerbation of ideologies, and as a result of this further implosion within the country.

So it’s up to the leaders, the wannabe politicians of all stripes and at all levels – municipal, state, federal – to form the narrative of this election in such a way as to reawaken in the people an awareness of their position in the world, their position in world economics, world dominance, and to reawaken the people to the soul that allowed them to create the country that they have created. And to get rid of the arrogance that exists as Americans that somehow or other by being “American” that they are better than any other country in the world. They’re not.

They may be stronger. They may have certainly a very strong army. But if China decided to really extend its army, it would overwhelm the United States. There’s not enough soldiers with enough military tactical gear to fight China one-on-one. So really, again, this is a contest if you want to call it that, it’s a reflection, and it’s going to be the election that is going to either reflect the soul of the country or it will reflect the mind games of ideology and all of the racism, bigotry, and everything else that exists in the country.

The United States, the Americans fought for their soul against the English right at the beginning of the creation of their own countries. So they fought for their rights, their soul, but they have lost their way.

They have made corporations stronger than the people. Organizations such as the NRA and a number of other organizations stronger than the will of the people. They have made fear stronger than anything else as a tool to be used for everybody. Donald Trump is a perfect example of a leader who uses fear to his greatest advantage.

So it is a battle. You don’t have to go into those trenches. It isn’t that you have to fight Donald Trump on his level but it is that the narrative that has to be created is one of a contest if you want to call that, an election in which you either save the soul of the United States or you remain partisan. And you remain in a divided, opinionated, racist, bigoted, misogynistic country.

– The Wonders


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