Change won’t happen

“You think that somehow or other, change is going to just happen one day. You can go through your life and eventually, you’ll achieve a certain point of no return where at that point, the fulcrum will tip in the favor of change as opposed to the favor of no change.

And you see that what is going to take you to that point of tipping is basically, simply existing, shifting, looking at yourself, observing yourself, so that slowly but certainly, one day you’ll wake up in morning and say to yourself, ‘Aha! Got it.’

And we’re saying to you it won’t happen unless you can support yourself through change. And you support yourself how? By giving yourself that which is necessary to change.”

– The Wonders


Comment from Bursting The Balloons – Part 1 audio series.


Still there is something missing

“You find yourself struggling. You find yourself judging. You find yourself looking at yourself and finding fault, somewhere, somehow.

You look at your actions, you look at your physicality, you look at yourself emotionally, and even spiritually sometimes, and find fault with yourself.

Then you say to yourself, ‘Ok, I know, I have to stop judging myself. I have to stop justifying. I have to stop looking at myself and finding only the negatives. I must look at the positives. I must be happy. I’m going to live life with a happy face.’ And so you walk around looking happy. And so it goes, over and over and over again.

But still, still there is something missing. Still with all of that, you don’t have a real vision of yourself. You don’t really know who you are. You don’t really understand that which you are. And you certainly can’t put word or thought to it.

So here is the question for you: how do you change all of this? How do you get to the point where when you look at yourself, you have a realization that you are all that you want to be?”

– The Wonders


Comment from September’s Tuesday study group.


Your interconnection with everything

You are not separate from everything that surrounds you.

Your health is their health.

Your love is their love.

Your happiness is their happiness.

Your wealth is their wealth.

Your appreciation is their appreciation.

Your stress is their stress.

Your struggle is their struggle.

Your fear is their fear.

Your judgments is their judgments.

Once you see it from that perspective, you’ll begin to see yourself then not in isolation of everything, not an island unto yourself, you’ll begin to realize your interconnection with everything.

– The Wonders


Comment from September’s Wednesday study group.


Creating a ripple in the universe

“Everything that you change within yourselves, everything that you allow to grow within yourselves, everything that you encourage yourselves to expand and to unshackle yourselves from limits, allows those around you to benefit from it. And that itself begins the ripple effect that is rampant in the universe that you exist in.

Every choice, every movement, every thought, every feeling, every consideration that you have is part of that which you are, and is part of the ripple that you create through the universe.

Some would argue with us and say, ‘Well, if I create a ripple and others create a ripple, who’s to say that my ripple won’t cancel other people’s ripples? Or their ripples won’t cancel my ripples?’

And yes, from a control perspective you can say that one ripple does not really change the world when all the ripples are canceling yours. After all, there are way more people than you in the world. With 7.5 billion on your planet, surely the ripples of those individuals are stronger than your ripples. But yet, it isn’t just 7.5 billion.

There are many, many entities throughout this world that you call planet Earth, and throughout all the worlds that are in the part of what you call the known universe. And those individuals somehow interact with the ripple that you create.

So the ripple that you create isn’t limited to the people in your city, or in your country, or even on your planet. Those ripples move out to encompass all entities within all that you call the known universe, and those beyond that as well.

So in third dimensional reality, just the very nature, the very act of yourselves to examine yourselves has begun the ripple effect that will propagate the change throughout the universe.

Now, it’s subtle, yes. It isn’t a direct cause-and-effect impact, we agree. You can’t sit there and say to yourself, ‘Ah, I created that.’ No.

But you can rest assured that without your participation in the vision that you are creating, that all those other individuals who also create their own visions, whether they study with us or not, that those visions would have altered infinitesimally. Such that, even that infinitesimal alteration is sufficient to change the path that all the universe will take.”

– The Wonders


Comment from August’s Tuesday Study Group.